Best Spiderman Pop Culture Crossovers

Best Spiderman Pop Culture Crossovers: 13 Team-Ups You Won’t Believe

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The Multiverse is the new black.

With Everything Everywhere All At Once’s smashing success and the MCU’s version of Secret Wars on the horizon, worlds colliding are the new normal.

But this concept has been at the forefront of sci-fi stories for decades – and it’s a well-known staple of comic book lore. Since Crisis on Infinite Earths, using alternate worlds to explore controversial storylines or reboot 40 years of history has been standard practice.

With this pattern came a new possibility: improbable crossovers.

Still, over a decade of reading absurd superhero plotlines didn’t prepare me for what I found writing this article. There’s a reason for that: some stories about multiverses don’t use the “m” word, so they fall under the radar. Yet, every comic book reader knows what unexplained pop culture crossovers mean: alternate realities.

When you see Spider-Man defeating Lex Luthor with the help of Superman or hanging out with the Simpsons, no doubt you’ve been transported to Earth number 833 or something like that. So, buckle up and enjoy the ride through the best Spiderman pop culture crossovers!

My Top Pick at a Glance

The Marvel vs. Capcom saga lives rent-free in my heart. More specifically, the two titles I played on my PS1 – Marvel Super Heroes vs.Street Fighter and Marvel vs.Capcom: Clash of superheroes

But my appreciation isn’t just nostalgia – both titles are a staple in the fighting genre. Plus, this saga is one of the coolest crossovers ever. I mean,

playing as Spiderman is already exciting, but having the webhead jump over a Hadouken is beyond exhilarating.

What is a Crossover?

A crossover is an event where different characters, settings, or universes come together. It’s important to note this definition includes only official stories, i.e., those made by the properties’ legal owners. When unofficial sources produce fiction works, they are either considered fanfiction or mashups.

In early comic days, stories with two characters from the same company – such as Batman and Superman – were considered crossovers. Nowadays, due to the recurring nature of these encounters, comic crossovers most likely entail properties from entirely different publishers or Universes.

Selection Criteria

I followed three criteria for the best Spiderman pop-culture crossovers.

  • First: Having two Marvel properties for a crossover isn’t enough. Stories must contain Spiderman and characters from a completely different publisher or Universe.
  • Second: I chose crossovers with relatively well-known characters or Universes.
  • Third: I chose stories with entertainment value. The comics on the list aren’t necessarily masterpieces, but they’re all enjoyable recommendations.

Comic Books

Doc Savage

Best Spiderman Pop Culture Crossovers giant-size spider-man #3
  • Where: Giant-Size Spider-Man #3
  • Year of publication: 1975
  • Publishers: Marvel/Street & Smith Publications

Before Batman and Superman, there was Doc Savage.

Doc Savage is considered the progenitor of the modern-day superhero – he was published in pulp magazines during the 1930s and 40s. Stan Lee was a great admirer, so he cooked up a crossover with Spiderman. Desinna, a woman from a parallel reality, asks for the webhead’s help.

In her world, time is still, but space moves – the opposite of what happens in our dimension. As a result, she can travel through time the same way we travel through space. As a sci-fi nerd, I loved this concept because it reminded me of Star Trek

The plot goes back and forth between Doc Savage and Spiderman in different periods. Their stories are cleverly intertwined, keeping us guessing until the comic’s final twist. It’s a well-crafted narrative with expert execution.

Ren & Stimpy

Best Spiderman Pop Culture Crossovers
ren & stimpy
  • Where: Ren & Stimpy #6
  • Year of publication: 1993
  • Publishers: Marvel/Nickelodeon

Once upon a time, Spiderman fought a toast.

Ren & Stimpy was one of the first Nickelodeon originals and has influenced several cartoons since. The show follows Ren, a cynical Chihuahua, and Stimpy, a happy-go-lucky cat. A smashing hit, the cartoon ran a long-lasting comic simultaneously, and Spiderman was a guest.

The cartoon’s superhero, powdered Toast Man, was brainwashed, and Spiderman must fight him. It’s a ludicrous combat, full of flying toasts and snot that dries like cement.

I admit it’s a bunch of craziness, but it all works out somehow. Plus, we get nice cameos in the form of Peter’s thoughts: Mary Jane, Aunt May, and Stan Lee – who’s the hero’s bowling partner. 


Best Spiderman Pop Culture Crossovers
spider-man badrock #1-2
  • Where: Spider-Man/Badrock #1-2
  • Year of publication: 1997
  • Publishers: Marvel/Image Comics

In 1992, 7 disappointed artists left Marvel to build their own publisher: Image comics. The group released a series of hit comics, including Youngblood, created by Rob Liefeld.

Five years after release, the group would have a crossover with Spiderman, the focus of which would be Badrock: a 16-year-old inside a body of atomic rocks. 

Peter is the photographer for an interview with Youngblood, but only Badrock shows up. Soon, the appointment turns into a fight with Spiderman’s deadliest foes: Rhino, Venom, Carnage, Hobgoblin, and Vulture.

There’s not much of a story – the authors basically crammed up every notable villain they could for combat. But the team-up is silly fun. 


Best Spiderman Pop Culture Crossovers
spider-man gen¹³
  • Where: Spider-Man/Gen¹³
  • Year of publication: 1996
  • Publishers: Marvel/Wildstorm

Gen¹³ follows a group of five superhero teens who gained their powers via government experiments with genes. The premise interested me, and the group’s vibe reminded me of Runaways, one of my favorite comics with teenage superheroes.

Unfortunately, the comic lacks the depth of Brian K. Vaughan’s story, but it still offers charm and worthwhile emotional moments.

Peter Parker got an assignment to photoshoot a band in another city, but trouble ensued when he met Glider. The villain is the split personality of an ordinary woman fighting for her daughter’s custody. Glider seeks revenge against Gen 13, but this goal opposes her other personality, creating a tragic conflict.

This premise really made me sad, so thank god I had Spiderman’s brilliant one-liners to cheer me up. They’re the highlight of the issue.


Superman vs.The Amazing Spider-Man
  • Where: Superman vs.The Amazing Spider-Man
  • Year of publication: 1976
  • Publishers: Marvel/DC

It isn’t every day two living legends go around making history. Am I right, or am I right?” – Spiderman

I can’t possibly disagree with this statement. Spiderman and Superman joining forces to defeat Lex Luthor and Dr. Octopus might be the greatest superhero team-up ever.

Unless someone else overshadows it in another entry. There’s no explanation for how the heroes meet – they coexist on the same Earth, which means this comic isn’t canon.

It wouldn’t be a proper superhero team-up without a fight between friends. A misunderstanding turns into combat until both heroes realize the threat lies elsewhere.

Then comes one of the most incredible moments in comic history: Spiderman catching a ride on Superman’s flight using webs. Yeah, that happened.

Thank God Stan Lee and DC’s head – Carmine Infantino – were friends at the time. Otherwise, we would never have seen such a precious moment.

Futurama and the Simpsons

The Futurama Simpsons Infinitely Secret Crossover Crisis II #2
  • Where: The Futurama/Simpsons Infinitely Secret Crossover Crisis II #2
  • Year of publication: 2005
  • Publishers: Bongo Comics

For years people begged for a crossover between The Simpsons and Futurama. Spoiler alert: they got more than they bargained for. It took a long time to fulfill fans’ wishes because the Simpsons is a fictional show on Futurama.

So, how could their realities merge? Ian Boothby crafted an answer, opening the doors for a massive crossover with literature, movies, and comic books.

Evil super powerful brains send Futurama’s characters inside a Simpsons comic. When they escape, there are dire repercussions: the fabric between fiction and reality is torn. So, fictional characters crossover their boundaries to conquer the world.

Then comes one of the most memorable cameos in comic history. Wolverine, Superman, Captain America, Batman, Thor, and Spiderman attack Bart Simpson in an alley. They’re all in the shadows; Bart asks why, and the webhead replies it’s for copyright protection.

Then Bart says the trinity claimed everyone from Marvel is a sissy. Heroes from opposing publishers fight, giving the boy time to escape. This was gold! I don’t have anything else to say.

Ian Boothby is a comic fan, and it shows. He sprinkled the story with clever commentary and jokes about comics not being real literature. A real stab at people who think this way, and I love it!


Best Spiderman Pop Culture Crossovers
Marvel Team-Up #14
  • Where: Marvel Team-Up #14
  • Year of publication: 2006
  • Publishers: Marvel/Image Comics

When I started reading Invincible, I couldn’t help remembering Spider-Man. They’re both teenage superheroes who enjoy witty banter –it was a no-brainer to have them together. Marvel Team-up put the idea into action in its third volume, issue 14.

Mark jumps through a portal, saves Peter from Dr. Octopus, and both heroes become friends. The genius in this team-up is that it ties to a critical event in Invincible’s main continuity: his first clash with Angstrom Levy.  

The villain threw Mark in several dimensions to tire the hero and finally kill him. Turns out one such dimension was Marvel Universe, and we get to see Invincible interact with the Avengers and befriend Spiderman. It’s not a great story or anything, but it revels in the pair’s good chemistry.

Plus, the premise is endearing to hardcore Invincible fans – I would read a whole spin-off with the dimensions the hero visited. Especially if Kirkman could squeeze a crossover with DC.


Spider-Man and Batman - Disordered Minds
  • Where: Spider-Man and Batman – Disordered Minds
  • Year of publication: 1995
  • Publishers: Marvel/Image Comics

Remember when I said one team-up could overshadow Spiderman’s reunion with Superman? Well, of course, it had to be Batman. I don’t necessarily prefer the caped crusader over the man of steel, but this crossover takes the cake because the story is far better.

The comic starts with a parallel between the heroes: the deaths of Bruce’s parents and Peter’s uncle. Both men are haunted by nightmares, showing the thematic similarity between them. 

Then the conflict unfolds. Doctor Cassandra Briar developed a new method, using a bio-technic chip, to make murderous villains like Carnage and the Joker docile.

Detractors argue this method is a form of lobotomization, but the doctor proceeds with the experiment until things go downhill. Now the heroes must join forces to neutralize the new threat.

Of course, Batman is reluctant to accept help, but the caped crusader and the webhead form an engaging dynamic with their contrasting ways. Plus, the conflict between Joker and Carnage’s personalities provides an interesting take on these characters’ psyches.

Overall, the story shares profound messages, using parallels between heroes and villains to show they’re only human, haunted by their past, and doing their best.

DC Universe

Best Spiderman Pop Culture Crossovers Marvel vs.DC
  • Where: Marvel vs.DC
  • Year of publication: 1996
  • Publishers: Marvel/DC

Comics faced a crisis during the 90s, so the big guns had to act. What better way to bring in readers than to put Marvel and DC together?

Two cosmic entities that personify Marvel and DC become aware of each other’s existence. They agree to a series of duels between heroes where the losing Universe would cease to exist. Six of the battle results came from the writers, while five others were chosen by public vote.

As such, half of the outcomes represent popularity at the time and not actual strength. For instance, I’m adamant that Wonder Woman would never lose to Storm. This result was due to X-men’s popularity in the 90s.

The first issue starts with Spiderman being sucked into a portal where he meets the Joker in a dark alley. Others go through different outlets, and madness ensues. Spiderman is in one of the central duels chosen by the public vote. The webhead fought Superboy and got the best out of the fight.

Although Connor isn’t as strong as Clark, I didn’t expect him to lose, but again, you couldn’t compete with Spiderman’s popularity.

Fun Fact: This version of Spiderman is not Peter Parker, but Ben Riley, a clone. So this is a battle between two clones.


Attack on Titan

Best Spiderman Pop Culture Crossovers
Attack on Avengers manga
  • Where: Attack on Avengers 
  • Year of publication: 2014
  • Publishers: Marvel/Kodansha

What would happen if Titans emerged from the waters of Manhattan and started eating citizens? I’m a big fan of Attack on Titan: it has a gripping story, excellent character development, and a profound message. Plus, It’s so addictive I can’t keep my eyes off the screen(or page).

Yet, I didn’t know this crossover existed! It’s a crazy idea, with delightful moments, like Spiderman shooting webs at the so-called smaller titans. 

Spiderman’s got hilarious lines, as always: “Why don’t you pick someone your own size – like Cleveland?” I teared up here. If I were drinking something, I probably would have spilled it. Unfortunately, the crossover lacks the depth of the source material, but it’s still a fun little read for fans of both Attack on Titan and Spiderman.


Phineas and Ferb

  • Where: Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel
  • Year of publication: 2013
  • Publishers: Marvel/DISNEY

Imagines this: Doofenshmirtz fires his “Power-Draininator,” and the resulting beam hits the Avengers. If you watched Phineas and Ferb, it doesn’t sound too far-fetched.

Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Spider-man have lost their superpowers due to the hit. The heroes believe it came from Phineas and Ferb’s station, so they head to the boys’ house. 

At the same time, Red Skull, Whiplash, Venom, and M.O.D.O.K try to get the machine from Doofenshmirtz. Imagine what villains could do with a weapon that drained heroes’ powers?

Thankfully, Phineas, Ferb, and their friends know exactly how to restore the Avenger’s powers. Overall, the special is a lot of fun, but Spiderman is the best in the group – Peter’s funny lines steal the show.

Video Games

Tony Hawk

  • Where: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2
  • Year of publication: 1998
  • Publishers: Marvel/Capcom

Tony Hawk changed the landscape for sports games. The guy was already a skating legend, and he furthered his legacy in the digital world with a fantastic game franchise.

Perhaps, the most well-known installment is Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2. This game took the world by surprise and remained the most well-rated Playstation game ever on Metacritic.

But a little unknown fact is that you can skate as Spiderman in Pro Skater 2, and what’s best, the hero comes with three different skins.

The classic red and blue costume, a black and white version of the same suit, and the black symbiote attire. How do you unlock the webhead? Just get 100% in career mode with a created skater. 


  • Where: Marvel vs.Capcom series
  • Year of publication: 1998
  • Publishers: Marvel/Capcom

Fortnite has more pop culture appearances than any other game franchise. From Superheroes to celebrities like Ariana Grande and Neymar, you can play as almost anyone you imagine.

I’m not even a fan, but I’ve contemplated playing the game a hundred times just because of the cool characters that show up.

With so many options, it’s no surprise Spiderman is one of them. In 2021, the game added a  No way Home skin as part of Chapter 3, Season 1.

You can buy the costume on the game’s online shop. A few months later, developers added another webhead skin to the game.

The Spider-Man Zero suit is part of the Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War comic book series. Initially, the only way to get the costume was by buying the comic’s first issue, either digitally or in print. However, sometimes the skin will pop up on the shop. You just have to be lucky enough to get it.


  • Where: Marvel vs.Capcom series
  • Year of publication: 1998
  • Publishers: Marvel/Capcom

This one fills me with nostalgia. I remember playing the series a lot on my PS1, and these were actually some of the first games I remember finishing.

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs.c made my childhood better. Coincidence or not, both were released for PS1 in 1999, the year I was born. 

Marvel vs. Capcom is a pinnacle of the fighting genre: the combination of characters from Marvel and Street Fighter, the mid-air combos, and the memorable soundtrack made it stand the test of time. I spent countless hours in these games, and Spiderman was one of my favorites to play.

I guess the webhead’s mechanics on games are always enjoyable. Unfortunately, the saga went downhill from there, with forgettable releases for PS3 and PS4. But the first two games with a Marvel roster will forever remain in my heart.


Question: Did Batman and Spider-Man have a Crossover?

Answer: Batman and Spiderman had two crossovers: Disordered Minds and New Age Dawning. In the first saga, the heroes team up to defeat Joker and Carnage, while in the second, they join forces to take down Ras Al Ghul.

Question: Has Marvel ever had a DC Crossover?

Answer: There have been many crossovers between Marvel and DC characters, but the most well-known is the mini-series Marvel vs.DC. In this title, several heroes from each publisher have to fight each other to decide which Universe will keep existing.

Question: Who is Equal to Spider-Man in DC?

Answer: There is no version of Spiderman in DC. Although many characters from each publisher possess similar powers and backstories, like Aquaman and Namor, that’s not the case with the webhead.

To Another Dimension

Spiderman’s enduring popularity has put him in contact with several characters and Universes, like Batman and Invincible. Although the webhead’s encounter with the caped crusader was amicable, you may wonder, what would happen if they both fought? The answer lies in this article. So, be sure to check it out. But if you’re more curious about Invincible and his similarities with Spiderman, you can read more about the Image Comic’s hero here.

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