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There were a few situations where DC and Marvel did a mash-up. They would write joint issues where the heroes battled each other. Unfortunately, we never had the opportunity to see Spiderman and Batman going against each other. These two heavy-hitters would provide nice entertainment for all the comic book fans.

As it usually goes, Batman fans are very vocal about their favorite hero’s ability to defeat Spiderman. Although Bruce Wayne is a remarkable human specimen, he is still just human. On the other hand, Spiderman has extraordinary abilities that put him above a regular human being.

Regardless, we shouldn’t neglect Batman’s adaptability. In numerous cases, we’ve seen the Caped Crusader beat opponents who have superhuman abilities. In my opinion, his intellect, strategic genius, and advanced technology might help him score a win against someone like Spiderman. Regardless, I would always give an advantage to Peter Parker in a straight-up one-on-one brawl.

In this Batman vs Spiderman guide, I will take a look at their abilities and how they match against each other, and I will also predict the winner of their potential fight.

Key Info Up Front

Batman and Spiderman would provide us with a great fight. In this particular case, I think that Spiderman would have a great advantage as he would keep Batman at a distance. Although Batman can also use projectile weapons, Spidey is simply too elusive to be caught off-guard by that. Furthermore, his amazing reflexes and agility would allow him to easily predict any attack.

Regardless, I think that Batman could win if things come together and if he has enough time to prepare himself. He often modified his equipment according to an opponent, and he is notorious for exploiting allies’ and enemies’ weaknesses.

Main Differences Between Batman and Spiderman

Spiderman and Batman
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These two characters are extremely different in terms of their maturity, combat prowess, skillset, and even physical development. Here is a list of main things that separate the two Marvel superheroes.

  • Batman is one of the smartest humans within the DC universe, while Spiderman is not that intelligent. Although Peter Parker is not a dumb person in any way, he simply cannot compare to Batman.
  • Bruce Wayne is a master tactician and strategist compared to Peter Parker. In fact, he utilizes his superior intellect and knowledge to gain the upper hand against most villains even before a battle starts.
  • Batman has one of the best equipment in all comic books, while Spiderman relies on a few basic enhancements to his suit that would allow him to use webs without disruption. The equipment is one of the main reasons why Batman is such an intimidating opponent, as it gives him extra resilience while improving his overall attack capability.
  • Batman is well versed in hand-to-hand combat, and Spiderman is lacking in that department. Batman can utilize just about any martial arts even created. On the other hand, Spiderman mostly relies on his web to battle opponents.
  • Batman is known for his mental resilience, and Spiderman is not. Although this doesn’t mean that Peter Parker is weak, as he had to endure numerous adversities throughout his life, he never showed amazing mental feats like Bruce Wayne.
  • Bruce Wayne is known for his investigative skills compared to Peter Parker. In fact, you can even say that Batman is more of a detective comic book that focuses more on the storyline and criminality than actual fighting.
  • Spiderman is among the most agile superheroes in any comic book, which provides a major advantage over Batman. Although Bruce Wayne has incredible control over his body, and it is often said that he performs at peak human capabilities, he cannot compare to Spiderman in that regard, a superhero who is half-human and half spider.
  • Spiderman has superior senses, on-pair with the likes of Wolverine, while Batman doesn’t have such a power. In fact, Spiderman’s senses, combined with his agility, are the main reason why he is such a deadly opponent, as he can react to enemy attacks and defense in a millisecond.
  • Spiderman is gifted with the ability to shoot and create the web, something that Batman doesn’t possess. This ability is so unique that it separates the superhero from all others. It allows him to climb buildings and walls, which is another thing that separates this character from other superhero protagonists.
  • Peter Parker has immense stamina compared to Batman. Although the Caped Crusader is no slouch in that regard, Spiderman’s ability is simply much better compared to his opponent.
  • Spiderman is much stronger than Batman. Although Peter Parker is often shown as a character that relies on his web, not muscles, he is actually very powerful. He can lift various vehicles, which is something that Batman cannot do.

All in all, Spiderman has above-normal capabilities. He can use spider webbing, which is a really cool trait that you can’t see in other comic book characters. Peter Parker has incredible senses, dexterity, agility, and strength but usually prefers fighting enemies at a distance. Still, he is a very proficient combatant in the melee range.

Batman is the definition of peak human power. He is very similar to Captain America in that regard. The superhero has honed his body and abilities to a level that is almost unimaginable. However, the comic book fans are mostly in awe of his mental and intellectual prowess. He also has access to numerous gadgets that allow him to overcome superhuman enemies, like Spiderman.

Analyzing Individual Powers

These two combatants cannot be more different. The only thing where they’re similar is the strength. Batman has peak human strength, and Spiderman is just above that. As for their other characteristics, they are completely different superheroes.

Both of these combatants have a certain level of adaptability. Although Batman is heavily reliant on his gadgets, they can also bring him victory against troublesome opponents. Spiderman is very capable both in melee and ranged battle, and his web allows him to capture objects, apprehend criminals, climb walls, fire sticky projectiles, etc.

Batman’s Powers

Image from Wiki Fandom

Batman is one of the most tragic superheroes within the DC universe, although his story is somewhat mild compared to that of Penguin, Joker, and some other criminals. Similar to them, Batman became this overpowered character just because of the bad things that happened in his past. Although he carries a similar trauma to some of the comics’ villains, he used his personal tragedy as a motivation, devoting himself to fighting Gotham crime lords.

It is worth mentioning that Batman probably wouldn’t be such an intimidating character if he hadn’t access to massive wealth. Then again, he is the one who secured that wealth as the Wayne Enterprises have started slipping after his parent’s deaths. By using his intellect and financial knowledge, Bruce Wayne managed to consolidate the corporation ushering in a new era.

Wayne Corporation’s Research and Development department is behind all these gadgets that Batman uses when fighting villains. But, I don’t want to undersell Batman’s fighting capabilities as he is a really proficient martial artist. The Caped Crusader has traveled the whole world looking to improve his skills.

Batman’s Intellect

Batman's Intellect
Image from Wiki Fandom

In my opinion, Batman’s intellect is the superhero’s biggest power. If he wasn’t that smart, he wouldn’t be able to tackle all these dangerous opponents. In fact, I will go on to say that his intelligence, coupled with his wealth, is the main reason why he is so successful.

He utilizes his intellect for just about everything. For example, Bruce Wayne has numerous degrees, including those in Computer Science, Criminology, Chemistry, and so on. All these skills are focused on fighting crime and defeating the Gotham’s worst.

Bruce Wayne also has incredible detective skills. He utilizes them to discover enemy ploys, uncover bombs planted around Gotham (which is something that happens all the time), and uncover riddles. I am pretty sure that the intellect also helps master all these martial arts skills.

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Batman’s Leadership and Planning

Justice League
Image from Wiki Fandom

In many ways, Batman is DC’s counterpart to Captain America. In the same way, that Captain America leads the Avengers, Batman is responsible for the Justice League. He goes to such extraordinary lengths to maintain this group and consider all the unpredictable. So much so that he has accrued data about each member’s weaknesses (including his own) so that he could eliminate that member if anything goes awry.

It is also worth mentioning that Batman prepares for every battle, especially the bigger ones. He doesn’t simply go at the enemies blindfolded but instead prepares for all eventualities. He is also more than capable of leading teams, even though I wouldn’t call him the most charismatic leader.

Batman’s Physical Attributes and Martial Arts

Fighting Skills
Image from Wiki Fandom

Unlike the movies and Gotham the series, where Batman is trained by Ra’s al Ghul, he had a bit different mentor in the comics. Similar to movies, he had to go to a monastery in Korea to get proper guidance and reach his maximum potential. There, he was trained by Henri Ducard.

In terms of martial arts, he has learned just about everything there is. After traveling the world, Bruce Wayne has honed his skills in aikido, boxing, sambo, capoeira, karate, chin na, yaw- yan, and numerous other less or more known skills.

As a part of his training, Bruce Wayne has learned how to steel his will. This can be seen in numerous situations throughout the years. Not only does he have an incredible resolve, but he can also resist psionic attacks. This allows him to tackle just about any villain from the DC universe.

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Batman’s Equipment

Batman's Equipment
Image from Wiki Fandom

When talking about Batman, it is hard not to mention his equipment. If we exclude someone like Iron Man, who is literally kept alive through technology, Batman is the second-most equipment-reliant superhero in the comic books. He utilizes various gadgets, suits, and vehicles to compensate for the lack of superhuman abilities.

Although you might think that these items are not enough to battle the most powerful entities in comic books, you would be very wrong. In fact, Batman has even managed to beat Superman on five different occasions. This just goes to prove how well-prepared he is for every occasion.

It also helps that Bruce Wayne has access to almost limitless resources. Together with Lucius Fox, the duo can create various blueprints and bring them to life. Although Batman doesn’t necessarily have the best equipment in comic books, as there are much more powerful relics in the universe, the thing that gives him the edge is the fact he can adjust these objects according to a situation.

Spiderman’s Powers

Image from Wiki Fandom

Everyone knows that Spiderman was bit by a radioactive spider. It gave this character numerous properties of arachnoids, although it hasn’t changed his appearance. In other words, he has incredible senses and reflexes and can use the web for just about anything.

In theory, Spiderman is the most elusive superhero of them all. Although there are numerous characters that are stronger or more durable than him, Peter Parker is characterized by his flexibility, agility, and reflexes. Of course, as I’ve mentioned before, spider web can be used for various tricks and escaping from sticky situations (pun intended).

Spiderman’s Web-Slinging

Image from Wiki Fandom

The easiest way to show that someone has extraordinary powers is to show them flying. It is the oldest trick in the book, and it is a power that many superheroes have to a point where it has become boring.

This makes Spiderman’s web that much more special. Like all of these flying characters, Peter Parker can move around in the air. The only difference is that he does so by using his web. This is a unique method of movement that is hard to replicate. In fact, it is hard for comic book writers to create anything similar to that.

However, there is much more to the spider web than simply jumping from a building to a building. The superhero can also use it to stick to the walls and ceilings. He can use it as a shield or disarming weapon. Spiderman can even throw it in opponents’ eyes or use it to stifle their movement. It is a sticky projectile that can adapt to numerous situations. In that sense, we can even compare it to Batman’s equipment.

Spiderman’s Physical Traits

Physical Traits
Image from Wiki Fandom

Spiderman has adopted all the characteristics of a spider. Among others, he has gained increased flexibility, agility, reflexes, and strength. Like many other insects, spiders are known for their strength and the ability to carry weights several times their own.

Although you might not think of Spiderman as this physically dominant presence, he is more than capable of lifting enormous objects. For example, he can lift various vehicles and heavy items like some other superheroes known for their power.

Superhero’s reflexes and agility go well with his super sense and ability to cast web. He can use these traits in conjunction to avoid enemy attacks and projectiles. So, not only can he sense these attacks, but he has good enough reflexes and agility to avoid them.

Spiderman’s Super Senses

Spiderman’s Super Senses
Image from Wiki Fandom

“My spidey senses are tingling” is one of the most overused sentences in comic books. It is another thing related to Spiderman, one of the most legendary characters ever created.

Basically, this superhero can predict any danger coming his way. As if that wasn’t enough, he can predict enemy movement, thwarting them from the get-go. Of course, his senses would be pretty useless if he was a slowpoke, which he definitely isn’t. As mentioned, all of his physical attributes connect well to his senses, so he is able not only to predict the movement but react to them.

How Do Batman and Spiderman Compare to Each Other?

The Batman
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If you check articles online, you will notice that a lot of comic book experts are split when it comes to a potential encounter between Spiderman and Batman. Many of them favor the Caped Crusader, while the others give advantage to Peter Parker.

No matter the case, this is a very hard situation to assess just because these two characters are so very different. And while you can say that there are a few characters like Batman, there is no one with Spiderman’s physical traits and abilities.

Both of them have certain advantages that could easily help them prevail over the other. In that regard, we shouldn’t just focus on their physical traits but also on whether or not they’re capable of countering each other.

For example, while Spiderman is stronger than Batman, we cannot call Bruce Wayne a weak character. In fact, if we consider his martial arts prowess, he might even be able to overpower Peter Parker in a one-on-one battle.

Spiderman is renowned for his agility and speed. Then again, Batman also has numerous gadgets and suits that would allow him to match these capabilities to an extent or to reduce their impact. Both of them are excellent marksmen, so it is hard to decide who would come on top in a ranged battle.

Even though Batman is incredibly smart and probably the smartest relevant superhero, Peter Parker is also considered a highly intelligent individual. We also have to consider Parker’s battle intellect, where he could easily match Batman, a superhero who is more reliant on preparation.

All in all, it is hard for me to give a clear advantage to either one of these characters.

Who Would Win: Spiderman or Batman?

Spiderman in a Fight
Image from Wiki Fandom

To reiterate, it is hard to give an advantage to either one of these superheroes. I think that the comic book community is every bit as confounded as I am, so I cannot rely on someone else’s judgment to help me out in this situation.

If they were to fight 10 times, I bet they would split the wins. However, the goal of this article is to find a decisive winner out of them.

Despite Batman’s intellect and tactical prowess, and the fact he could devise a plan and equipment to beat Spiderman, I would still have to give an advantage to Peter Parker. My reasoning is that most of these superhero fights happen out of the blue. Although Bruce Wayne always likes to retreat to his bat cave and strategize for an opponent, if he isn’t given time to prepare, Spiderman would almost definitely score a win.

You should also keep in mind that Spiderman is ready to fight at any time, while Batman has to be in his suit and have the appropriate equipment for an opponent.

How Could the Battle Go?

Batman and Spiderman
Image from Pinterest

If I were to predict how the potential clash between the two would go, I would have to say that Spiderman would keep his distance, trying to disarm or disable Batman from afar. Although he has the option of coming closer, he doesn’t actually have a need to do so. Instead, he could continue slinging his web toward the Dark Knight until he apprehends him.

Furthermore, Batman would be forced to finish the fight as soon as possible. Unless there is a way for him to increase endurance, Spiderman would simply overtake him in terms of energy. Peter Parker is capable of battling for a much longer time, so one of the things he could do is simply avoid engagement.

What makes it even harder for Bruce Wayne is the fact he relies too much on straight-up physical attacks. Although he has certain gadgets that could potentially surprise Spiderman, he doesn’t have the power of elements or some kind of magic that is unblockable.

Batman vs Spiderman in Comic Books

Over the years, DC and Marvel have done numerous crossovers that allowed us to enjoy our favorite superheroes in the same publications. As the flag bearers of their brands, it is only to be expected that Spiderman and Batman would have some “screen time” together.

Unfortunately, we were never treated to a real brawl. The two of them would usually team up against enemies, which makes it even harder to assess which one of them would come on top if they were to fight.

“Family Feud”

Given that each brand has to protect their own flagship superhero, they can’t actually allow the other character to beat them.

One of the rare situations where you can see the two fighting is from a three-panel Twitter post made by Stephen Byrne. Keep in mind that this isn’t an official publication, and it doesn’t represent Marvel or DC.

Page 1

The short story starts with Spider-Gwen web-swinging across the buildings. Without any warning, Batgirl surprises her from the back, kicking her in the spine and knocking the superhero to the ground. Batgirl continues her onslaught by catching Gwen and throwing her through a window of a nearby building.

Barbara Gordon is looking to finish off the threat. She jumps towards Spider-Gwen, looking to catch her or punch her (not fully clear). Just as this is happening, Miles Morales comes to the scenes and grabs Batgirl by the hand, stopping the superhero in her tracks.

Page 2

The second page is even more dynamic. Spiderman, that is Miles Morales, starts attacking Batgirl. He punches her right in the face, after which he goes to check on Gwen. As he helps her up to her feet, Robin comes through the broken window.

Robin and Batgirl quickly regroup. They start throwing Batarangs at the opponents, damaging Spiderman’s mask. Spiderman and Gwen retreat a bit. While all of this is happening, a shadowy individual approaches the duo from their back – Batman has finally arrived at the scene.

Page 3

Image from Twitter

On the third page, we finally get the conclusion of this fight (if you can call it that). The first panel shows Spiderman and Gwen surrounded by three bats. They are looking to land the final blow and dispose of the intruders. Suddenly, a web appears from above, entangling Batgirl and grabbing Batman by his arm.

In the following panel, you can see the contours of a new participant. Spiderman lands on the ground close to the battle. In the last panel, you can see all these superheroes fighting each other, with Spiderman and Batman taking the center spot.

All in all, this artwork is as ambiguous as everything else. Even though we can see that Batman and Spiderman have clashed in the last panel, we don’t know who won. It seems that, even when a person unrelated to DC and Marvel creates this faux battle, they don’t want to give us a real conclusion.

So, the only thing us fans can do is imagine a potential winner.


Question: Who is stronger, Batman or Spiderman?

Answer: If we consider only the physical attributes, it would seem that Spiderman is a much stronger combatant. While Batman is no slouch and possesses an enormous knowledge of martial arts, his abilities cannot compare to Spiderman’s supernatural dexterity, agility, reflexes, power, and speed.
However, if Batman were to bring home a victory from this matchup, he would do so through his intellect and planning. The superhero is a great strategist and, overall, a very knowledgeable person. If given time, he could probably devise a strategy that would help him prevail against this arachnoid enemy.

Question: Has Spiderman ever fought Batman?

Answer: Unfortunately, there was never an instance where Batman and Spiderman fought each other, whether we’re talking about comic books, movies, cartoons, or other media. There were just a few fan-made pictures, and artwork that depicted these two pitted against each other.

Question: Is Batman more popular than Spiderman?

Answer: It is really hard to tell which one of these two characters is more popular. Both of them had a massive impact on pop culture and the generation of young comic book lovers. Their movies and cartoons have been made for decades, culminating in the last three decades when both characters brought enormous profits for their respective brands through blockbuster movies, media, and licensing.
In the end, whether Batman or Superman is better is a decision for you to make.

Question: Can Batman outsmart Spiderman?

Answer: Batman is regarded as the second most-intelligent individual within the DC universe, after Lex Luthor. Although Spiderman is also very intelligent, in his own regard, he cannot come close to Batman’s level of intelligence.
According to the lore, Batman has more than 200 IQ. He has mastered numerous sciences and has lots of skills that make him one of the strongest superheroes, even though he doesn’t have any supernatural powers.


Batman vs Spiderman is one of those rare situations where you don’t have a clear winner. Both of these characters are dangerous in their own regard and are considered the biggest stars within their respective franchises.

If I were to choose one as a potential winner, I would have to go with Spiderman. That is if we presume that Batman is caught off-guard and doesn’t have enough time to prepare a battle strategy. Even if he does have time to prepare, it would be really hard to find a weakness in Spiderman’s defense.

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