Best Wandavision Funko Pop Guide

Best Wandavision Funko Pop Guide: 11 Mind-Shattering Picks

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In some ways, I’ve had my mom’s childhood: only 24, but I grew up with the likes of Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. TV reruns and my mother’s DVDs transported me to magical places full of silly humor, and I loved it.

So, after WandaVision’s first couple of episodes, I was more than intrigued. I was thankful someone brought back the golden era’s cheesy charm, wrapped in a suspenseful tone that made the series feel like a Twilight Zone episode.

As each week came, WandaVision referenced series from every decade, taking me from black and white to technicolor. Every installment came brimming with flashy outfits and colorful hairstyles, and I caught myself wondering … wouldn’t it be nice if I had some collectibles with all these attires?

With that wish in mind, I assembled the best Wandavision funko pop guide, so you can gather memorable moments from this breathtaking series.

Let’s start the selection. Lights, Camera, Action!

My Bottom Line Up Front

Unfortunately, WandaVision funko pops don’t come in all decades – I really missed an 80s Wanda, for instance. It’s a wasted opportunity.

The concept of various eras gives lots of material for figures, and I’m sure plenty of collectors would buy every set piece. Still, the funkos available are charming, with thoughtful details capable of enticing any fan. 

After seeing the complete set online, I had to take my hand away from the buy button– and I’m not even such a Funko fan!

Still, if I had to choose only one funko from this list, I would go with Halloween Wanda Pop! Scarlet Witch is the undisputable series protagonist, so choosing a figure of hers is a no-brainer. Besides, the comic-accurate costume looks better, in a funko pop, than the MCU version. 

My Selection Criteria

I focused on four main selection criteria. 

  • First, I wanted to include the most memorable moments from the show. So I chose figures from various decades representing my favorite elements from the series.
  • Secondly, I wanted to have as many characters as possible. Even though Wanda and Vision are the centers of the show, other people are just as memorable. 
  • Thirdly, I tried to avoid repeating ideas. For instance, there are five versions of Scarlet Witch in her official MCU costume, but I’ve only chosen one.
  • Lastly, I wanted figures that looked good on their own but complemented each other on a set. So I matched Wanda, Vision, and their family whenever possible.

Now, let’s head to the picks!

50’s Wanda Black & White Pop!

50's Wanda Black & White Pop!

Black and white is the most charming aesthetic – or maybe I’m just filled with nostalgia after watching several classic films. Biased or not, I don’t think there’s anything classier than Casablanca and La Dolce Vita. So, having a black-and-white figure makes me feel like I grabbed it from my favorite movies.

Looks wise, I love Wanda’s posture in the figure. Funkos aren’t that expressive, but the subtleties in this one encapsulate the character’s mental state in the first episode. Compared to other entries on this list, her relaxed expression and cute lady-like position show Wanda’s effort to be a typical 50s housewife.

50’s Wanda Black & White Pop Pros

  • It’s grayscale gray, so it looks exactly like an old tv show.
  • The costume design is faithful to the 50s.
  • Wanda’s facial expression matches her personality in the episode it’s based on.
  • The little lobster in Wanda’s hand is a fun reminder of the episode’s jokes.

50’s Wanda Black & White Pop Cons

  • It’s not as recognizable as other funkos in this list.
  • The figure doesn’t stay upright without a stand.

50’s Vision Black & White Pop!

50's Vision Black & White Pop

You can’t have a black and white Wanda without an equally colored Vision.  This funko shows the company’s ability to nail different shapes: I love how malleable the hat looks. I’m not used to seeing funkos with glasses, but I was impressed by how natural it looks.

50’s Vision Black & White Pop Pros

  • The glasses look sturdy.
  • The attention to detail is impeccable – there’s even a little company card attached to Vision’s tie.
  • There’s a chase variant with a robotic head.
  • It makes a perfect pair with 50s Wanda.
  • There’s a nice texture in the hair.

50’s Vision Black & White Pop Cons

  • People who didn’t watch the show won’t know this is Vision.
  • The chase variant is hard to get.

70’s Wanda Pop!

70's Wanda Pop

I’m all for 70s style – this decade’s house design was my favorite in the series. 

The colors were so bright, and the dress was similarly stunning. But despite the incredible outfit, my favorite thing about this funko is that it shows a critical moment in Wanda’s life: her pregnancy. If you watched the episode, you know how unconventional that gestation was. It made for great comedy.  

But this moment becomes meaningful when we get to the end of the series. What once was played for laughs was actually an expression of Wanda’s pure desire for children.

Lastly, note how Wanda’s eyebrows are raised compared to the prior decade funko. I may be looking too much into it, but I believe it was intentional. The expression shows she’s starting to notice something weird happening, just like in the episode.

70’s Wanda Pop Pros

  • The figure has some of the prettiest clothes on the list.
  • The colors are beautiful.
  • There’s texture even in the small fruits.
  • The figure has a quizzical expression: something different from other funkos.
  • There aren’t many pregnant figures, so this one stands out.

70’s Wanda Pop Cons

  • The boots’ colors aren’t in harmony with the outfit.

Halloween Wanda Pop!

Halloween Wanda Pop

This is my favorite Wanda funko from the list.

Realistic costumes are great for movies, and I love seeing how designers bring comic book properties into the real world. But when it comes to cartoonish figures, like funkos, the original comic costumes look best.

Wanda has a fierce expression here: she looks ready for battle. Again, I might be looking too much into it. But come on; there’s a clear narrative in this set!

Just so you know, I loved the family episode, so – spoiler alert – there’ll be many funkos from chapter 6.

Halloween Wanda Pop Pros

  • This is the most comic book-accurate option for a Wanda pop.
  • The cape flow looks organic.
  • The pumpkin is a cute addition. 
  • The figure’s expression is fierce.
  • Wanda’s raised hand gives figure movement – it seems she’s about to use her powers.
  • The hair has a detailed texture.

Halloween Wanda Pop Cons

  • You might dislike the original costume if you’re not a comics fan.

Halloween Vision Pop!

Halloween Vision Pop

Unsurprisingly, this is my favorite Vision on the list. The colors are flashy and fun as if he had jumped straight out of a comic book page. This piece shows – even more than previous entries – how funko nails fabrics. I mean, just look how flowy Vision’s shorts and cape are!

I love that this figure and its Scarlet Witch counterpart reference each other. They have tense expressions, their poses are alike – hand in the air, ready for battle – and both carry a cute Halloween pumpkin. It makes it almost impossible to buy only one of them.

Halloween Vision Pop Pros

  • It’s a perfect match for the Halloween Wanda figure.
  • The eyebrows make it the most expressive Vision figure on the list.
  • The cape is flowy.
  • The paint job is shiny, giving the figure a nice glow.

Halloween Vision Pop Cons

  • The costume isn’t completely comic-accurate – the figure is wearing all-stars instead of boots.
  • It has fewer details than other pops on this list.

Billy and Tommy Pop!

Billy and Tommy Pop

I loved the twins in the series; they were the heart of the narrative. 

I had fun watching their character development. The plot doesn’t waste chances to show their differences, and the funkos follow suit. Billy, the sweetest twin, has a happy, dorky expression – while Tommy, the troublemaker, has a more intense demeanor.

Billy and Tommy Pop Pros

  • The balloons are a great detail that helps Tommy match his uncle.
  • Billy’s powers coming out from his hand are a nice touch.
  • Their expressions match their personalities.
  • The transition between Tommy’s hair colors is well-done.
  • They are a great acquisition if you want the complete family in your collection.

Billy and Tommy Pop Cons

  • The twins may be harder to find compared to other figures.
  • Tommy’s pop needs a stand to stay upright.

Pietro Maximoff Pop!

Pietro Maximoff Pop

When we thought the family was complete, Pietro Maximoff crashed the Halloween party. But, wait, hadn’t he died? And why is he another actor? We knew from the start something was wrong. But do you know what is right? Having Pietro in your collection!

Quicksilver looks exactly like his comic book counterpart, the same way Wanda and Vsion do. But he’s also in sync with the children – Pietro is the only adult to hold a water balloon. That’s a nice touch related to the episode, a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it detail.

Pietro Maximoff Pop Pros

  • Pietro is wearing a cowrie shell necklace, which is in line with his fun persona in the series.
  • The running stance looks dynamic and cool.
  • The transition between colors in his hair is well-done.
  • This figure has a built-in stand that seamlessly blends with the character.

Pietro Maximoff Pop Cons

  • The speed rays coming out of his arms are distracting.

Agatha Harkness Pop!

Agatha Harkness Pop

I couldn’t make a collectible list without the series’ villain. I’m a big admirer of Kathryn Hahn – her role on Bad Moms made me a fan of her comedic chops. Going into WandaVision, that was all I expected from her until, bang! She kicked me down on the floor and said, “you fool, I’m a wonderful drama actress.”

Of course, that’s a metaphor. Unfortunately, Kathryn Hahn never threw me to the ground. I was sitting on my sofa the whole time.

Still, her character’s plot twist impacted me and put Agatha Harkness in the Marvel villains’ hall of fame. Thankfully the sorcerer’s funko matched Hahn’s incredible performance. The company got it all right: the fabric’s waves, the dress’ glow, and Agatha’s flying movement. She looks magical!

Agatha Harkness Pop Pros

  • She comes in a floating stand, which gives the impression she is flying.
  • The dress is full of movement.
  • She has a defying expression.
  • She has some of the prettiest clothes in the set.
  • The dress glows.

Agatha Harkness Pop Cons

  • With such a shiny dress, it was a lost opportunity to make the figure glow in the dark.

Monica Rambeau Pop!

Monica Rambeau Pop

Scarlet Witch is the tragic protagonist of the series, the center of it all – and that’s not up for debate. However, Wanda’s anti-hero persona opens up space for another hero. 

Enter Monica Rambeau. 

Before watching the series, I had no clue who she was – yes, I’m a comic book expert, but still, I don’t know everything!

But after this installment of the MCU, Monica grabbed me by the heart – and this funko pop shows why. Ms. Rambeau’s collectible looks super badass.

She has a no-nonsense expression and a pretty cool astronaut uniform. The only weird thing is the tiny helmet she’s carrying. But I understand it would be impractical to have her hold one as big as her head.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice believability for the design.

Monica Rambeau Pop Pros

  • She stays upright without the stand.
  • This is one of the most detailed suits in the set.
  • The suit has many different textures.

Monica Rambeau Pop Cons

  • The helmet is too tiny.

Scarlet Witch Glow-in-The-Dark Pop!

Scarlet Witch Glow-in-The-Dark Pop

I had a few options for this spot: a hot topic exclusive, a black light Scarlet Witch, and even one made purely of red translucent material. Don’t get me wrong, they were all interesting, but I always go for something in-between the norm and the unconventional. 

This version is just that: regular MCU costume Scarlet Witch with a magical book in her hands, but … she glows in the dark! 

In this Pop, Wanda has a whole witch vibe going: a spellbook, levitation, and wicked red eyes. She really did justice to her name here.

Scarlet Witch Glow-in-The-Dark Pop Pros

  • It glows in the dark.
  • It looks like the Scarlet Witch is flying when the lights are out.
  • The cloak is full of enticing details carved out from the vinyl.
  • The red eyes make this version way cooler than the original.

Scarlet Witch Glow-in-The-Dark Pop Cons

  • The hair doesn’t glow in the dark, and it would look better if it did.

Civil War Vision Pop!

Civil War Vision Pop

I wanted a Vision funko pop in his superhero uniform to finish the list, but sadly, there wasn’t a good option in the VandaWision collectibles catalog.

I either had to go with half-human, half-synthezoid Vision, or evil white Vision. The first was only half of what I wanted, and the last wasn’t my cup of tea. Worse than that, I hate white Vision.

So I decided to make an unlikely suggestion.

I chose a Vision funko pop from a Captain America: Civil War collection. This was the best option to put side by side with the full-costume Scarlet Witch, and I’m glad I found it.

Civil War Vision Pop Pros

  • The suit is full of details.
  • It works as a collectible in an Avengers or WandaVision set.
  • It comes with a floating stand.
  • The figure’s body is shiny, properly depicting Vision’s metallic nature.
  • It looks way better than the White Vision funko.

Civil War Vision Pop Cons

  • The figure is from the Civil war set. So it’s not a perfect match for the WandaVision Scarlet Wicth funko.

Bonus: Custom Pops!

No matter how good a company is, it will never have all the ideas fans create or gather the resources to execute them. Funko knows the potential for custom figures; that’s why it sells a DIY funko, so you can build whoever you want. 

If you scroll through custom funkos online, you’ll understand why the company bet its chips on fans. Enthusiasts have sculpted formidable figures – some only conceptual, while others are hand-painted and sold.

So, it’s no surprise I love searching for custom pops online. I always see something impressive.

Here are the best …

Glitch Wanda and Vision

Glitch Wanda and Vision

Artist @Abber_naffy has created a remarkable piece with this color gradient Wanda and Vision. It’s a nod to the series poster that shows the couple characterized in 50s clothing transitioning into their modern colorful selves. This image was so impactful people started cosplaying as half-colored Wanda and Vision at conventions.

Here, there are no modern clothes – that would be almost impossible to do and could look weird. Instead, the artist colored half of the regular 50s Wanda and Vision funkos. The result looks great!

Magic Show Wanda and Vision

Magic Show Wanda and Vision

Artist has created a unique funko pop in collaboration with @pop.ize

This is one of my favorite sequences of the series. The main couple participates in a talent show to fit in, but things go wrong.

Vision acts drunk after he swallows some gum – don’t ask me why, I don’t understand synthezoid anatomy – and uses real magic on the illusion show. So Wanda has to use her powers to convince people it’s not real magic but tricks.

It’s a funny scene, and I love that someone created figures inspired by it.

80’s Agnes/Agatha Custom Pop!

Remember when I told you I missed an 80s-themed WandaVision funko pop? It seems  felt the same because she created an incredible 80s Agnes figure. The artist nailed the look – it’s exactly like in the series. I was so happy when I found this funko; it was as if my prayers had been answered.


Question: Are WandaVision’s Twins Real?

Answer: That’s a tricky question. If we consider that Wanda can create anything, as the show stated, then yes, her children are real.
They were made out of magic, but they’re sentient beings as long as they’re inside the Hex. That’s where the debate begins because if they can’t exit the force field of altered reality without dying, some argue they aren’t real.

Question: Why Are WandaVision Credits So Long?

Answer: WandaVision is a big production requiring many people to work on it. The sheer amount of people in this series makes the credits huge. Plus, if you pay attention, the credits include dubbing teams from various countries.

Question: Can WandaVision Be Watched On Its Own?

Answer: Yes, it can. You’ll lose some references, and maybe you’ll be a little confused by the background, but eventually, the series explains most of what is happening.
But if you want some context before diving into the series, I recommend you watch these four movies in order: Age of Ultron, Civil War, Infinity War, and Endgame.

The Series Finale

Maybe you scrolled through the option and want to learn more about the characters these funko’s are based on. If so, this is your lucky day!

Check out this Wandavision Characters Guide and answer your wildest questions. But if your thing is collecting funkos in general, you might want to look at the Best Black Panther Funko Pop Guide

Anyway, you’ll be entertained. See you later, alligator!

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