Movies Like Deadpool: Can’t-Miss Titles for Your Next Binge Session

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The thing I like about watching Deadpool the most is how much my husband enjoys watching it. He’s the one that introduced me to this non-killable guy that loves saying chimichangas. At first, I wasn’t too sure about this guy. He was a little weird, and then I realized that is one of the biggest parts of his charm.

By this time, you might have watched Deadpool more times than you can count. So, let me help you out by giving you some great movies like Deadpool. Let’s get into it.

Bottomline Up Front

The movie that is most like Deadpool that you can’t miss, and you should watch right after you read the rest of this blog post, is The Suicide Squad which came out in 2021. Suicide Squad, which came out in 2016, is a close runner-up, but they made it PG-13 instead of R-rated, and that definitely made it—not like Deadpool.

How I’m Breaking It Down

There are a lot of different elements that will make movies like Deadpool. However, not all movies have the same things in common. I’m breaking it down into categories so you can see how the movies are like Deadpool. That way, you can see if that’s what you’re looking for, or you can keep scrolling to find your perfect match. You can also check out our complete guide about the Deadpool Universe here.

Violent Anti-Hero Movies

Some of these movies give you laughs like Deadpool—some more than others. They also have plenty of gore and bad guy action. The main characters are anti-heroes, so they’re not truly bad guys, but they don’t care about doing bad things.

Venom & Venom Let There Be Carnage


Venom, which came out in 2018, and Venom Let There Be Carnage which came out in 2021, give viewers the same kind of feeling they get watching Deadpool. The reason is that Venom talks to Eddie Brock, but only Eddie and the viewers can hear it. Whenever Venom talks, it might seem like other people can hear it at first, but then you realize it’s all in Eddie’s head. It makes him look a little crazy and gives him nutty Deadpool vibes.

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Blade, Blade 2 & Blade Trinity


Blade, which came out in 1998, and Blade 2, which came out in 2002, are great, but if you must, you can also watch Blade Trinity, which came out in 2004. If you just need to finish things, then have at it.

Blade follows along with the anti-hero theme. He’s a half-vampire that is out to avenge his mother’s death. A vampire killed his mother while she was pregnant with him. His only goal is to kill vampires, and if people get hurt in the process—or helped in the process—he doesn’t care. Blade’s sole goal is to take care of the vampire problem, and he doesn’t care about the human world at all.

There are plenty of blood and fight scenes, and it is rated R.


Spawn came out in 1997. Al Simmons is Spawn, and like Deadpool, he was a highly trained assassin. His boss doubled crossed him when he was on a mission, and he died and went to Hell. Because of his skills, the Devil offered Spawn the ability to come back to Earth as long as he rendered services to the evil master of Hell. He was reincarnated as Hell Spawn which is why he’s called Spawn. Another perk he picked up from Hell was terrible disfigurement so he and Deadpool have that in common as well.

The only problem with the Devil’s plan was that Spawn didn’t actually want to help the Devil. He was out for his own selfish revenge and that plays out in the movie.

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Witty Banter Characters Movies

If you like the smack-talking Deadpool, then you will love the following movies. They’ve got all the smack you can hope for, and you might learn a comeback or two.

Spiderman Homecoming, Spiderman Far from Home, Spiderman No Way Home


Now, keep in mind that the other Spiderman movies are great as well, these movies—Spiderman Homecoming from 2017, Spiderman Far from Home from 2019, and Spiderman No Way Home from 2021 have Tom Holland, and he’s great at witty banter.

One of the cool things that make these Spiderman movies like Deadpool is how Spiderman talks to his suit. It’s very similar to how Deadpool talks to the audience.

You hear Spiderman have an argument with the suit. It tries to activate some mode, and then Spiderman has to deny it because its actions surprise him.

Thor Ragnarok

thor ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok came out in 2017, and that’s shortly after the beloved first Deadpool movie. The writers didn’t hold back on the comedy. Even in one of the scenes where Thor is captured and chained, they wrote a scene where he’s almost goofing off when Surtur has him bond.

The conversations between Grandmaster and Thor are hilarious. Loki is also in the movie and denies knowing Thor so he can stay out of trouble. If you want some good laughs and love witty banter then this is a good pick.

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Dr. Strange

dr strange

Dr. Strange came out in 2016. Before becoming the wizard you’ll grow to love, Dr. Strange was a surgeon that wanted all the glory. He had a terrible bedside manner and cared about only himself. After a horrible accident, he was unable to use his hands in surgery and he felt like his life was over. During his downward spiral, he found out about a place that could help him, and that’s where he learned to study magic.

Dr. Strange has some witty exchanges with his teacher, the ancient one, as well as Wong, who is another sorcerer instructor that works in the magical library.

Guardians of the Galaxy

guardians of the galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is a great Marvel movie and came out in 2014. Star-Lord, the main character of the movie, and Rocket Racoon—a talking, spaceship flying raccoon—only seem to know how to speak in witty banter. They both taunt each other, but they also taunt prison guards, other prisoners, and really just about everyone they talk to. They also mock each other and make the whole movie pretty hilarious.

Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3

iron man 3

Iron Man came out in 2008, Iron Man 2 came out in 2010, and Ironman 3 came out in 2013. When it comes to witty banter, Tony Stark is right behind Deadpool. He also loves himself greatly as our red and black buddy does. Iron Man cares about people a little more than Deadpool, obviously, but they’re still very similar.

Staring Ryan Reynolds

If you can’t get enough of the RR then here are some of the movies you shouldn’t miss. They might not be exactly like Deadpool, BUT when you see Ryan, aren’t you really just seeing Deadpool?

The Adam Project

the adam project

The Adam Project came out in 2022 and became an instant classic. I would say it made me think of E.T. in the way that it will forever be in the hearts of true Ryan Reynolds fans and time travel movie lovers. You get plenty of action, witty banter, and of course sarcasm. If you enjoy stories with twists, turns, and surprises then you’ll love this one. However, make sure to keep the tissue nearby. Bonuses for this movie? The Hulk and Gamora actors are in this movie as well.

Free Guy

free guy

Free Guy came out in 2021 and is just PG-13 Deadpool stuck in a video game. Guy is super innocent and blissfully unaware about just about everything—until he isn’t. It’s a great movie for lots of laughs and action. It’s not a very serious movie but it still has a good love story in it and a cool storyline that will keep you rooting for the hero and hating on the villains.

Red Notice

red notice

The Rock and Ryan Reynolds in the same movie? Yes, please. This is a hilarious movie that also has James Bondish/The Librarian/Tomb Raider vibes. Also, the actress that plays Wonder Woman is in the movie as well.

The way Ryan Reynolds interacts with the Rock reminds me a lot of how Deadpool interacted with Cable. If you just replace the settings in your mind, I think you’ll see it too.

Six Underground

Six Underground came out in 2019 and the team makes me think of X force. I mean, they’re a little more successful than X force but they still give off those vibes. I mean, no one got fried in electric lines or chopped up in a wood chipper, so that’s always good.

It’s full of the wit and sarcasm we’ve all come to love from Ryan Reynolds. It’s the thing that lets us all know that he was born to be Deadpool.

six underground

Family-Friendly Movies

No matter how much Deadpool likes to say that Deadpool movies are family-friendly—they are most definitely not…

…Sorry about that. Pool here, your new writer. Deadpools are most definitely family-friendly. You can bring anyone to watch these movies. Sexy grandmas, sexy moms, sexy dads, anyone with sexy in front of them. Bring the babies too. Except for Francis. We can all watch it. It’s for the whole family.

Here’s some other movies that are just as family-friendly as Deadpool.

The Watchmen


The Watchmen came out in 2009, and they’re in an alternate 1985 America. It took one of their friends, The Comedian, who, by the way, was not very funny—dying. What a wimp. Before they actually did anything worth talking about.

But after the death of that sad sap, the guy with a big blue… Uhm. The big blue guy—big blue naked guy—and the rest of the crew decided to go find out who killed the guy. They play by their own rules and do whatever they want, so I love that, and it’s a good lesson for kids.

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Logan came out in 2017, right after my movie. Follow the leader, buddy. What can I say about Logan? Except for you’re a beautiful, beautiful man, and I hate you for it. But I love you. And when are we going to make a movie together?

In this movie, Logan has a little girl. Well, kind of has a little girl. Strange. She’s got quite the temper. If you like lots of action and watching people get the sh*t stabbed out of them, then this is the movie for you. Oh yeah, and the old bald guy in the wheelchair, professor what’s his face—he’s in the movie with him.

The Punisher


The Punisher came out in 2004. This guy has had the hardest time. I mean. If I were him and I could die. I would do it. But he didn’t do it, and I can’t do it. So here we are.

Frank Castle is The Punisher, and this dude is out for blood. Some idiots killed his family, and now they must die. Keep in mind, it wasn’t just his wife and kids that those bafoons killed. Frank’s entire family was just hanging out and having a good time, and then—gunfire. Dead. Everyone. Terrible mess.

This is a great lesson for kids. That you should never go to a family gathering. And if you’re going to kill people at the family gathering, you shouldn’t leave survivors. Family gathering murder 101, little ones.

Mystery Men

mystery men

Mystery Men came out in 1999, and some of you reading this probably weren’t even born yet. You were still in your dad’s—well—you weren’t born yet. But it’s still a great movie because it’s got Ben Stiller in it. And let’s face it, who didn’t want to see him in an action movie, or is it a comedy movie? Well, let’s say this rag-tag group of misfits has no business being superheroes, but they try anyway.

When the actual superhero gets kidnapped, this sad group decides they’ll reduce him. I’d hate to be that guy. There’s lots of butt-kicking, and sometimes the superheroes get theirs kicked. It’s full of comedy. In fact, one guy’s superpower is turning invisible unless, of course, someone is looking. That guy is played by Kel Mitchell, and let me just say that in this movie he probably doesn’t like orange soda.

X-Men Movies

the wolverine

Ok. Deadpool is no longer writing this. X-Men movies actually are family-friendly, unlike that mess he wrote up there.

X-Men (2000), X2: X-Men United (2003), X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), X-Men: First Class (2011), The Wolverine (2013), and X-Men: Days of Future Past are all great movies to watch with the kiddos. However, you might notice that I left out X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009). That movie totally messed up Deadpool and that’s why Deadpool refuses to let me recommend that movie. And Deadpool fans hate it too.

Movies Like Deadpool Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Should I watch Deadpool with my children?

Answer: No. Deadpool is not a family-friendly movie. It is rated R and has lots of blood, guts, gore, and inappropriate content.

Question: How did Deadpool get his powers?

Answer: He got his powers through trying to cure his cancer and ending up with Wolverine’s healing factor.

Question: How many Deadpool movies are there?

Answer: There are two Deadpool movies. Deadpool and Deadpool 2.


Now, your head is filled with a ton of super awesome movies like Deadpool. So, as I said upfront, the first movie you should watch is The Suicide Squad which came out in 2021. Once you get through that movie, go ahead and watch some of the other ones that caught your eye, and feel free to comment with any other movies that you think people should see.

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