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Spiderman is one of the most popular Marvel characters, which is why the company made several spinoffs and iterations of the superhuman. Perhaps the coolest version of this hero is Spiderman Noir. The story is set in 1933, during the Great Depression, and he prefers using a gun instead of his usual web.

As the name implies, this is a darker, grittier version of the superhero, making it for much more mature content. In many ways, I prefer this iteration of Spiderman as it feels more realistic (even though the superhero still has the same unnatural powers). Unlike his counterpart, the character is much more willing to kill, saying that this is his way of exacting justice.

The reason why this version of Spiderman is so different is that he walked a slightly different path in life. Like the real character, he had uncle Ben and aunt May. Similarly, his uncle Ben was killed in this comic book prompting the superhero to become a vigilante.

In this Spiderman Noir guide, I will talk about the superhero, all the issues where he appeared, and the slight differences between this character and the original Spiderman.

Key Info Upfront

Spiderman Noir is a darker version of Spiderman that has the same powers as the original version but also carries a gun on top of that. This iteration of the superhero doesn’t have a problem killing villains; his main goal is to purge New York City from all the bad guys.

The story is set in New York in 1933, which means that a lot of people are struggling with the Great Depression. Technology and fashion also reflect this time period.

General information

Image from Marvel Fandom

Creating Spider Noir

Spiderman Noir was a part of the Marvel Noir series. This collection was introduced in 2009 and was published until 2010. Each set of comics received 4 issues, and it featured the likes of Luke Cage, Punisher, Daredevil, Wolverine, X-Men, and Iron Man.

As you can guess by the name, Noir Comics are meant to portray our favorite superheroes in a different light. The writers used crime noir elements to completely change the atmosphere of the regular comics. Although the heroes retained their traditional powers, they utilized other, more vicious means of battling the opponents. Noir protagonists are much more brutal and have no problem killing villains.

Spiderman Noir, in particular, was the brainchild of Fabrice Sapolsky and David Hine. Marko Djurdjevic created the costume, and Carmine Di Giandomenico was the lead artist. In the comics, Spiderman is still called just Spiderman. However, the fans utilize the moniker “Noir” to distinguish these issues from the regular comic book.

Spiderman Noir Personality

Set in the time of the Great Depression, the character in Spiderman Noir is much tougher and hard-boiled compared to the individuals from the regular Spiderman comics. The difference is most noticeable in Peter Parker; he is cynical and ruthless, exhibiting mean streaks and volatile behavior.

The superhero’s life was deeply affected by the death of his uncle Ben. It caused him to become a destructive vigilante. He doesn’t care much about what will happen to villains and has no trouble killing them. However, this progressively changes as the comic goes on. He eventually becomes more similar to the traditional version of Spiderman and avoids unnecessary deaths.

Spiderman Noir Appearance

Peter Parker’s costume resembles the clothing from that era. He used uncle Ben’s airman uniform as an inspiration for his outfit, adding a mask that hides his identity. The main part of the costume is Kevlar armor protecting the superhero from explosions, bullets, and other projectiles.

As for the mask, it comes with goggles and headgear. Later on, the character would swap this mask for a more common black and white one. However, he retained goggles. The thing that I really like is the fedora. It is a nice homage to that time period giving Spiderman Noir a funky look. He also has a gun belt with spider insignia on it.

Other notable pieces of equipment are the .45 caliber guns. Unlike the traditional Peter Parker, Spiderman Noir is an expert marksman. He uses various firearms such as Tommy guns and other types of revolvers. In most cases, he would try to injure villains but has no trouble killing them if there is no other option.

Spiderman Noir’s Appearances in Comics

Becoming Spiderman

Like the original version of Peter Parker, this version of the character lives with his uncle Ben and Aunt May. Everything changes for Peter Parker after his uncle’s death. Ben Parker was a courageous union leader who wanted to eliminate all the sweatshops in New York. Perceiving him as a threat to his business, Norman Osborn decides to kill uncle Ben.

After these events, Spiderman Noir takes action. He becomes a protector of the NY citizens, pledging to apprehend all the villains and stop crime. A fan of photography, Peter Parker became a freelancer for the Daily Bugle, which was overseen by Ben Urich.

The Spiderman Noir Beginnings

Wanting to find his uncle’s killer, Peter Parker intercepted an insider message meant for Ben Urich. He learns that Norman Osborn and his goons are using New York docks to smuggle illegal goods. Peter goes to one of the warehouses to investigate the matter.

While checking an antique spider idol, the figurine falls down and brakes into small pieces releasing spiders within. Some of them bite Peter, and he soon falls unconscious. During his sleep, he dreams of a spider god. Upon waking up, Peter realizes he has new, awesome powers.

Emboldened by his new abilities, he goes straight to Osborn’s apartment, where he learns that Ben Urich has been blackmailing the notorious villain all this time. Shocked and appalled, the soon-to-be superhero goes home to create his first costume.

Now calling himself Spiderman, Peter visits Urich to talk about the blackmailing incident. Alas, by the time he came there, his mentor was already dead, presumably killed by Norman Osborn. Despite the reporter’s flaws, Spiderman Noir decides to avenge his mentor.

Fighting the Goblin

Image from Spiderman Animated Fandom

Supported by Felicia Hardy, Ulrich’s lover, as well as his aunt May, Spiderman Noir continued his fight against Goblin, eventually stopping his operations. Although his cause was just, the Daily Bugle depicted Spiderman in a negative light as an out-of-control vigilante.

When Peter Parker goes to the office to confront Jonah Jameson, a new chief editor, he finds his motionless body. However, this was a ruse as Jameson was still alive and kicking, now imprisoned by Osborn. Upon reaching one of the hideouts, Spiderman Noir kills Vulture, a villain who was behind uncle Ben’s death. Peter Parker also saves his aunt, just as Vulture was planning to kill her.

Regardless of his noble actions, his aunt still gave him an earful. According to May Parker, Peter could’ve easily stopped this villain by simply relying on his extraordinary powers. Among others, his aunt told him that things such as this would affect his humanity and soul.

Finally, Spiderman Noir manages to find his boss and his girlfriend, both of which were imprisoned by Goblin and his goons. Norman Osborn wanted to destroy incriminating evidence and kill everyone involved. Peter Parker also learns that Felicia was the one responsible for killing Chameleon, who was impersonating Jameson because she saw him kill Ben Urich.

Spiderman Noir tackles the henchmen, after which he releases Jameson. However, Felicia was still held in the Goblin’s clutches. Not having anywhere to go, the mob boss has to give up. Despite everything that he has previously done, Peter Parker decides not to kill Goblin. Regardless, the villain was killed off by Sergei Kravinoff.

Eyes Without a Face

After everything that has happened with Goblin, Spiderman becomes even more confident in his cause and abilities. His next target is Crime Master, a new villain threatening the good citizens of New York. Over time, Peter Parker develops feelings for Felicia Hardy, who doesn’t reciprocate the emotions. At the start of this comic, we are also introduced to a new character Mary Jane Waston.

During one of his jobs, Peter had the opportunity to meet Dr. Otto Octavius. He does a short interview with the Doctor for the Daily Bugle. One of his journalist friends, Robbie Robertson, warns Peter to be careful around Octavius as he feels something strange and evil about the person.

At first, Peter thought that Robbie’s suspicions were a bit paranoid. However, after a while, he learns that a lot of African-Americans were taken away by Crime Master to an unknown location. After his friend Robbie disappears, Peter decides to take action.

Going after Crime Master

Image from Villains Fandom

Spiderman Noir went after the mob boss but was stopped by one of his officers, the Sandman. It turns out that the villain was too much for our protagonist. Jean De Wolfe, an agent in the employment of the US government, barely saves Peter Parker, who is on the brink of defeat.

The two of them decide to join forces. Based on all the available evidence, the duo quickly deduces that Dr. Octavius is probably behind all the kidnappings. While the protagonist is preparing for the assault, Crime Master learns that Felicia Hardy is in cahoots with Spiderman Noir. He attacks her and maims her face.

Spiderman Noir went to Ellis Island, where the Doctor had a secret laboratory. The superhero was terrified when he discovered that Dr. Octavius was a member of a Nazi organization called Friends of New Germany and that he used African Americans to perform cruel experiments.

Peter Parker starts releasing all the captives, but he can’t help his friend Robby who was lobotomized. At this point, Crime Master and Dr. Octavius start battling each other, during which Doctor kills the former. Infuriated by everything he has seen, Spiderman Noir arrives at the scene and tries to strangle Octavius. He is barely stopped by the agent De Wolfe.

The fallout

Now imprisoned by the US government, the officials decide to deport Dr. Otto Octavious to Germany. They were simply too scared that he would reveal their involvement in the project. In a twist of fate, Octavious is deemed inferior by the Nazi regime due to his congenital defects. Aside from shunning him, they deem his work worthless.

Spiderman wanted to visit Felicia but was stopped by her bodyguard. He tells Peter that Felicia doesn’t want to see him ever again, given that he is the reason why she is scarred for life. Although she would eventually heal her wounds, the female protagonist was forced to wear a mask to hide the scars.

Edge of Spider-Verse

The trio of Peter Parker, May Parker, and Mary Jane Watson goes to the World Fair held in New York. They argue whether it’s better to check out the amazing Mysterio or to see Salvador Dali’s paintings. Eventually, they go with the first option. While walking around, Peter thinks about his relationship with Mary Jane.

While watching Mysterio’s show, the superhero’s senses start acting weird. He disregards this information and continues enjoying the performance. When the show was over, Mysterio started interrogating Ox, the last member of Goblin’s gang, as he tried to figure out Spiderman’s location. Ox tells them they should question Felicia Hardy.

Image from Villains Fandom

They go to her apartment and kill her bodyguard. After seeing her face, Mysterio decides that he can’t extract any information from her as she was already punished enough. Nevertheless, he takes her as a hostage. The next day, Spiderman Noir attacks Mysterio. Initially, the villain manages to capture the superhero and uses him for an imprisonment trick. However, Spiderman breaks free and knocks down the enemy.

As he was releasing Felicia, a new villain called Karn sneaks from the back. Luckily for the protagonist, he is saved in the nick of time by Superior Spiderman, who arrives from the future. The two of them are teleported to 2099, where Spiderman Noir meets other iterations of the superhero from different timelines.


After the events in “Edge of Spider-Verse,” Spiderman Noir becomes a part of the Superior Spider-Army. All of these superheroes were located on Earth-928, one of the numerous iterations of the planet. In this storyline, Spidermen are hunted by vampiric entities known as Inheritors.

At one point, the team goes to Earth-4. Haunted by all the deaths she has caused, Silk takes a portal device intending to go to different timelines and fix all the pain and suffering she has caused. Spiderwoman and Spider Noir accompany Silk on her journey.

Upon reaching an unknown universe, Inheritors called Bora and Brix engage the protagonists wounding Spiderman Noir in the process. They somehow flee to Earth-90214, looking for a cover until Spiderman Noir heals his wounds.

Visiting other worlds

Image from Spiderman Fandom

After recuperating his strength, Spiderman Noir goes back to the rest of the team. He is paired with Six-Armed Spiderman, and the two of them go to a version of the Earth where Peter Parker was in a coma after being bit by a radioactive spider.

Although the comatose Spiderman was no threat, our protagonists realize that Inheritors are probably on his trail. The Six-Armed Spiderman creates a medication similar to the one he received to grow new arms. Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough time to finish the recipe.

Suddenly, comatose Peter Parker wakes up and attacks aunt may and uncle Ben from that world. Luckily, Spiderman Noir was quick on his feet, managing to constrain now rabid Peter. This gives Six-Armed Spiderman enough time to finish the concoction. They administer the cure to Peter, fixing his state.

Web Warriors

In “Web Warriors,” Peter Parker Noir joins other versions of Spiderman. Together, they fight different iterations of Electro. Spiderman Noir, Spiderham, and Spiderman of Earth-50101 were eventually stranded in Noir’s home universe. Together, they went on to fight a version of Green Goblin who wanted to destroy Multiverse.


Image from Marvel Fandom

In this release, Spiderman Noir trails Herman Schultz, aka Shocker, as he tries to sell weapons to Nazis. Together with Felicia Hardy, who now uses the alias White Widow, the duo manages to stop the transaction. After these events, Spiderman-UK approaches Spiderman Noir, asking for his assistance.

According to the Spiderman-UK, the Inheritors are using advanced cloning technology in their facility on Earth-616. The Inheritors, now imprisoned on Earth-3145, want to use this technology to put their consciousness into new bodies present within Earth-616’s lab.

Spiderman Noir and Spiderman-UK reach the facility in the nick of time and start trashing the tanks where these empty bodies are held. An Inheritor called Morlun, who just transferred his consciousness to a new host, manages to break free from a tank. He attacks Spiderman Noir, grabs him, and starts draining his life essence.

In a last-ditch effort, Spiderman Noir activates a grenade trying to kill both Morlun and himself. Although Peter dies from the blast, the Morlun somehow manages to survive. Luckily, Spidermen from other dimensions reach the facility and eliminate the Inheritor threat.

At the end of the comic, we see Spider-Gwen informing Felicia hardy, Mary Jane, and May Parker that Spiderman Noir has passed away.


Despite everything, Spiderman Noir is still somehow alive. He wakes up in a spider cocoon in his home dimension. While being in a state of a dead sleep, the spider god informs Peter Parker that his service is not yet over.

The events have a major impact on Peter Parker Noir. He becomes more distant and starts working as a detective. The superhero changes his accent and vocabulary, now reflecting the 30s era. He also gets a new outfit.

Spiderman Noir has a surprise visitor in Miles Morales. The two of them decide to team up and try to retrieve the spider-god figurine, which is now in the hands of the Nazis. Miles Morales claims that this idol can be used to fix the trans-dimensional Web of Life of Destiny.

In order to make the repair, the statue has to be taken off this world. Miles Morales claims that the removal of the statue from Noir Earth can cause Spiderman Noir’s death, as he will no longer be protected by the spider-god. Spiderman Noir agrees to the terms thinking that his death should’ve been permanent anyway.

The Cicada Stone

Image from Marvel Fandom

After the events with Miles Morales, the people of New York realize that Spiderman Noir is still alive. The superhero made contact with Mary Jane and aunt May, who perceived his resurrection as a miracle of a sort. While both of them support his life as a vigilante, May Parker cautions her nephew to be more honorable when dealing with criminals.

Peter Parker is still in contact with Jameson. The two of them make a deal where Jameson would help Peter gain access to various crime scenes, thus allowing him to check for clues before cops do. In exchange, he would provide stories for the Daily Bugle.

A mysterious stone

One of Peter’s acquaintances, Holly Babson, was killed during a raid on Black Cat Club. He founds a mysterious stone in his hand, which later on turns out to be Cicada Stone. The detective follows the trail of clues to Dr. Huma Bergmann, who was Holly’s sister. Miss Bergman asks Peter if he could provide company as she travels to Europe.

The two of them go to London. A thief steals Cicada Stone from them, after which they decide to travel to Berlin. After reaching the city, they go to Neues Museum to look for clues. They are attacked by Electro and saved by Byron Ironsides, an undercover US agent.

Ironsides tells them to go to Istanbul. They are flown there by Harry Charles, who previously transported them to Berlin. Upon reaching the city, they are approached by “Checkpoint Red,” another American agent.

Road to Babylon

Together, they go to Uruk, the ancient Mesopotamian city. We see a massive twist where Miss Bergman reveals that she’s a Nazi sympathizer, while Harry tells the group that she’s Dora Milaje, a native of Wakandan. Checkpoint Red, Milaje, and Spiderman Noir escape Bergman’s ambush. Together with Ironsides, who comes out of nowhere, they go to the Temple of Inanna.

The protagonists have a short clash with Electro, after which they use Cicada Stone to open gates to the underworld. The stone’s secondary effect turns Dora and Peter into spiders, but only temporarily. Dr. Huma has another surprise for the protagonists. She turns into Goddess Inanna and summons Spiderman’s dead foes Vulture, Goblin, Chameleon, Sandman, and Kraven.

Villains attack our protagonists and throw them into the underworld. While there, Peter encounters Holly Babson, who turns out to be the queen of the underworld, Ereshkigal but also the spider goddess who gave Spiderman Noir his incredible powers.

Once again, Ereshkigal returns Peter Parker to the living entrusting him the task of destroying M’kraan Crystal with Cicada Stone. Upon returning to the living, he steals the stone from Innana and promptly destroys both the stone and the crystal. As a result, Inanna’s mortal body shatters. Ironsides rescues our protagonists afterward.

Spiderman Noir’s Abilities and Skills

Image from Marvel Animated Fandom


The web is Spiderman’s main ability, and he can shoot it out of his hands. While some iterations of Spiderman have web-shooters to modify the ability, Spiderman Noir produces it organically. Initially, he could not create web lines but could only shoot the web in the shape of a net or spray. After his resurrection, he can use the web to create lines, like the original Spiderman, but also to stun opponents.

Spider senses

The thing that separates this character from other superheroes is his exquisite senses. All versions of Spiderman can predict danger or attacks before they hit them. This makes them terrible foes for just about any villain.

Superhuman agility and reflexes

Spiderman Noir is also known for his reflexes and agility. They are especially potent when paired with spider senses, allowing him to react to any imminent danger. He is very elusive, and unlike most other characters, he mainly relies on dexterity, speed, and agility when battling foes.

Superhuman strength and durability

Although Spiderman writers commonly focus on the character’s speed, agility, and reflexes, I also have to mention his strength and durability. Spiderman Noir is not only strong, but he is also super strong. In fact, he can rival most other superheroes within Marvel’s universe. He is also very durable and can withstand enormous punishment.

Web Crawling

Web crawling is another ability that makes this superhero so exciting. This is especially noticeable in the original version of the comic. However, Spiderman Noir rarely uses this ability and prefers doing parkour.

Kevlar and guns

The biggest reason why Spiderman Noir is so gritty is because of his lethal equipment and willingness to use it against all foes. He has a Kevlar vest that protects him from firearms and explosions and wears two .45 guns.

Spiderman Noir Trivia

Spiderman Noir is a very interesting character and, in many ways, completely different from the original version. Here are some cool tidbits about him.

Relationship with Ben Urich

Ben Urich is a person haunted by his drug addiction. He wants to eliminate criminals from New York and has no problem using dirty tricks to do so. The journalist decides to take Peter Parker under his wing not because he is an altruist but because he learned that Peter’s uncle was killed by the mafia and, as such, he might help him fight crime.

With great power

“With great power comes great responsibility” is the most epic quote in all of the comics. However, the writers decided to omit it altogether in Spiderman Noir. Instead, the protagonist learned that “If there is too much power, then it is the responsibility of the people to take it away.” This is the best way of showcasing the difference between the original Spiderman and this version (i.e., the original iteration is an altruist, while this one is a vigilante who has no regard for villains’ lives).

The good octopus

In Spider-Verse, we have a lot of different, twisted storylines. Among others, we have several iterations of Doctor Octopus, known as Doctor Octopi. One of them was Octavia Otto, who worked together with Spiderman fraction called Web Warriors. The group utilized a tech that allowed them to jump from one dimension to another as they were trying to save as many Spidermen as possible. Octavia Otto helped them in this endeavor by eliminating flaws in the system.

Parker Fortune

In the original Spiderman, Peter Parker has something that is called “Parker Luck.” It refers to Peter’s ability to accumulate numerous smaller victories only to be thwarted by massive defeats. In the Spiderman Noir universe, this is referred to as “Parker Fortune.”

Not the only one

The thing that was so shocking about this Spiderman is the fact he uses firearms to kill villains. But as we were going through the Spider-Verse storyline, we also met Assassin Spiderman, another iteration of the superhero who also utilizes guns to kill enemies.


Question: Does Spiderman Noir have powers?

Answer: Like the original Spiderman, Spiderman Noir has numerous superpowers. These two superheroes are very similar in terms of spider senses, speed, agility, and reflexes, with the original Spiderman being a bit stronger and Spiderman Noir having better healing properties.

Spiderman Noir can climb walls, although he doesn’t use this power as often. Initially, he wasn’t able to create web lines and was only using the web for entrapment. Later on, after being resurrected, he can use the web to create stunning projectiles and create web lines between buildings.

Question: Is Spiderman Noir a good guy?

Answer: Spiderman Noir is a vigilante fighting crime in New York. While his motivation is justified, his methods are not. The superhero doesn’t mind killing criminals, unlike traditional Spiderman. As the show progresses, he becomes more aware of his actions and stops killing opponents. Overall, he is a good guy with questionable methods.

Question: Can Spiderman Noir see colors?

Answer: Spiderman Noir can see all colors, and the same goes for all other people in the comic book.

Question: What universe is Spiderman Noir from?

Answer: Spiderman Noir belongs to the Marvel comic book universe. He is a part of the Noir series of comics that features the likes of Wolverine, Iron Man, Luke Cage, etc. The character lives on one of the numerous iterations of Earth called Earth-90214.


Spiderman Noir is an iteration of Spiderman that is somewhat different from the original one. He is born in an alternate dimension during the 1930s era. Unlike the original Spiderman, this version of the superhero wears Kevlar and uses guns. Furthermore, he has no problem killing the bad guys.

Spiderman Noir is a much grittier character, set in the time of the Great Depression. His main goal is to eliminate crime from New York, no matter what it takes. Like the original Spiderman, Spiderman Noir can climb walls, use the web, and has superhuman physical characteristics.

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