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If you want to follow a character that won’t die on you-Deadpool is your guy. He goes through some brutal things, but he sticks with us through all of it. That isn’t because the writers continue to make him have narrow escapes.

The reason Deadpool continues living is that he’s immortal. How did he become immortal, you ask? I’m going to get into that in the article below, as well as a lot of other cool things you might not have known about the merc with a mouth.

Let’s get into it and see what Deadpool has to offer to loyal comic book readers.

Origin of Deadpool from Earth 616

There are lots to learn about this interesting character, so let’s get into it.

Deadpool’s Childhood

Deadpool, aka Wade Wilson from Earth 616, is a little confused about his childhood. He said his father left him and his mom while he was still in the womb in one memory. He said she beat him until he got old enough and big enough to beat her.

Another time, he said his mom died when he was only five years old and that his army officer father abused him. He said this made him grow up to be a thug. His father tried to make up with Wade and become a better person in these memories. However, this didn’t work out for his dad because one of his son’s friends shot him and killed him.

Yet another instance had his dad leaving him and his mom while he was a boy, with his mom becoming a humorous alcoholic with love for the home shopping network. He said he thought he ran away from home so his mom wouldn’t spend money on him.

After all of these memories, it turns out that neither of Wade’s parents is dead, and in fact, they are still together, living in Canada. Wade even returned there as an adult but didn’t recognize his parents nor his room when he saw them.

Deadpool’s Adult Life

wade wilson deadpool

After Deadpool left home, it seems like he joined the Army Special Forces but got the boot after failing to obey orders. His lack of a moral compass seems to have played into it as well.

After getting the boot from the Army Special Forces and a failed suicide attempt right before turning nineteen, a CIA-sponsored mercenary assassin group invited him to join.

There isn’t much on what Wade did with this group, but he did romance a lady named Francie in Morocco while he was a member of this group.

When that relationship ended, Wade went to Japan and infiltrated a sumo-wrestling ring for three years and fell for his mentor’s daughter named Sazae. He was supposed to kill her father as per his contract with the crime lord, the Boss, but he refused and moved to the United States.

Wade fell in love again when he moved to America. His attention was on teenage prostitute Vanessa Carlysle. He dreamed he could have a better life with her. That didn’t last long, though, when he learned he had 24 inoperable tumors. He broke up with her and stopped taking chemo to get it over with and to not make her stay with a terminally ill man.

How Deadpool Becomes Deadpool

Department K in Canada offered him hope. This organization was the special weapons development branch of the Canadian government. Wade became a test subject in hopes that he would cure his cancer.

The program was meant to give a human Wolverine-like ability. With super fast healing, his hope was to get rid of cancer and be able to live a happy and healthy life.

Things seemed to look up for Wade because his cancer calmed down, and he worked with a team. In fact, his ex-girlfriend Vanessa even worked with the team because she developed mutant shapeshifting abilities. She called herself Copycat.

After a mission where he killed his teammate Slayback, his healing factor started to become unstable. His cancer came back with a vengeance and deformed his skin. Weapon X rejected him and sent him to hospice to die with the rest of the failed experiments-or at least that’s what the place seems to be.

What the Canadian government didn’t know is that Doctor Killebrew and his assistant Ajax were experimenting on these failed experiments.

The patients in the hospice would place bets in a “Deadpool” to see how long each poor soul would live. Wade went through a lot of pain at the hands of Dr. Killebrew.

During Wade’s many near-death experiences, he fell in love with Death. Death felt like they were kindred spirits and Deadpool just wanted to be with her.

Wade tried to get Ajax to kill him by taunting him, but instead, Ajax lobotomized Worm. Worm was kind of a friend to Wade, and he killed him to put him out of his misery.

Since Wade killed Worm, they set out to execute him since that was the rule in the place. Ajax took out Wade’s heart, but that didn’t do too much. His healing factor jumpstarted because of his insane anger, and he was able to regenerate a heart. However, his body remained scarred.

Wade took on the name Deadpool and escaped the hospice with the other patients. Before he left, he shot Ajax for what he’d done with two riffles.

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Life After Becoming Deadpool


Wade got into plenty of questionable situations after becoming Deadpool. Right after escaping from the hospice, he was an enforcer for a surgically altered criminal known as Hammerhead.

After his service for Hammerhead, he went freelance and put on a costume to go along with his new identity as Deadpool.

Years after escaping the hospice, he went back to the Canadian government and allowed Dr. Walter Langkowski to treat him. Around this time, he got a teleportation device as well.

After figuring out that he didn’t like doing government work, he got out of there. Criminal genius, The Wizard, hired him and he became part of the Fightful Four.

After this, Deadpool had his first run-in with his frienemy Cable. Cable was trying to stop Deadpool from helping Francis Talbot erase people from the timeline to make Francis and his family rich. Cable ended up erasing Francis, and the timeline went back to the way it was supposed to be.

Deadpool had involvement with the Secret Wars and Venom, but there is some question as to its canonicity.

Deadpools Earth 616 Powers & Abilities

The biggest thing Deadpool is known for is his healing factor, but there are other things he can do.

  • Teleportation – He has nightcrawlers teleportation ability using his belt.
  • Weapons – He has a magical satchel that lets him pull weapons out of nowhere.
  • Mouth – He can talk the ear off the people he fights and knocks them off their game.
  • Fourth Wall Awareness – He breaks the fourth wall and knows he is a comic book character. Jenniffer Walters, She-Hulk also does this.

7 Best Deadpool Teamups


What’s better than Deadpool? Well, Deadpool and some of your other favorites teaming up, of course.


Deadpool is a pain in the neck for Cable, aka Nathan Summers. Deadpool first started bothering cable in the pages of New Mutants and then X-Force.

Sometimes he aligns himself with Cable, and sometimes, he’s against Cable. This makes things pretty interesting because you never know what you’ll get with Deadpool.

The 2004 series Cable & Deadpool was when they really got to work together and made fan’s day. A malfunction in a teleporter spliced the two together genetically. If they wanted to use the teleporting system, they had to “body slide” to do this.

After going through some things together, their bromance blossomed, but sadly, Cable supposedly died, and Deadpool lived on.

The Deadpool Corps

Who better to team up with Deadpool than, well, Deadpool? The Dealpool Corps is made up of Kidpool, DogPool, Headpool, and Lady Deadpool.

How did this happen, you ask?

Deadpool from Earth 616 founded some pretty weird universes when the Contemplator chose him to stop Awareness from devouring the multiverse’s consciousness. Since Deadpool is immune to Awareness, he’s the perfect person to fight it.

The Deadpool Corps got together to fight the bad guys another time. In fact, they got together to fight themselves. Well, an evil version of themselves that was trying to wipe out all other versions of themselves.


After The Sentry destroyed Asguard, Deadpool was there sniffing around. Tony Stark left a security drone on Asguard, and it let Thor know someone was there.

Thor continued to beat Deadpool, and then he realized he wasn’t fighting back. You see, Deadpool is a real Thor lover. Instead of trying to kill Deadpool, Thor decided to team up with him to fight The Sentry.


Deadpool Teamups

Deadpool first met Spiderman in Amazing Spiderman #611. Their first meeting was pretty comical with some “yo mamma” jokes, but the two have worked together sometimes.

Deadpool and Spiderman teamed up during the Suicide Kings storyline. Deadpool was accused of blowing up a building and killing a bunch of people, but he didn’t do it this time. The Punisher and Daredevil tried to bring him down for his misdeeds-even though he didn’t do it.

Spiderman ended up proving he was innocent and joined Deadpool to take down the Tombstone-you know-the person who actually did it.

After that, the duo has been together in quite a few things. In fact, Deadpool even met up with Superior Spiderman. This team-up is a fan favorite because both of them are pretty mouthy.

The X-Men

The X-Men haven’t always wanted to team up with Deadpool, but they do it anyway despite their less-than-enthusiastic attitudes.

When Cable and Deadpool were hanging out, the X-Men hired Deadpool to find pieces of a min teleporter to use against Cable. Cable was getting more powerful than the X-Men thought he should be.

During a second attempt to become part of the X-Men, Deadpool did a little better. Deadpool saw an advertisement about Utopia being a safe haven for mutant kids and went to join them even though he isn’t technically a mutant or a kid.

Deadpool got in their good graces by helping a father who accused the X-Men of not letting him see his daughter. The story goes through a lot of loopty loops, but in the end, even Cyclops thought he did a pretty good job. However, he still wasn’t getting into the X-Men.

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Taskmaster got close to Deadpool because of their long association that started back in Deadpool #2. Their best moment together was in Cable and Deadpool #36 when Taskmaster is rescued by Deadpool. A government facility held Taskmaster, and Deadpool broke him out.

Deadpool tried to get some mercenary work from the generals at the facility, but Taskmaster said he’d never get anywhere if he didn’t become a professional.

Captain America

Deadpool and Captain America are pretty different and not characters you’d expect to put together. Cap is a really good guy, and Deadpool is usually only partially good guy.

The one thing they do have in common is that they respect Wolverine.

Deadpool and Steve Rogers end up teaming up after Wolverine dies to keep the bad guys from getting Wolverine’s DNA.

Why Is Deadpool’s 4th Wall Breaking so Unique?


He knows what’s going on in the current events in real life. He also knows what will happen later in his comic. That’s why he says “foreshadowing” sometimes.

5 Craziest Things Deadpool Has Done

There is no way we can say all of the crazy things that Deadpool has done because, well, every minute he’s alive is craziness. That’s pretty much how he lives his life. But wouldn’t you be a little crazy too if you knew you were a comic book character and nothing you did mattered? Let’s take a look.

#5. Heralding Galactus

Galactus was a world-eating being that destroyed full planets. Silver Surfer took this job once, but he had to if he wanted to save his family. Deadpool, on the other hand, thought it sounded like a cool gig-and he needed the money anyway.

#4. Stabbing the Hulk

Deadpool’s body had some pretty big problems after exposure to gamma rays. He had a plan to solve this problem, and it included the Hulk’s blood. Isn’t wasn’t easy for Deadpool to get blood from the Hulk, so he had to get creative. He tried to get blood out of him with his swords, but he finally had to draw blood by impaling him with a nearby street sign.

#3. Stealing Iron Man‘s Suit & Getting Blackout Drunk

Someone once hired Deadpool to keep Iron Man an alcoholic. Tony Stark was doing his best to kick the habit and get on the straight and narrow. Deadpool decided it would be a good idea to knock Tony out with a liquor bottle and go on a bender with the Iron Man suit. He kept his deal by making sure Iron Man was still a drunk, but he didn’t have to make Tony drink.

#2. Used His Own Daughter As Bait

Deadpool wanted to catch a Captain America villain named Mad Cap. So, he used his daughter, Eleanor, to draw out the bad guy. If it hadn’t been for Quicksilver, poor little Eleanor would be taking a dirt nap.

#1. Killing the Entire Marvel Universe

The number one crazy thing that Deadpool did is controversial. Some people refuse to embrace it because they say that it isn’t canon. However, Deadpool Killology was written and put out by Marvel.

In Deadpool Killogy, he kills everyone in the Marvel Universe-including himself in other universes and even his pal Spiderman. After he had no one else left to kill, he turned on his writers and killed them as well.

Most Popular Variants of Deadpool


There are an insane amount of Deadpool variants. I am not going to go into every single one in this article, but I will go into the main ones that you want to know about.

  • Headpool – This variant comes from the universe where everyone is a zombie. The head is no longer with the body, which is why it’s called Headpool.
  • Deadpool 2099 – This is actually Wade Wilson‘s daughter from his marriage to the demon Shiklah. Wanda Wilson has no love for her dad, though, and even kidnapped him to find her missing mom.
  • Dreadpool – This Deadpool tried to wipe out everyone in existence. He thought reality was a lie and wiped everyone from the Marvel Universe before trying to wipe out the Ideaverse as well and then every other Deadpool in the multiverse.
  • Zenpool – During the Axis event, everyone has turned either evil or good depending on what their opposite moral standing is. Deadpool became an enlightened pacifist. He wouldn’t hurt anyone, no matter what they did.
  • Ultimate Deadpool – This Deadpool became the ultimate Spiderman villain. You can see Ultimate Deadpool most in Spiderman #91-#94
  • Dead Man Wade from Earth 295 – This Deadpool has an obsession with feeling pain, and he became one of the Apocalypse’s Pale Riders.
  • Evil Deadpool – He’s Deadpool created with different body parts Wade left behind during his missions. A stalker gathered his body parts, and they put themselves together. This is Wade’s clone, but he only has right hands.
  • Venompool – This version of Deadpool is from Earth 90211. This reality is very much stuck in the 1980s.
  • Gwenpool – This variant escapes from her world into the comics. She knows she’s not in a real place but enjoys being away from her real life.

Honorable Mentions

  • Kidpool
  • Dogpool
  • Deadpool Pulp
  • The Golden Age Deadpool
  • Death Mask


Question: Is Deadpool Immortal?

Answer: Yes. Even though Deadpool has experienced death multiple times, he is immortal. His healing factor makes it so that he can’t die. His healing factor constantly replaces his cells, so even if he’s beheaded or blown up, he still lives.

Question: Who is Deadpool’s Wife?

Answer: On Earth 616, Deadpool married Shiklah. Dracula hired him to bring Shiklah to him so he could marry her, but things don’t always work out when you hire Deadpool.

Question: How Old is Deadpool?

Answer: In today’s comics, Deadpool is between 28-35.

Conclusion – Deadpool Universe Guide

As you can see, Deadpool has a pretty cool way of doing things. Since he knows he’s a comic book character, he doesn’t behave the same way all the other characters in Marvel comics behave. Since he can’t die, he really acts a lot different than a character that fears losing his life.

The reason most fans are head over heels for Deadpool, though, is because of his attitude. What is it that you like about Deadpool? Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know your favorite Deadpool moments throughout the comics.

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