Marjorie Soares

Marjorie is a complete comic buff that not only knows Marvel and DC's line-ups inside out, but digs deep to find new and exciting properties on the horizon. Her favorites within the space are Invincible, Black Panther and Batman to name a few. However, she tries to split her time equally between comics and manga, and will often set down the reading material to watch some anime too.

Best Deadpool Masks

I have never been to a geek event where I didn’t see dozens of Deadpools walking around the place. Funnily enough, three or four of them are usually hanging out together. It’s a weird scene, but I have seen it so often that Deadpool’s multiverse of madness doesn’t scare me anymore. But what I realized …

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Deadpool Venom Guide

The comic book industry is at its best when it is self-aware. The big publishers like Marvel and DC have put out so many stories, iconic and embarrassing. Either way, the quality of past works doesn’t matter when you aim to make a parody. That’s where Deadpool shines. Whenever I grab a Deadpool comic to …

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