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Invincible has become a fan-favorite series for the Image Comics/Skybound title and the adapted animated series on Amazon Prime. With 144 issues spanning over 15 years, reading it is no easy undertaking, though it’s one that I’ve readily done.

It was created by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley. The series may seem like a typical superhero series from the outside. Still, its themes and violence definitely set it apart. 

My first foray with the series came a few years back when I began reading it. Around the same time I started reading The Walking Dead, I was curious about how different the two series would be despite having the same creator, and I began Invincible.

I was enamored with how it was similar to, yet also diverted from, the usual superhero fare. Initially, I was getting some Superman, and Jonathan Kent vibes since Omni-Man is a super-dad with a super-son.

However, I quickly realized that this story would be more than just a typical coming-of-age one for Mark. It was much darker than I expected when I began it – which is good and helps it stand out. Thankfully, this series has gotten the recognition it deserves. Now, fans can have action figures of our favorite characters!

Bottom Line Up Front

There are few figures available on the market from differing manufacturers. However, the available figures are of excellent quality and from a reputable producer of comic-inspired merchandise. While the comic distribution portion of the company has had its fair share of criticism, Diamond Select Toys has been known for quality action figures and collectibles.

I’ve been thrilled with the figures I’ve purchased from them, including Spider-Gwen and Spider-Man from the Marvel Select line. The Invincible action figures came about due to the show’s popularity, so their availability is still new. 

Selection Criteria

Find out the criteria used to curate the best Invincible action figures guide:

  • Figures must be part of the Invincible universe
  • Design – must adhere to the original character’s design
  • Availability – must be available on the market

1. Invincible

invincible action figure
  • Availability: Diamond Select Toys and numerous Toy/Collectible Sellers
  • MSRP: $24.99
  • Height: 7-inch

What Invincible collection would be complete without the titular hero? As the main character of the series, he is a must-have, and this action figure perfectly represents Mark Grayson in his superhero costume. The figure was sculpted by Chris Dahlberg, who has provided numerous toy designs and incredible action figure sculpts within the toy market over the years.

This figure does have several points of articulation (16). However, his range of motion is slightly limited compared to other action figures. He comes with a changeable head, two complete sets of interchangeable hands, and a baseball glove hand with a baseball item combined with an effect. His stand is articulated, allowing a lot of range for display. 


  • Iconic hero, brings the series’ protagonist to any action figure collection.
  • Good price
  • Varied and meaningful accessories


  • Limited range of motion

2. Omni-Man

omni-man figure
  • Availability: Diamond Select Toys and numerous toy/collectible sellers
  • MSRP: $24.99
  • Height: 7 1/2 inches

This figure is part of the same action figure series as Invincible, so they were released simultaneously. Omni-Man was also sculpted by Chris Dahlberg, providing artistic consistency within this license. Like Invincible, this figure also features 16 points of articulation, an interchangeable head, and sets of hands.

Omni-Man’s stand is not articulated like Invincible’s. Whether flying or fighting, this Omni-Man figure is ready for action. He also comes with a baseball glove, though his holdable object is a concrete block.

The baseball is a perfect design element to connect the figures of Series One. The moment when Mark and his father play catch by throwing the ball around the world to the other is an integral scene in the young hero’s development and identity formation.

It also gives fans a perfect way to recreate that scene with a display or to pit the two against one another since it provides the series’ first major villain.


  • Works well as a companion piece to Invincible figure discussed above
  • Plenty of interchangeable parts
  • Good price


  • Stand is stationary, allowing for less pose functions than other figures in the line

3. Atom Eve

atom eve action figure
  • Availability: Diamond Select Toys and numerous toy/collectible sellers
  • MSRP: $24.99
  • Height: 7 inches

Part of Series 2 for Diamond Select Toys’ Invincible line, Atom Eve is a superhero and an ally of the Teen Team for a time. She is one of Mark’s closest friends and a welcome inclusion within this line. Eve is the first female sculpt in this series, adding some variation to the collection.

Like the previous figures, she has many points of articulation and numerous interchangeable parts. She comes with five sets of hands and a few effects. Her stand is articulated, allowing a wide range of pose options. She has two energy effects and comes with a miniature version of another Invincible hero, Shrinking Rae.

However, this bonus hero doesn’t consistently stand well on its own, making it a somewhat weaker element compared to the others. Nonetheless, Atom Eve looks fantastic – though I may be slightly biased since she’s been one of my favorite characters in the series.


  • Varies the line in terms of size and gender
  • Multiple accessories and adjustment potential
  • Effects are varied


  • Shrinking Rae accessory is lackluster

4. Atom Eve (Bloody Version)

Atom eve bloody version figure
  • Availability: Skybound Entertainment Online Store
  • MSRP: $25
  • Height: 5 inches

Skybound created an exclusive line of action figures for Invincible, featuring bloody versions of a few main characters. While the primary figures sold out, Atom Eve’s alternate version is still on the market. Additionally, a “clean” version of this figure, with these dimensions, is also available, for the same pricing.

This figure comes with two sets of alternate hands. It does not have any accessories, unlike the newer Diamond Select figure. However, the alternate paint job makes this one stand out on its own as a worthwhile figure to add to a comic-based action figure collection.


  • This alternate version adds extra layers to fans’ collections.
  • Older figure, so she is currently on sale for lower than MSRP.


  • Shorter than the newer Invincible figures, so mixing the set may not provide a consistent scale for display.
  • Older figure, so once she’s sold out, she’ll be harder to find.

5. Robot 

Robot action figure
  • Availability: Diamond Select Toys and numerous toy/collectible sellers
  • MSRP: $24.99
  • Height: 7 inches

Also included in the second wave of Invincible figures is Robot. This hero lives up to his name with his appearance as part of the Teen Team. Both figures of Series 2 were sculpted by Chris Dahlberg, and both look really good. Robot has ten interchangeable hands: four complete sets and two additional right hands.

His stand is also articulated, making Omni-Man the only figure in the first two sets to have a base stand. Unlike the previous three figures, he doesn’t come with an additional interactive accessory.

He is listed as 7 inches, though he stands slightly taller than Atom Eve’s action figure. I like the inclusion of Robot in the second series because even though he’s not one of my top favorite characters, his design is very different. I like when action figure lines have plenty of visual alteration from figure to figure. 


  • Provides variety within the Invincible line.
  • Lots of interchangeable hands for customization of pose.


  • No additional accessory like other figures in this line.

6. Monster Girl

Monster Girl action figure
  • Availability: Diamond Select Toys and numerous toy/collectible sellers
  • MSRP: $39.99

When writing this, the Monster Girl action figure combo pack is in pre-order. It will release on May 3, 2023. It is the newest addition to the Invincible figure line from Diamond Select Toys. Pricier than the previous inclusions, it comes with two figures, paralleling Monster Girl’s identity in the series.

This is a dual-action figure set, with a 4-inch figure of Amanda and a 9-inch figure of her alternate form, Monster Girl. The size of Amanda’s figure perfectly mirrors her design. Despite being 24, she has the appearance of a much younger girl. Her monster form features an interchangeable head and a set of interchangeable hands. 


  • Comes with two figures instead of one due to the character’s broader design.
  • Monster Girl monster form is highly poseable.


  • Less posing potential for Amanda figure due to size and lack of articulation.
  • Slightly higher price than other figures, but has an additional figure included.
  • Lack of accessories relative to others, due to dual figure approach.

7. Allen the Alien

Allen the alien action figure
  • Availability: Amazon
  • MSRP: $24.99

Like Monster Girl, Allen is currently a pre-order figure. A preview of him was shown at San Diego Comic-Con in 2022, but the figure will be available on May 3, 2023. Allen is an alien who has challenged Earth’s heroes in Invincible. He is seen as a natural leader and loves to fight. He’ll likely be around 7 1/2 inches tall, similar to Omni-Man, based on how tall he stands next to Robot and Atom Eve.

This would make sense, given his size relative to other characters in the animated series. He’ll likely be a popular figure and is an excellent inclusion in the third Invincible figure series. I like that some alien figures are finally included in this line since we have yet to see any Flaxons despite their essential role in the series. 


  • Adds variety to this line’s design.
  • Provides the first true alien in the Invincible action figure line.


  • Potential accessories and interchangeable parts have not yet been revealed.

8. Dupli Kate

Dupli kate action figure
  • Availability: Amazon
  • MSRP: $24.99

Like Monster Girl and Allen the Alien, Dupli-Kate is a pre-order figure with a release date of May 3, 2023. She is the last figure currently known in the Invincible-inspired line.

Dupli-Kate is not one of my favorite characters in the series, but her figure looks promising. She’s essential for any fan collection that seeks to unite the Teen Team. She appears to stand slightly shorter than Atom Eve, so she’ll likely be 7 inches or slightly under that since Eve is somewhat taller than 7 inches. She will also be articulated. 


  • Provides another character to start building a Teen Team collection.
  • Consistent pricing across the line remains.


  • Potential accessories and interchangeable hands have not yet been revealed.
  • Height differential across characters might place it under the 7-in base marker.

Alternative Figures to Consider

If you already have these figures and want something else, Image Comics has several other series with licensed action figures. From Skybound Entertainment’s other series, The Walking Dead, to hit series like Saga, there is plenty for fans to collect! It should be noted that this list limits The Walking Dead selections to action figures inspired directly by the comic.

The figures from the AMC television series adaptation have NOT been included here, though are very viable options for fans of The Walking Dead overall.

1. Alana and Marko from Saga

Alana and Marko from Saga action figure
  • Availability: Skybound Entertainment
  • MSRP: $40
  • Height: 5 inches

Fans of the hit comic Saga by Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staple can also own action figures of their favorite characters. This two-figure pack includes Alana and Marko, the protagonists of the series. Produced by McFarlane Toys, this is a great pack, with a good price for what is provided.

Marko comes with a sword, and Alana comes with a mace. Both figures feature each character’s distinct features, which differ from typical humanoid action figure shapes. These are great additions to any Image Comic fan’s collection!


  • Good price for a dual-figure pack.
  • Accessories include each character’s primary weapon.


  • Shorter height than the Invincible figures shared above.

2. The Will and Lying Cat from Saga

The Will and Lying Cat from Saga
  • Availability: Skybound Entertainment
  • MSRP: $50

Also produced by McFarlane Toys, this double action figure pack includes The Will and Lying Cat. The accessories for each are standouts, fitting the characters well. The Will comes with a lance, which can be extended or collapsed. Lying Cat comes with a word bubble, stating “Lying.” This is not a stereotypical accessory.

While Lying Cat does not possess standard articulation and pose potential, this figure has interchangeable legs to sit or stand. This is an exceptional pack of figures that is a must for fans that love the fearsome feline.


  • Dual figure pack.
  • Adds variety to comic book action figure collection.
  • Lying Cat mold differs from most action figures, adding some model shape diversity.


  • Height not provided by Skybound Entertainment.
  • Slightly higher price.

3. Hazel and Izabel from Saga

hazel and izabel from saga figures
  • Availability: Skybound Entertainment
  • MSRP: $40

The final pack of Saga figures from Skybound Entertainment, produced by McFarlane Toys, includes Hazel and Izabel. Alana and Marko’s daughter is paired with her babysitter, who comes with Ponk Konk, her doll. Hazel’s figure is most noticeable because she is articulated despite being smaller than Izabel and the other adult figures.

This is especially noteworthy since Amanda’s smaller figure in the Invincible Monster Girl figure pack is NOT articulated. Izabel comes with a stand to help her carry out her job of watching over her young charge. Fans of Saga have a lot to be excited about with these figure packs.


  • Dual figure pack.
  • Compliments Marko & Alana figure pack well.
  • Ponk Konk accessory and plastic stand for Izabel are good inclusions.
  • Hazel’s figure is articulated despite her smaller size.


  • Height is not provided for figures by Skybound.

4. Ezekiel and Shiva from The Walking Dead

Ezekiel and Shiva from The Walking Dead action figures
  • Availability: Amazon
  • MSRP: $50

This double pack was a Skybound Exclusive, produced by McFarlane Toys like the Saga figures above. It features Ezekiel and Shiva, his pet tiger. These versions have blood paint on them. Shiva comes with a chained leash, while Ezekiel has his cane. The cane also unsheathes to reveal the sword variation of it.

While they may not be lead characters like Rick or Carl, this pair adds some differentiation to a collection, diverging from the primary group everyone is familiar with. Ezekiel is a figure with ball joints, so he should be handled with some care, as joints can pop out of place as a result.

Notably, Shiva’s figure is articulated, allowing for broad figure motion. However, there can readily be some scuffs and joint issues with these figures, making the price tag a bit hefty.


  • Dual-pack of figures.
  • Solid accessories are included in this set.


  • The price is high, though this item is no longer available from Skybound’s official site.
  • Ball joint complications and scuffing are possible.

5. Bloody Carl Grimes & Abraham Ford from The Walking Dead

Bloody Carl Grimes & Abraham Ford from The Walking Dead action figures
  • Availability: Amazon
  • MSRP: $49.99

Another dual-pack for The Walking Dead, this one features Carl Grimes and Abraham Ford. It has some blood splatter included on the figures, and since it is based on the comic series, the figures are in black and white, lacking typical skin tone. This is a detail I particularly like since the original series was done in black and white.

Carl, Rick’s son, has been a staple of the series from the beginning, making him a necessity for fans of The Walking Dead looking to build up an action figure collection.

Abraham Ford serves as a major ally and comes prepared to take on the zombie threat that lies ahead of him. The accessories included in this pack are a rifle and sheriff hat for Carl and an assault rifle, backpack, pistol, and pitchfork for Abraham. This is a wide range of objects, differing from some of the other figures on this list, with only a few additional items.


  • Pack contains two figures.
  • Image Comics/Skybound Entertainment design specific to the comic series.
  • Good accessories are included, such as multiple alternate heads for Carl.


  • Higher price due to containing two figures.
  • A bit harder to come by due to being a few years old.

6. Pin Cushion Zombie from The Walking Dead

Pin Cushion Zombie from The Walking Dead action figures
  • Availability: Amazon
  • MSRP: $25.81
  • Height: 5 inches

Every fan’s collection of figures from The Walking Dead needs at least one of the titular dead. Several options are available, but a particularly good option is the pin cushion zombie. This figure reflects the difficulty of eliminating zombies to get anywhere. Aptly named due to being impaled with numerous weapons without stopping, this zombie comes with several accessories.

These include a pitchfork, four knives (one classic, one kitchen, two hunting), a katana, and a hatchet. Pairing this figure with another of the main cast would easily provide a solid arsenal for them. This figure is grotesquely detailed and will add the right touch of horror.


  • A large variety of weapon accessories is included.
  • The average figure height makes it suitable for many collections.
  • A must-have facet for any collection centered on The Walking Dead.


  • This is a single figure compared to numerous double-packs presented; however, this aspect makes it more affordable by comparison.


Question: What about the McFarlane Toys Exclusive Invincible figures?

Answer: As exclusives, these action figures have become much more challenging to come by. Most are now only available at secondhand retailers, such as eBay. These figures were great and stood out for their inclusion of the violent elements of the series.
Still, one of my chosen criteria is availability. I selected the action figures that are most accessible to all comic and animated series fans of Invincible. 

Question: Where can I buy Invincible action figures?

Answer: Most of these figures can be purchased directly from Diamond Select Toys and other retailers like Amazon and Walmart. Finding them at your local comic book shop or from pop culture/comic collectible sellers online is also possible.

Question: Where can I watch Invincible?

Answer: Invincible’s animated series is an Amazon Original series on Amazon Prime. 


One of my favorite parts of being a comic fan is buying action figures and adding my favorite characters to my collection in new ways. Invincible is an incredible series that adds a lot of discourse to the superhero genre. Its characters are perfect for action figure design thanks to their standout character designs.

With the show adding to its popularity, now is the ideal time to jump into the series and look into its available merchandise. Based on the design, my top recommendations for available figures are Invincible, Omni-Man, Robot, and Allen the Alien. If you can only afford a few, go first for your top favorite characters or the main staples of the series. 

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