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Invincible Cosplay Ideas Guide: 20 Ideas to Release Your Inner Hero (or Villain)

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I’ve written so many Invincible articles for this site I should be getting an award by this point. Still, there’s plenty more I want to say about the franchise.

Reading the main run’s 144 issues, plus all spin-offs, wasn’t enough to quench my Invincible thirst – especially because season two is a few months away.

So I decided to put my obsession to good use. Instead of waiting for Mark Grayson to reappear on my screen the same way he bounces back from a bloody beating, I made a list of the best Invincible cosplay ideas on the internet.

After scrolling through thousands of photos and picking my brain up for ideas, I can guarantee there’s something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you prefer to buy your suit, craft your costume like a medieval artisan, or grab whatever is in your wardrobe and hit the dancefloor. 

This list gives you zero excuses for failing to impress everyone at your next convention or Halloween party.

It’s no exaggeration. Let’s get to it!

My Bottom Line Upfront

Invincible inspired many cool concepts, but I assembled the best. I’ve divided ideas into three scenarios according to how much time or money you want to spend on your cosplay.

Though a few different options have captured my heart, I’m going to give you a tease with the cosplay that surprised me the most: The Invincible Spider-Man. Even though I love crossovers, I had never considered mixing these characters. Yet, the result is fascinating!

This costume is a lot of fun and shows cosplaying possibilities are endless.

My Selection Criteria

I focused on four criteria:

  • I chose both do-it-yourself and ready-to-buy options to satisfy a diverse crowd.
  • The DIY options come in different skill levels: from beginner to advanced.
  • I ensured you could get at least a few cosplays from a regular wardrobe.
  • Whenever possible, I added something different than one would expect from an Invincible cosplay.

Option one: Ready-made cosplayer

Most times, making a costume takes a lot of work. Fortunately, online options exist to make you look fantastic – if you have the money to spare. This section gives you the best products and a few ideas sprinkled in to distinguish your costume from the rest. 

But only if you want to. There’s no pressure from me. 


  • Cosplay cost: $ 41 – 93
  • Cosplay difficulty: 2/10

Unsurprisingly, the first cosplay that comes to mind when hearing Invincible is the title character. While plenty of people can stitch together a delightfully accurate suit out of a few cloth pieces, others have to make do with options online. Yet, buyers are in good luck because I’ve found excellent alternatives. 

You can buy the whole jumpsuit with the mask at either Amazon or EZcosplay. Both companies are reputable, and the costumes look fantastic. However, I found the cosplay site’s option better because it comes with shaded muscles – which gives the attire more depth.

Besides, EZcosplay’s option also comes with goggles on the mask. Still, if you want boots, you’ll have to buy them separately. But they look incredible! Both options are surefire, except for the mask. The details are not as precise as the rest of the suit, and it doesn’t fit everyone’s face. So you may want to customize it a little. 

You’ve already saved some time by buying the suit, so why not? 

What You’ll Need

Bloody Invincible

  • Cosplay cost: $ 63 – 115
  • Cosplay difficulty: 5/10

Every Invincible fan knows Mark spends a frightening amount of time covered in blood. Sometimes it’s his; other times, it’s from his enemies. Still, he always seems mighty after a bloodbath.

So, why not cosplay as Bloody Invincible?

To implement this idea, you must buy a suit from the previous entry and spray fake blood all over yourself – or something similar enough. Bonus points for your cosplay if you do black eye makeup.

What You’ll Need

A quick tip: use a syringe to spray the fake blood over yourself.


  • Cosplay cost:$ 41 – 93
  • Cosplay difficulty: 2/10

Who said only men are invincible? Girls can do anything too, and this cosplay proves it. Thankfully the sites I mentioned also provide female versions of the hero’s suit. So you won’t have any trouble getting this costume the easy way. 

I admit I hadn’t thought of that cosplay before, but now I’m tempted to do it.

What You’ll Need

Invincible Spider-Man

  • Cosplay cost: $ 58 – 110
  • Cosplay difficulty: 2/10

Everyone loves a crossover, so when I found this cosplay, I knew I had to include it. It’s an example of an idea that – at first – surprises you, but you then look back and think, “yeah, that makes sense.”

This cosplay is perfect because Invincible and Spider-man have similar personas: they fight crime while spitting witty comebacks at their opponents. Besides, it looks terrific – considering Spider-man’s crazy suit history, it also feels believable. I could totally see this combination as a skin on the new Spider-Man PlayStation 5 game.

What You’ll Need

Atom Eve

  • Cosplay cost: $ 39 – 80
  • Cosplay difficulty: 2/10

You can’t have Invincible without Atom Eve. When Mark is lost, Samantha is the conscious voice bringing him back to reality. Besides, the heroine is fierce in her own right. Even though the Viltrumite is physically stronger, Eve has cooler powers.

But I may be biased when I say all this. When I first watched Invincible, Eve became my role model. I loved it when she left everything to help people in Africa; it made me rethink all I thought I knew about superhero stories.

So I’d love to cosplay as her, and that’s easy enough with the costumes available. But there’s a tiny problem with both choices: Eve’s logo has an x instead of an atom, which might make you look like an anti-feminist. If I bought the costume, I would cover the logo with the correct symbol – so everyone knows I’m not a jerk.

What You’ll Need

Omni Man

  • Cosplay cost: $ 42 – 111
  • Cosplay difficulty: 2/10

If you’re tired of cosplaying as Superman, you can cosplay as the Man of Steel with a mustache. Wait, I know what you’re thinking: “This didn’t turn out well the last time with the Justice League movie.”

Well, I promise this time will be different. No unruly directors will take control of your cosplay while throwing your artistic vision in the garbage. But I digress. This cosplay will look fantastic because Omni Man is his own hero, and he’s incredible.

You might also be interested in: Why did Omni Man Kill the Guardians?

What You’ll Need

Omni Woman

  • Cosplay cost:$ 42 – 111
  • Cosplay difficulty: 4/10

This photo is so awesome it made me get into gender-swapped cosplays – I like it even more than the original. Katya really rocked the poses, and she looks hella fierce. Plus, she turned her hair grey to look even more like her male counterpart.

What You’ll Need

  • An Omni Woman suit.
  • Follow this wiki guide article to get the grey hair effect.

Option Two: Wardrobe Magician

Now, let’s say you don’t want to spend tons of money; but you also want to save time. You want the quickest costume possible, made entirely with items you’d find in your wardrobe – or that you could borrow from a friend.

Tough, right? Well, not if you follow this section closely.

Invincible’s First Costume

Invincibles first suit
This cosplayer is wearing a long red-sleeved shirt, blue joggers, sunglasses, yellow gloves, and a bandana on his face. Image from Reddit.
  • Cosplay cost: It depends on how many of these items you can borrow. But I’ll add only $7.99 for the yellow rubber gloves because they’re not present in a regular wardrobe.
  • Cosplay difficulty: 2/10

Not everyone recalls this, but Invincible had an unplanned suit before his iconic costume. He made it with stuff he had at home, so that’s proof enough that you can do the same. Just grab a few items from your wardrobe and bang! Now you’re Invincible!

But not in the literal sense. Please don’t pick a fight while wearing this homemade costume.

What You’ll Need

  • Blue joggers.
  • A long-sleeved red shirt.
  • Sunglasses.
  • A yellow cloth to cover your face.
  • Yellow gloves.


Low budget Invincible
The cosplayer is wearing a yellow long-sleeved shirt and a blue t-shirt on top. He used a yellow cloth and plastic spoons to make the mask and goggles. Image from YouTube.

This cosplay is genius and so easy to make. Youtuber @Jefferyzang nailed the low-budget aesthetic.

Granted, you’ll have some work converting the spoons into goggles, but only a little. The trick looks easy enough. It’s basic, but Invincible’s design is so iconic everyone will get your cosplay anyway.

What You’ll Need

  • A yellow shirt.
  • A blue t-shirt 
  • A yellow cloth. 
  • Two plastic spoons.


  • Cosplay cost: if you have these items and a printer, it won’t cost you anything.
  • Cosplay difficulty: 2/10

This cosplay follows shows you how to get maximum results with minimum effort. Get a few items from your wardrobe, and boom! You’re game. The idea doubles down as group cosplay if you’re a twin or have look-alike friends. But remember to print different numbers for each person!

What You’ll Need

  • A black long-sleeved shirt. 
  • A sleeveless purple shirt.
  • Printed numbers on a circle. 

Mark Grayson

  • Cosplay cost: This cosplay will cost you nothing if you find these pretty standard clothes.
  • Cosplay difficulty: 1/10

There’s no mystery to doing this one, and Mark’s regular clothes are almost as iconic as his Invincible suit. So this is a fantastic option if you want no trouble at all creating a costume, doing makeup, or making your hair into another color.

What You’ll Need

  • A yellow shirt.
  • A blue sweater.
  • Also, don’t forget the hair gel.

Nolan Grayson

  • Cosplay cost: $25
  • Cosplay difficulty: 5/10

You have noticed cosplaying as the hero’s alter-egos is a piece of cake. So I’ll give you some more options. Nolan’s shirt is easy enough to find. Wear that with a few more items, and you’ll become Nolan Grayson.

If you want to make your cosplay more impactful, like the one in the image, spray fake blood all over yourself. It will look amazing!

What You’ll Need

  • A grey long-sleeved casual shirt
  • A fake mustache (if you don’t have a real one).
  • Karo syrup, red food coloring, and dish soap for the fake blood.

Quick tip: use a syringe to spray the fake blood!

Debbie Grayson

  • Cosplay cost: Around $20 if you need to buy similar accessories.
  • Cosplay difficulty: 2/10

Another super easy cosplay is the fierce mama bear, Debbie Grayson. Despite lacking superpowers, she’s a strong woman and an emotional pillar in the family. Plus, she’s voiced by the show-stopping Sandra Oh. So who wouldn’t want to be her?

The accessories will make the cosplay better, but they’re pretty standard. You’ll have no trouble finding them.

What You’ll Need

  • A pair of navy jeans. 
  • A blue-green-sleeved shirt.
  • Hold your hair in a bun. 
  • Elliptical earrings.
  • A triangular necklace.

Samantha Wilkins

  • Cosplay cost: $11
  • Cosplay difficulty: 3/10

Why have trouble dressing as Atom Eve when you can be Samantha Wilkins? You get the same powers for half the effort!

Get that jeans package in your wardrobe, and boom! You’re the coolest superhero in the series. Of course, this will only be recognizable if you’re a redhead or buy a wig.

Still, that’s easy enough.

What You’ll Need

  • A pair of navy jeans. 
  • A denim jacket.
  • A yellow long-sleeved shirt.
  • A redhead wig.

Option Three: Cosplay Artisan

Do you like a challenge? Then welcome to your arena.

I have assembled comic-accurate cosplays you can’t buy online. With some of them, you might have a video tutorial or a pattern available for print, but with most, you’ll have to figure things out on your own.

Good luck! 

DIY Invincible

  • Cosplay cost: $100
  • Cosplay difficulty: 9/10

I’ll start easy on you: this video explains how you can make a DIY Invincible costume. It’s not a straight-up tutorial, but it might help you. Plus, the result is stellar, and it’s not too pricey. 

What You’ll Need

  • A template.
  • Clear dot black spandex.
  • Liverpool bullet spandex.
  • Metallic foil turquoise spandex.
  • Sewing abilities.

Body-paint Invincible

  • Cosplay cost: Around $25 for a body paint set.
  • Cosplay difficulty: 10/10

You’ll need help with this one.

Even if you try to paint yourself, I’m sure you won’t reach some parts. So you’ll have to call a friend. Or, if you are a perfectionist, you can hire an artist like the one who made the cosplay in the photo. But God only knows how much that’ll cost you. Still, I love this idea. Body paint offers a unique aesthetic to cosplay.

What You’ll Need

  • Yellow body paint.
  • Blue body paint.
  • Painting abilities.


  • Cosplay cost: $100 -150
  • Cosplay difficulty: 8/10

This is one of my favorite costumes on the list: I love how shiny and detailed it is. The worse part is I’m not even a Dupli-Kate fan. I don’t care about her character, so stating this suit is one of the best shows how high-quality this cosplay is. The artist, @braekor, nailed the design, and his patterns are available for sale online.

What You’ll Need

  • A pattern.
  • A purple cloth.
  • A lavender cloth.
  • Sewing abilities.


  • Cosplay cost: $100 -150
  • Cosplay difficulty: 10/10

This guy made an incredible Immortal suit.

Despite being one of the most intriguing and mysterious characters, I was never a fan of the Immortal suit’s design. Still, even I have to recognize this cosplay’s superb quality. I reckon that with a purple jumpsuit and stitching abilities, you can get a close result, but no patterns or details are available.

You’re on your own.

What You’ll Need


  • Cosplay cost: $100 -150
  • Cosplay difficulty: 9/10

This list is full of good guys and anti-heroes. But what if you want to be a straight-up villain? Then look no further than the Viltrumites: a ruthless race of alien conquerors hellbent on destroying all they encounter.

According to the Instagram post’s description, this suit was bought on a cosplay site; but it’s no longer available. Still, with the right tools, you can make a similar one. This cosplay is excellent because there are many different Viltrumites, so you’re bound to find one that looks like you – whether it’s Trhagg, Anissa, Conquest, or any other.

What You’ll Need

Invincible- Spider II

  • Cosplay cost: $ 68 – 120
  • Cosplay difficulty: 7/10

Mixing Invincible with Spider-man is a far more popular idea than I thought: there’s another version in this list. But this time, making this cosplay will be more challenging.

You can still buy the Invincible suit online, but you’ll have a lot of work ahead. You’ll either have to paint Spider-man’s mask yellow or make a new one from scratch. On top of that, there’s the logo print. 

Oof! That’s a lot to cover!

Even with some shortcuts, this won’t be the easiest of costumes. But I trust your potential!

What You’ll Need

A Final Word

Remember that site where you can buy DupliKate’s pattern? You can acquire schemes from other Invincible costumes there too. If you want to craft costumes for Invincible, Omni-man, and Atom Eve instead of buying the full suits online, that’s possible. 

Why didn’t I mention it before?

Well, I wanted to avoid repeating myself with a list full of the same characters. But now you know. Just visit the link.


Question: Where to start reading Invincible?

Answer: Invincible is a solo run: it starts at number 1 and goes all the way to number 144. So, begin with the first issue and go from there. There’ll be no reading trouble, as all spin-offs are optional.

Question: Are Invincible Comics Over?

Answer: Yes. Invincible finished its run on February 14, 2018, on issue 144. But, as of 2023, the tv series is far from over. Season 2 is scheduled for release sometime around the same year.

Question: When Was the Invincible Comic Released?

Answer: Invincible was first released in January 2003 and finished in 2018.

This Ends Now

Now that you’ve seen so many Invincible cosplay ideas, you might have to ponder a little and choose the winner. But while you’re at it, why don’t you check out some Invincible merch to decorate your home? And since you’re already here, check a list of shows like Invincible so you don’t die of boredom while you wait for the next season.

I’m probably going to do the same. If you don’t see any other articles from me, it’s because I’m binge-watching superhero shows.

See you later, alligator … I guess!

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