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Every comic reader knows how convoluted storylines can get over the years. As I read Invincible’s 144-issue run, many secondary characters popped out of the blue and disappeared quickly. I would often forget some of them, and my memory isn’t even that bad. Yes, I know there are comics with far longer continuities. Batman and Spiderman, I am looking at you! But I swear Invincible is just that type of crazy comic with so much going on your brain will need help to organize everything. So, believe me when I say this Invincible Characters Guide will be handy to you and lift a weight off your shoulders.

My Bottom line up front:

Invincible has many great characters. Like in any story, some are good, some are evil, and some are harder to define. The last group intrigues me the most. Thus the characters I chose as my favorites – Robot, Dinosaurus, and Cecil – all have that grey morality quality.

  • Basic information on Invincible characters
  • Characters are into categories for easier comprehension
  • My favorite character from each group and why

Part one: The good

Invincible is a story about superheroes, so no wonder there are lots of them, especially because they keep dying. But besides superpowered beings, the good lot also includes honorable humans who help Mark along the way.

The Graysons

Invincible AKA Mark Grayson:

Invincible Wiki

The teenage protagonist of the series, Mark has to deal with acne, homework, and supervillains. Good thing he is invincible! Or is he? One thing is certain: Mark’s ride is full of emotional angst and displays a clear escalation of power. However, his most essential qualities are sensitivity and determination.

Omni Man AKA Nolan Grayson:

Invincible Wiki

He looks like Magnum P.I. and has the powers of Superman. A curious combination. Too bad he is evil. He violently kills Earth’s most essential superheroes during the initial issues and almost beats his son, Mark, to death. Good thing people change, and he got out of his tortuous ways.

Debbie Grayson:

Invincible Wiki

She may not have superpowers, but she is a super mom and wife. Debbie stood by Nolan’s side in every crisis, despite the fears and anxiousness caused by her husband’s line of work. She is the grounding force of the family, lending a normal perspective on life’s events.

Kid Omni Man AKA Oliver Grayson:

Invincible Wiki

Mark’s little brother and probably the brattiest teenager in the whole Universe. Fortunately, he grew up to be a fine man. He’s the son of Nolan with a Thraxan woman, a race that ages in months. Thus he became an adult in 5 years. He is well-intentioned, but his double alien parentage makes it difficult for him to understand Earth. 

Atom Eve AKA Samantha Eve Wilkins:

Invincible Wiki

Eve has the most remarkable powers in the whole comic. She can rearrange atoms to transform matter into anything she wants. However, she has a mental block that stops her powers from working on an organic matter unless she is in a life or death situation. Eve is bright, business savvy, and loyal. She was a dear friend to Mark until they became lovers and eventually married.

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Terra Grayson:

Invincible Wiki

The daughter of Mark and Eve, Terra develops her superpowers during childhood. During adulthood, she underwent training until she finally took the Invincible title and helped make the Universe a better place.

Marky Murphy:

Invincible Wiki

He is Mark and Anissas‘s son. His stepfather raises him since Mark is out there saving the Universe. However, Marky still admires his dad and takes on the title of Kid Invincible. A funny nod to Oliver’s days as Kid Omni-man.


Amber Bennett:

Invincible Wiki

She is Mark’s first girlfriend. She has a lot of initiative; after all, she made a move on Mark. However, her personality is so bland! I was extremely pleased when the couple broke up. As controversial as this statement is, I still prefer the T.V. show Amber, even if I agree that she can be pretty selfish and rude.

Arthur “Art” Rosenbaum:

Invincible Wiki

He is a friend to the Grayson family and the man responsible for making the best superhero costumes.

Rick Sheridan:

Invincible Wiki

A friend of Mark from college. Eventually, he and William enter into a relationship.

William Clockwell:

Invincible Wiki

He is Mark’s best friend, who is a little lame of a character just like Amber. Thankfully the T.V. show improved his personality, which made me like him.

Guardians of the Globe

The first Guardians of the Globe is this world’s counterpart to the Justice League. There would be many different rosters on the team because Invincible is the superhero version of Game of Thrones, and people die horrible deaths. This first roster would all die at the hands of Omni Man except for Black Samson and The Immortal. The former was lucky enough to have been kicked out of the team during this situation, and the latter, well, the name explains it.


Invincible Wiki

If Aquaman were a fish, he would look like Aquarus. Like his counterpart, Aquarus is not taken seriously, despite being the ruler of the oceans.

Black Samson:

Invincible Wiki

Black Samson is a mighty hero with super strength and invulnerability. D.C. comics’ Black Lightning inspires his design. Moreover, he came from humble beginnings and is now a millionaire, making him even more badass.


Invincible Wiki

Batman is minus the pointy years. Darkwing is a valuable member of the Guardians of the Globe, even though his hometown, Midnight City, already gives him enough trouble.

Green Ghost:

Invincible Wiki

He is a sort of Expy to Green Lantern, but with intangibility powers. Though this ability may seem cool, the caveat is Green Ghost has to swallow a green tablet to get his powers and vomit it afterward.

Martian Man:

Invincible Wiki

This Universe’s Martian Manhunter. They have the same powers and look alike, minus a few design differences.

Red Rush:

Invincible Wiki

The Guardians of the Globe speedster is based on the Flash. From all the Guardians to me, he is the one with the coolest name.

The Immortal:

Invincible Wiki

As the name implies, the immortal can’t die and has been alive for hundreds of years. Although he occupies what would be Superman’s position in the team, he is a heroic version of Vandal Savage.

War Woman:

Invincible Wiki

A more violent Wonder Woman. Not only are their powers and abilities similar, but even their background is the same. War Woman and her counterpart both come from an Island of warrior women.

Guardians of the Globe II

The new version recruited by Robot was comprised of the following heroes plus Black Samson and Immortal.


Invincible Wiki

Bulletproof has similar powers to Mark, albeit lesser. He even becomes Invincible for a while. An interesting fact is that Zandale leads a public life not only as a superhero but as an artist.


Invincible Wiki

Due to a cursed bloodline, Kate Cha gained the ability to create clones of herself that she uses to increase her odds in battle.

Monster Girl:

Invincible Wiki

Another cursed girl, but in a trickier situation. Amanda turns into a powerful monster during battle, but she gets younger each time she does so. At the beginning of the comic, she has the appearance of a 12-year-old when in fact, she is past her twenties.

Nightboy / Darkwing II:

The former sidekick to the original Darkwing. After his mentor’s death, he underwent a murderous path but later redeemed himself.

Rex Splode:

Invincible Wiki

The jerk we love to hate until we love him. Seriously, Rex has one of the best character growths in the comic book. His powers are pretty cool as well. Just like Michael Bay, he likes to make things explode.


Invincible Wiki

Despite the name, he is a scientist with a physical condition that renders him unable to live outside a tank. The scientist remote controls his robots to fight in battles. Later on, he transfers his conscience to a clone of Rex to live a fully human life.


A martian who fled Mars to live a brand new life on Earth. Like all others from his species, he has metamorphic powers.

Shrinking Ray:

Invincible Wiki

A hero with the power to shrink in size. At first glance, that seems like a remarkable power. But not so much when you realize that unlike his counterparts Ant-man and the Atom, Shrinking Ray doesn’t get increased strength in proportion to his change.

Guardians of the Globe III

After some heroes died, some retired, and others were trapped in another dimension, Cecil Stedman had to assemble a new team. But this time, he wanted to make the guardians truly global and recruit heroes worldwide. The following supes formed the new group alongside Bulletproof, Shapesmith, and Black Samson. Eventually, Robot and Monster girl would return from the Flaxan dimension and become part of this roster.


Born sometime before World War I, Brittany has invulnerability but not superstrength. He is a capable leader and a caring father.

Best Tiger:

Invincible Wiki

Sherlock from the BBC series meets Bruce Li. Best Tiger is a martial artist who lives for the challenge. It’s fair to say he is overpowered, but still, his moments are a joy to read. He is the most badass member of the team.

Cast Iron:

A hero with impenetrable iron skin inspired by Colossus from X-men.

El Chupacabra:

Invincible Wiki

A superhero that makes the best out of sharp claws, like Wolverine, and in a wrestling costume. He struggles with alcoholism, and I love how that is portrayed. It shows superheroes are only humans. El Chupacabra is flawed, but he is trying to do better.


Invincible Wiki

A mysterious robot can turn any type of technology into a threatening weapon.


A heroic version of Captain Boomerang. He is pretty confident and outgoing, which may make him look conceited. But he is an empathetic and caring guy.

Kid Thor:

Invincible Wiki

A former member of Capes Inc., Kid Thor’s hammer has been passed through his ancestors for generations. With it, he can beat up stronger foes and even resurrect.


Invincible Wiki

A formidable pugilist who uses special boxing gloves to defeat enemies.

Le Bruiser:

Invincible Wiki

A french bulldog with superpowers. Yep, that’s it. Nothing else to say besides he is awesome.


A South African superhero with superhuman speed and agility.


Invincible Wiki

A 12-year-old friendly Frost Giant who leaves his natural habitat to fight supervillains.

Other Heroes and allies

Allen the Alien:

Invincible Wiki

He is the Champion Evaluation officer for the Coalition of planets. He eventually becomes the leader of the Coalition.

Damien Darkblood:

A demon detective who investigates superhero mysteries. He is a blend of D.C. comics’ Etrigan and Question.

Fightmaster and Drop Kick:

Invincible Wiki

Time traveling twins who seek Invincible to destroy the dictator version of the Immortal from their timeline.

Tech Jacket:

He is an average human who becomes a superhero after finding an alien armor. He was an integral part of the Viltrumite war. Tech Jacket is a reference to Blue Beetle.

The Astounding Wolf-Man AKA Gary Hampton:

Invincible Wiki

A superhero werewolf who fought alongside Invincible and Brit many times.

Space Racer:

Invincible Wiki

A powerful Alien who travels around in a space motorcycle. He has a weapon capable of killing Viltrumites and thus became an essential part of the war effort. Space racer is an Expy of Lobo.

Part two: The bad

The Viltrumites

They are the alien race of evil supermen with mustaches who want to add Earth to their planet collection. They are the most critical enemy in the whole comic run as a group.


Invincible Wiki

She is the most prominent female Viltrumite in the series. Anissa is probably the most controversial character in the comic because she raped the protagonist. Like all the remaining Viltrumites except for Thragg, she realizes the error of her ways and becomes a better person.


He is the most vicious and, by the looks of it, the oldest Viltrumite in the comic. Conquest loves a challenge, which Mark gave him right up until the older man’s death.

General Kregg:

Invincible Wiki

Initially, Kregg had no regard for humans, but that changed as he became enamored with about a dozen women. The scene where he tells all his women about each other but reaffirms he loves all of them is hilarious! I am just left wondering how he managed to have time for all of them.

Grand Regent Thragg:

He is the ruler of the Viltrumites, trained from birth to be the best of them. When it is revealed Nolan is the true heir to the throne, the Viltrumites abandon Thragg. In retaliation, he builds an army to destroy them.


Invincible Wiki

A Viltrumite that is little more than an extra in the comic.


One of Thragg’s many children with Thraxans and the twin brother to Ursaal. He is killed by Mark when Onaan attacks his family.


He is the first Viltrumite traitor and founder of the Coalition of Planets.


Another Viltrumite who makes glorified cameos. But she does have a cool braided hairstyle.


Invincible Wiki

The twin sister of Onaan. Throughout her appearances, Ursaal had doubts about her father’s actions. She was the one who realized what they were doing was wrong and convinced Thragg’s army to surrender.


Alternate Evil Invincibles:

You may be a decent person, but if alternate realities exist, there are evil versions of you out there. Villain Angstrom Levy used his power to travel through dimensions and gathered all Evil Invincibles to destroy the world.

Angstrom Levy:

Invincible Wiki

He is a man with the power to travel through dimensions. He blames Invincible for an experiment gone wrong that deformed him and is hellbent on revenge.


Invincible Wiki

An average guy who turns into a hybrid of man and dinosaur whenever he feels apathetic. David Anders is a genius willing to sacrifice millions of lives to execute his schemes in his Dinosaur form. He thinks that will create a better future, but that only makes him a mass murderer.

Doc Seismic:

Invincible Wiki

A mad villain who uses special gauntlets to manipulate soil with seismic activity. He is pretty silly, and I never took him seriously. At least not until he captured practically all superheroes. I have to say I was impressed.

Lizard League:

Invincible Wiki

King Lizard runs this league of reptile-themed supervillains. They might seem silly, but they caused great damage and even some deaths.

Machine Head:

A cyborg crime lord who rules over an unknown extent of Invincible’s city.


The final boss of the Flaxan dimension and Monster girl’s son.

Mister Liu: 

Invincible Wiki

A crime lord who projects a giant dragon out of his body and uses it to fight against his enemies.


Invincible Wiki

Dupli- Kate’s evil twin. He started as a hero alongside his sister but went to the dark side somewhere down the road.


He is a powerful cosmic villain who Black Samson trapped in another dimension after the hero got his powers back.


Invincible Wiki

After the death of his sister, caused by Invincible’s fight with Omini-man, Scott Duvall swore to defeat the young hero. However, while attempting to do so, he causes the death of his wife and child. The event would make him even angrier at Invincible until the tragic villain could realize the truth and lead a new life.


Invincible Wiki

A race of aliens capable of controlling almost any species to wreak havoc. They spent years without hosts because they landed on Mars, whose inhabitants were immune to their powers. But after a mission on the planet, they were able to escape to Earth and started to control part of the population slowly.

The Flaxans: 

They are interdimensional aliens who invade Invincible’s dimension several times. At first, I saw them as more of a running gag than a severe threat. But after Robot and Monster traveled to their dimension, my perception changed due to one of the comic’s best and most tragic storylines.

The Elephant:

Invincible Wiki

A superstrong villain based on Spiderman’s Rhino. He can remember anything but still isn’t smart. Nobody takes him seriously.

The Mauler Twins:

A mad scientist and his clone. But who is the original, and who is the clone? Not even they know, as the clone retains all the authentic memories. But that is exactly what keeps them motivated to excel, proving the other is a fake.


Invincible Wiki

He is a low-level criminal in Machine’s head payroll who overthrows his boss with the help of Invincible.

Part three: The in between

Global Defense Agency

Cecil Stedman:

Invincible Wiki

A ruthless man is capable of anything to save the country. That is his job as the director of the Global Defense Agency, an organization deep below the Pentagon. But shouldn’t there be limits to some of his actions? That is the big question the comic asks.

Donald Ferguson:

He is Cecil’s most trusted ally. His body was destroyed during a mission, and now he is 98% machine.

D.A. Sinclair:

Invincible Wiki

A horrifying villain who turned college kids and homeless people into mindless cyborgs, the Reanimen. After his capture, Cecil starts working with him to make cyborgs out of dead bodies that can be the last line of defense should superheroes fail or become evil.

Other Aliens

Battle Beast:

Invincible Wiki

A lion-like alien whose only purpose is to seek more significant challenges, eventually leading to a glorious death. That makes him sometimes a foe to Invincible and other times an ally.

Reboot? Aliens:

A mysterious alien who reboots the timeline so Mark can change things for the better. Their motivations are unknown.


Invincible Wiki

A superpowered warrior alien seeking a new energy source for her dying planet. Her actions are out of desperation, and she later realizes the error in trying to destroy Earth to acquire energy for her world.


Question: Is Invincible invincible?

Answer: Not really. Invincible is defeated several times. Most notably by his dad, Omni Man, and Thragg before their final battle in the Sun. Fortunately, this last time Mark beat Thragg and thus concluded the long-lasting conflict with the former grand regent. 

Question: Who are Invincible characters based on?

Answer: They are based on so many different characters! The Justice League inspires the first version of the Guardians of the Globe. Throughout the article, I have pointed out which superhero inspires each character. So check out the whole thing.

Question: When will season 2 of Invincible come out?

Answer: There is no confirmation, but Amazon will likely release the season in the latter half of 2022. Check out our guide on the Best Shows Like Invincible here.


Getting all characters’ names correctly when reading a comic is never easy. In a world as vibrant as Invincible’s, that is even truer. But that is far from being a bad thing. It just goes to show how great reading this comic is. After all, I think good characters are the most essential component of good storytelling. Besides, now that you have a complete guide, your reading experience will be a smooth ride. Enjoy!

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