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As it usually goes with successful superhero characters, companies raced to buy the Deadpool license. Although not the most popular comic book character, the DP became an instant success after the movie premiere due to its lighthearted approach to a genre.

Some of the most popular Deadpool products are from the toy category. Companies used the jovial character to develop things such as action figures, masks, LEGOs, Nerf guns, Funko Pop! figures, video games, and many other things.

Deadpool also inspired artists. Given the nature of the superhero, you could portray him in just about any situation, and it would make sense. Nowadays, there is a trend of drawing chibi Deadpools. Chibi is a popular Japanese style where characters have disproportionate and small bodies, overly large heads, and massive eyes.

I’ve always loved the chibi style. It is fun, and it is much easier to draw compared to some other realistic techniques. It especially looks good when used for Deadpool, as most of us don’t take this character seriously as it is.

In this Chibi Deadpool guide, I will share a step-by-step process that will help you draw the superhero using this particular technique.

Key Info Up Front

Chibi Deadpool is one of the more common drawing techniques people use for this superhero. Young artists love to showcase the character with enormous eyes and head. It is a somewhat humorous style, where the superhero is meant to look much cuter compared to their original model/appearance.

If you have limited experience drawing, this could be an ideal art form for you. Creating these caricatures isn’t that hard compared to some other styles. You can make a lot of mistakes, and the drawing can still look fantastic.

General Information

chibi deadpool drawing

Chibi is a drawing style where characters have enormous heads and eyes. It comes from the Japanese word “chibi,” which means small. Most artists use this style for drawing people, but you can sometimes also see it on animals.

Chibis have small, chubby bodies and limbs and oversized heads. Another thing that is common for this form is that all individuals have large eyes.

The head is the centerpiece of a chibi drawing. Depending on how deformed you wish to make a character, its head can range from one-half to one-third of its total height. The reason why this style is so popular is because of its simplicity. Unlike typical Japanese cartoon drawings with numerous details, the chibi technique relies on very simplistic lines.

This leads to a dichotomy between different body parts and clothing pieces. For example, while the majority of Deadpool’s body will be simplistic, with a small number of details, his sword can have numerous minor elements to it. In my opinion, this is a very cool feature of the art style, as it allows for a lot of experimenting.

The form is an integral part of the Japanese art culture, but it has slowly started making waves in other countries. Simply put, people love this caricature portrayal, as it allows them to do all sorts of fun things with their favorite characters.

In Japan, you can notice chibi art style almost anywhere, from billboards, and street art, to anime and manga. Often, manga artists use chibi drawings to convert regular characters into their funny, satirical counterparts.

Chibi Deadpool

If you browse Google results looking for Deadpool fan art, you will notice that the majority of drawings are done in chibi style. As previously mentioned, this particular style is ideal for satirical purposes, so it makes sense that young artists would use it all the time for Deadpool.

He is a comedy relief character who got his own show, so this art form fits him like a glove.

There are lots of different chibi Deadpool portrayals on the internet. Whether he’s roasting marshmallows, playing with a dog, or juggling knives, you can showcase the superhero in all sorts of funny situations. Sometimes, artists like to pair him up with other jovial characters such as Spiderman.

One of the reasons why chibi Deadpool works so well is his hood and his eyes. The superhero’s mask has small white sections representing the eye covers with large black sections around them.

The chibi artists often modify superhero’s eyes to depict various emotions even though Deadpool usually looks expressionless in movies and comics (due to the fact his whole face is covered, and we can’t read into his emotions).

Step-by-step Guide for Drawing Chibi Deadpool

Step-by-step Guide for Drawing Chibi Deadpool

As mentioned, creating a chibi character is not that hard. In fact, based on what I’ve seen online, most people who drew and posted the chibi version of the superhero don’t even have basic art training. This form is easy to execute if you follow a few basic rules.

Here is the step-by-step guide for drawing chibi Deadpool:

Start with the Head

When it comes to chibi form, everything starts with the head. It is the biggest, central piece of any model. For this type of drawing, you should try to create a perfect circle; the shape of a superhero’s head doesn’t have to resemble the normal, oval shape of a real human head.

Even if you mess it up a bit, you shouldn’t worry too much. Chibi style tolerates mistakes and is not meant to be realistic.

Keep in mind that the superhero’s mask has a pointy part. So, you should add a small horizontal triangle on the top side of the mask. You should place the triangle opposite from where the hero is looking (i.e., if he’s looking to the left, you should put the triangle on the top right side of the mask).

Adding Eyes

The eyes are the second-most important part of the superhero’s model. As I’ve already mentioned, they give Deadpool some character, and you can use them to showcase a wide range of emotions.

Before you can draw eyes, you need to create two lines on the head, one horizontal and one vertical, intersecting at the center. Both of them should be slightly curved, not straight. You will use these lines to navigate the face. That way, you can put the eyes in the right spots while ensuring they’re proportionate.

For a more advanced version, you can tweak the white parts to showcase a wide range of emotions.

Making the Body

Like the rest of the body, the torso and limbs should be drawn by using simple lines. You can make a torso by drawing a potato. As for the limbs, you can draw two continuous cylinders for each one of them. They usually curve around the joints, that is, knees and elbows.

My suggestion is to avoid drawing fingers or make them as simplistic as possible. Try drawing five elongated letters U that connect to the hands. Drawing hands and fingers is a bit easier if Deadpool is holding guns or a katana.

Adding Details to the Body

Chibi Deadpool - Adding Details to the Body

The great thing about Deadpool is that his outfit doesn’t have that many details. He has two black wrist guards that aren’t hard to draw (if you did an excellent job with the hands). He also has black holsters on the sides of his outfit that basically look like two elongated black stripes.

The superhero carries a katana on his back, which you can draw by adding a long rectangle from his back meant to represent the hilt. Just make sure to curve the upper edges of the rectangle. To look more authentic, you can add small diamonds to the hilt. If you want to make it a bit more complex, you can put the katana in his hands.

Deadpool also wears a belt on his waist. While the belt is pretty straightforward, the pouches are a bit trickier. You make them by drawing two letters U on top of each other, on both sides of the belt. Now, connect the upper edges of the letter.

In the center of the belt, there is a superhero’s emblem. Just draw a basic circle with two-quarter moons inside. Lastly, add small eyes within the moons.

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Removing the Lines and Adding Colors

If you used extra lines when making the model, make sure to remove them before coloring. The character mostly relies on black and red, and you can go online to see what different elements of the outfit should look like and what colors to use.

Most Common Mistakes when Drawing Chibi Deadpool

Despite the fact that the chibi form is simple and straightforward, you can still make various mistakes. In most cases, this happens because the person adds many extra elements to the drawing in an attempt to make it as complex as possible. This goes against the chibi art style. Here are some pointers that will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes:

  • When making chibis, you can avoid drawing a nose. If you do decide to add it, make sure to draw just the tip. Everything else would feel excessive.
  • The mouth is usually very large and consists of two lines. For example, the upper lip can be straight, and the lower one is curved, which draws a chibi smile. You shouldn’t try to make lips realistic by making them thick; drawing two simple thin lines is more than enough.
  • Artists accentuate the cheeks. They are round, plump, and are commonly added once you make the outlines for the head. Cheeks look like two half circles.
  • In most cases, the models do not have necks. If you do decide to add it, make sure it’s as thin as possible.
  • The foreheads are usually very large. However, most artists usually cover foreheads with massive hair (large hair works both for boys and girls).
  • The eyes are also essential for this art style. They are enormous with large pupils. If you decide to add eyelashes, make sure they are as simplistic as possible. Chibi models commonly have glaring, starry eyes, thus adding to the theme.
  • The head is the focal point of the drawing. While you can add various accessories and patterns to the costume, this isn’t very common.

Chibi Deadpool Fan Art

If you browse the internet, you will notice a massive collection of Chibi fan art. People are simply in love with this character. In fact, I believe that this character is more popular than most Avengers. Here are some of my favorite fan art picks:

Spiderman and Deadpool Chibi

Spiderman and Deadpool Chibi

Spiderman is another lighthearted Marvel creation, so it makes sense to pair these two together. This particular drawing depicts Deadpool and Spiderman, as Deadpool hugs his companion and tries to take a selfie. Peter Parker is sick of this behavior, which you can notice by how he’s holding his head.

I’m a big fan of both these characters, and I love whenever fans draw them together. This particular image is relatively complex for the chibi art style. Not only does it feature two characters, but there are also numerous details on their outfits.

Chibi Deadpool and Unicorn

In this particular drawing, you can see Deadpool as he holds a unicorn. The superhero is happy, and the best way to describe the image is as cuteness overload.

This is one of the most complex chibi drawings I’ve seen online. Although the superhero’s head doesn’t have that many details, there are so many different elements used for the body. For example, you can notice how the light is being reflected from the surface of his outfit.

Aside from the superhero, the unicorn also looks awesome. I love all the colors and lighting used for this particular piece of art.

Deadpool Running with Pancakes

Deadpool Running with Pancakes

Here is another cool, humorous depiction of Deadpool. The superhero is running while carrying pancakes. There is a large heart within the comic cloud showing his appreciation for the tasty treat.

While this drawing might seem simplistic at first glance, there are numerous details to it. For example, I love how the artist added shading to it. This took quite some time. The katana and utility belt also looks incredible.

If I were to criticize something, that would be how the hands were drawn. Then again, it is a chibi drawing, and it doesn’t have to be perfect.

Deadpool and Ghost Rider

Deadpool and Ghost Rider

I simply love the theme of this drawing. Ghost Rider is sitting on the ground, looking all gloomy. Meanwhile, Deadpool snuck up to him and is roasting sausages on top of his head. It is the best depiction of how ludicrous this comic book superhero actually is.

Compared to some other chibi drawings on this list, this particular piece is not that impressive. I’m not saying that it’s bad or whatever; it is just that it doesn’t have the same number of details as the previous two. Regardless, I simply had to place it on the list because of its ingenuity.

Deadpool with Bloody Katana

Deadpool with Bloody Katana

Deadpool is usually portrayed in a happy-go-lucky manner that we often forget he’s a merciless killer. This chibi drawing reminds us of that. Unlike most other chibi portrayals on the internet, this one explores his dark side.

The superhero is shown wearing a bloody katana over his left shoulder, all while smiling and winking.

The drawing is rather complex. You can see lots of shading and numerous wrinkles on the superhero’s outfit. Although simplistic, his mask is very well done, and the facial expression provides a great story. The thing that struck me is that Deadpool has somewhat feminine curves on this one.

Chibi Deadpool Merchandise

Somewhere along the way, Chibi Deadpool has gained a life of its own. As a result, this has led to the creation of numerous commercial items. Nowadays, you can buy Chibi Deadpool items and knick-knacks such as fridge magnets and t-shirts.

Here are some of the items I really liked:

Chibi Deadpool Car Sticker

Image 1 - Dead Pool Chibi Deadpool Vinyl Decal meme Sticker Car Truck Anime Unicorn Funny

If you’re looking for a car bumper, you should consider purchasing one with Deadpool. It has much more character than other products on the market, ensuring that other drivers slow down before hitting you in the rear.

Deadpool is shown riding a funny-looking unicorn while carrying katanas in both of his hands. The two of them are jumping (or flying?) over a rainbow. As with everything else about Deadpool, this is a ridiculous product. Given that it uses numerous colors, you can put it on just about any car, although I feel it is best suited for white or black paint.

Chibi Deadpool Foam Magnet

Chibi Deadpool Foam Magnet

Deadpool magnet is a great present for any Marvel fan as well as families with small kids. It will definitely add some color to your dull fridge.

The superhero is depicted in its chibi form, with two katanas in his hands. He looks quite menacing and ready to strike. As with any chibi, the model is quite disproportionate, but that doesn’t take away from it. I especially like how the suit is made, as well as the grim look on the superhero’s face.

“Pikapool” Chibi Deadpool T-shirt

“Pikapool” Chibi Deadpool T-shirt

My favorite t-shirt shows Pikachu and Deadpool together. The thing that is bizarre about this t-shirt is that the two characters are wearing each other’s skin/outfit. So, you can see Deadpool from inside Pikachu’s skin while the Pokémon is wearing the superhero’s outfit.

I’m not sure whether to classify this t-shirt as weird, funny, or downright disturbing. Then again, if you check some other Deadpool merch, you will notice that most of them are similarly confusing.

Who is Chibipool?

Some people confuse Chibipool with Chibi Deadpool. These two terms refer to completely different things. As mentioned, “Chibi Deadpool” is an art style where people draw Deadpool by using the Japanese chibi technique. On the other hand, “Chibipool” is a character from Earth-31539 comics that had a very short run.

Chibipool is one of the numerous iterations of Deadpool that tried to help the original Earth-616 Deadpool. He only appeared in the 4th issue of the comic “Deadpool Kills Deadpool” and was quickly killed.

Chibipool was a member of Deadpool Corps alongside Grootpool, Lady Deadpool, Kidpool, Motorpool, and numerous other funky characters, most of which were killed.

It seems that Chibipool has the same powers as Wade Wilson, but he didn’t have enough time to use them as he was quickly squashed by a member of the Evil Deadpool Corps.


Question: How to Draw Chibi Deadpool Step-by-step?

Answer: When drawing chibi Deadpool, there are several things you need to focus on. First off, this art style is famous for oversized heads, eyes, and disproportionately small bodies.
If you wish to draw Deadpool, make sure to start with the head. Make a round circle and put two large oval sections inside, representing areas around his eyes. Lastly, add two small eyes inside of these ovals.
The torso should look like a giant, upward-standing potato, while each limb consists of two connected cylinders. Draw two straight lines across the waist for the belt, and add a rectangle on the back to look like a katana hilt. Be careful when drawing fingers; they should look like five letters U connected to each other.

Question: What is Chibi Deadpool?

Answer: Chibi is a Japanese art form that depicts individuals and animals as caricatures. The things characteristic of this form are enormous heads, eyes, and foreheads. Chibi style doesn’t have many details making it really easy to execute. Of course, chibi Deadpool is a chibi representation of Marvel’s superhero Deadpool.

Question: How do You Draw Chibi Deadpool’s Mask?

Answer: Drawing Deadpool’s head is relatively easy. Just make a large circle, and add a small horizontal triangle on the top left or top right side of it. Add two large ovals inside of the mask, which is meant to represent sections around the eyes. Lastly, add two small horizontal ovals inside these sections.

Question: Is it Hard to Draw Chibi Deadpool?

Answer: Chibi style is beginner-friendly. You can draw these pictures even if you have no prior experience and just want to mess around. You shouldn’t have any problem creating a funny version of your favorite Marvel superhero if you follow a few basic rules.


Drawing chibi Deadpool is pretty awesome. This type of art style is simplistic and straightforward, and anyone can do it. I will go as far as to say that chibi Deadpool is the best way to depict the superhero, given that this is a jovial, funny character.

When making chibi drawings, there are just a few rules you should adhere to. Make sure that the character has an oversized head, large eyes, and forehead, and don’t put too many details on the outfit.

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