How Old Is Deadpool?How Old Is Deadpool?

How Old Is Deadpool?

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I’m a big fan of Deadpool. I’ve read several of his comics and written a good few articles. The Merc with a Mouth always amuses me. I love when characters are overboard and spontaneous, and that’s Deadpool in a nutshell. You’ll only be bored with one of his comics if it’s badly written, which happens sometimes. But that’s not the norm.

Yet, even though I follow Deadpool, it doesn’t mean I have all the answers about him. Well, sometimes nobody does. Sometimes, the answers are murky.

Like, how old is Deadpool?

There’s no official source that cites Deadpool’s age. But considering Wade Wilson worked for a while as a mercenary, fans estimate he’s in his late 20s or early 30s.

If we take the movies into consideration, Ryan Reynolds was 39 when he played the character in the solo film. Although the actor’s age doesn’t necessarily correspond to the character’s age, that extends the limit to no more than 40.

So, all in all, we just don’t know. But from these references, Deadpool could be any age from 28 to 40.

Deadpool age

My Bottom Line Up Front

Although we don’t know Deadpool’s exact age, we know that he lives to be really old.  In some stories, he lives to be thousands of years old, like in X-force/Cable Messiah War. This shows that unless Deadpool wants to be killed, there’s not much that can get him out of the picture.

Other Facts about Deadpool

Marvel doesn’t cite Deadpool’s age, but it confirms other interesting facts about his physical attributes.

  • Height: 6’2”
  • Weight: 210 lbs.
  • Eyes: Brown.
  • Hair: Bald, originally brown.
  • Powers: Hand-to-Hand Combat, healing factor, slow aging, superior marksmanship.

Deadpool was born in Canada, but the city is unknown. He’s a high school dropout who had army special forces training. That’s pretty much it for the background. Part of the character’s allure is that we don’t know much about him, and when he reveals something about his past, we’re never sure if he’s telling the truth.

Deadpool movie

Future Deadpool

To get a picture of Deadpool’s aging process, let’s explore two of his futures. One when he’s a little over 100 years old, and the other when he’s over 1000. But first, a question.

Do you think there’s a lot of difference in his appearance from these two scenarios?

Answer this in your head, and let’s go!

X-Force/Cable: Messiah War

In this comic, X-Force is sent 1000 years into the future, and they meet Deadpool, insane as usual and still kicking. But how does this meeting occur?

The group is walking around the streets of the future, trying to carry on their plans, when a sniper stops them. This sniper turns out to be everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth and a member of earlier versions of X-force: Deadpool.

Wade Wilson is still alive 1000 years into the future because of his powerful healing factor. Deadpool’s healing factor is even more potent than Wolverine’s. If you remember Old Man Logan, you know it’s set 50 years ahead of Earth 616.

Considering that Wolverine was born in the 1880s and the comic was released in 2008, we can place his age around 180 years old. So it’s clear that the X-man’s healing factor helps slow down his aging, but not as much as Deadpool’s.

At the age of 130, Wolverine has the physical appearance of a man in his late 30s-early 40’s. While at the age of 180, Old Man Logan has the physical appearance of a man in his late 50s-early 60’s.

On the other hand, Deadpool, 1000 years into the future, has barely aged.

Besides, he even survived a nuclear blast in this apocalyptic future. At some point in our near future, the mercenary ducked into some kind of industrial freezer to avoid nuclear fallout. While doing so, he ended up being stuck down there alone for all this time, making him even crazier than he already was.

x-force cable messiah war Deadpool

Deadpool: The End

The End is a series where Marvel gives possible endings to their characters.

The publisher would never kill their main heroes and antiheroes for real, so this is the only way we can have a glimpse at how their stories could end. Deadpool’s issue occurs around 90 years into the future. The mercenary is doing his usual shenanigans, but they don’t feel as cool anymore.

To answer my question from before, Deadpool 90 years in the future and 1000 years in the future look the same.

His daughter, Ellie Camacho, is 97 years old. She’ll die, but he’ll keep living for thousands of years. He doesn’t want that – and he tells her so. So, Ellie comes up with a plan to end her father’s life so that they can die together.


Using a batch of neutrino bombs tethered to a miniature black hole. The neutrinos will incinerate them, and then the black hole will swallow the explosion and collapse on itself. It seems to be a solid plan. But Deadpool fears it won’t be enough to kill him. After all, he’s very hard to kill. He can regenerate from almost anything. Even a single blood cell.

So he asks Ellie:

Do you swear there won’t be anything left in me to regenerate?”

She says there won’t be even a single atom. Deadpool answers he’s glad it’s gonna be her to end this. They hug. Ellie detonates the neutrinos, and they feel death’s cold embrace.



Question: Can Deadpool be killed?

Answer: Yes, Deadpool can be killed. But it’s difficult. This article sheds some light on all the ways Deadpool could be killed. But I’ll give you one example. In Deadpool: The End, Deadpool’s daughter killed him with neutrino bombs tethered to a miniature black hole. The neutrinos incinerated Deadpool, and the black hole swallowed the explosion and collapsed on itself.

Question: Can Deadpool feel pain?

Answer: Yes, he can. The healing factor allows Deadpool to heal from almost anything, but he still feels pain. Especially when his limbs are growing back, but that happened so many times he got used to it.

Question: Can Deadpool regenerate from a single cell?

Answer: Yes, one single cell is enough for Deadpool to return to life.

The End?

Deadpool’s impressive healing factor allows him to have an enormous lifespan. This gives the authors plenty of possibilities to explore the character. I would love to see the mercenary in a Cyberpunk future or in space. If comic book writers want, they can portray the Merc with a Mouth in all of his ages.

If you were amused by this article, you’ll probably want to know all the ways to kill Deadpool. So check this article and find out!

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