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This guide to some of the most iconic Captain America posters since the historical comic book figures’ debut will describe, link, and go into detail about what makes them special.

We’ll provide insight and some details into why the images of these timeless posters are iconic.

Why Captain America? Because Captain America is one of the oldest comic book staples and now one of the biggest Marvel Cinematic Universe staples. 

Sit back, and enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Bottom Line Up Front

These posters have sparked the most interest, been the most searched or purchased, and symbolize important milestones for the character.

Most Iconic

Let’s get the very first incredible poster out of the way. It is precisely what you see in the image, the cover of a comic during World War II where Captain America is shown knocking the taste out of Hitler. Can’t say I don’t personally love this one. It holds up to the test of time. One thing you’ll never see history frown on is kicking the teeth out of a true villain. That is exactly what a Nazi Totalitarian is, and Steve Rogers isn’t having it. 

Most Controversial

It wasn’t all shiny Captain America posters when it came to real-life war. Two posters that had no shame in using a popular character to recruit real young adults to become soldiers in actual war. Look at this full-on propaganda effort between Marvel and the US government. 

Captain America was used to ask comic book buying, everyday citizens to literally purchase war bonds or even enlist into the military to join the war effort. It was a surprisingly effective campaign. Yes, we did need to win WWII, but did we need to use comic books to find soldiers?

Best Sellers

This first best seller on redbubble is popular for reasons I can only speculate on. We can glance over Twitter and social media, in general, to find the character is considered handsome by a large variety of people, which may have something to do with it. Why? Well, the quote is fun, perhaps. Another reason could be the simplicity of the art and its high quality. It embodies the character’s fight and hopefulness in the face of defeat.

This best-seller on Amazon is more Iconic. It embodies the comic book fans love more than anything else. The poster here is of a rare tin of the Comic Book reveal of Captain America. Comicdom legends Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are listed right on the front as the author and illustrator, respectively. This poster, in my opinion, is the best poster a Captain America fan can ask for. 

The Movie Poster

This is the poster of Chris Evans in his first outing as Captain America in the MCU. For this reason, and with all the movies afterward. He would be part of Captain America 2 and 3. Avengers 1-4 and even cameo’s in Spider-Man films, among others. Therefore, the film and this poster from that film represent the start of it all. The rise of love for an actor who was once the Human Torch. The rekindling of Captain America comic book sales and a record-breaking run in box office history for Marvel and Disney alike. 

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The Winter Soldier poster actually makes more sales, but there would be no Winter Soldier without this first film. So, while I will leave you a link to both, I must pay homage to the one that started it all. 

Captain America The Winter Soldier

The Collector Item

Captain America did have movie and TV appearances before Chris Evans, long, long before him. They were not the best. They did, however, spawn this oddly still relevant and fun poster that makes its circles around the internet and still makes surprisingly good sales. One can only speculate the reasons, but take a gander at Captain America and The Purple Death. 


Meaningful Thoughts

Make This a Poster

I’m going to preface the following two posters a bit. We can always say that to treat each other better, we should be careful not to pass quick judgment and learn forgiveness. To quote many great philosophers, “Learn to accept one another for our uniqueness.” Yet, any with a clear eye can see subtle things that reveal some people’s gut reactions to be somewhat negative when certain ‘normalities’ are changed. 

While this, perhaps, is not inherent to some of the more volatile things an individual can say about one who has a hard time accepting change. It does bear weight to the question, “Why isn’t it okay?”

Captain America and Superman are the ‘Boy Scouts’ of the comic world. In many ways, of the cinematic world and fictional world, too. The standard for being a decent hero, and perhaps what being an American might mean when one looks at certain constitutional ideals. 

All men(humans) are created equal, and a country founded and prospered on the idea that equality is the ultimate goal. That blending of cultural ideals, religious freedom, and open talk about such subjects allow faster progress. It allows for learning from each other rather than being negligent and becoming stagnant in actual growth.

This is doubled down on by things like The Freedom of Speech. The Right to Representation

With all its flaws, the US broke away from slavery, adopted the right to vote for people not of the majority(in regards to skin tone), for females, and in some places(still a fight) allowed same-sex marriages in a shorter time than any country in history. It is easy to forget how quickly these things came to pass because the country is young enough that the origin of the wounds they left still reside. It is also easy to forget that in 2022, people still get upset at the idea of certain things changing. Certain characters no longer being of a specific gender or race. While it may not be true for you, for some, this is still a fight they face and everyday worry. Tales from grandparents are passed down to parents. These tales pass to children again, and they live in a child’s mind. 

We know them as fears. 

When an iconic figure changes to look similar to these scared children and is accepted by the masses, it really does help show these fears to be outdated. It has an actual impact. This is what having more representation can mean. This is all I want to write on the matter, and here are two awesome Captain America posters for your viewing pleasure. 

Sam Wilson

This more popular poster of Sam Wilson as Captain America is from the comics. However, the worldwide love for the MCU allowed hundreds of millions of people to see Sam Wilson dawn the Red, White and Blue colors in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier limited series. Sam Wilson is currently(2022) Captain America in comics and film. 

It has been nothing but positivity for the Falcon taking the mantle, even if the show got a little flack for some of its looser plot points.

Captain Carter

This could be argued to be a “Captain Britain” poster. 

Peggy Carter, once Steve Roger’s love interest, takes the mantle in a What If story. In the tale, things lead to her having to be the one to inject the Super Soldier Serum. You can watch the animated version of this extraordinary tale in the What If series on Disney+.

Other women become Captain America in the comics, but Peggy is the first to be animated.

Danielle Cage, the daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, becomes Captain America when she grows up. Sharon Rogers, in one timeline, becomes a future Captain America(Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter’s daughter). Roberta Mendez also wields the title in the 2099 series of Marvel that used to exist. Read that name again. That was a 90’s comic. Stan was always ahead of his time.

The Pinnacle of Captain America Posters

This author’s personal favorite is also the saddest of the posters. One of the most iconic events in comic history was the day Steve Rogers was killed in comic canon. It reminded the hero world that one of their most honored members was just human. It reminded readers why he was cherished because he was the most vulnerable. It humbled the proud, weakened the strong, and broke the unbreakable. 

The death of Captain America shook the Marvel Comic Book Universe to its core. Across all platforms, mourning happened. It was not retconned…kidding, it was, of course. Still, it lasted for around two years. New Captain America’s stepped up, specifically Bucky Barnes. But The Winter Soldier did not do the best job and was thankful to give up the mantle. 

Captain America was “assassinated” in front of a crowd for the world to see. Killed not in a great battle but by something as simple as a bullet. I will link the following graphic novel dedicated to that story with this incredible wall art as a gift to our readers. It depicts his best friend, Tony Stark, a man who fought with and against him often but admired him more than any, mourning. 


  • There have been twenty different Captain America’s in the comic books. 
  • Hawkeye was offered the role by Tony Stark but turned it down after only one mission. 
  • Scott Summers, AKA Cyclops, was Captain America in an alternate timeline.
  • The Punisher took up his own, violent version of Captain America, after he believed him dead. It was his way of honoring Steve Rogers.
  • Red Skull has gone mad(insane) after victory in the Old Man Logan timeline and wears Captain America’s outfit. At the same time, he reigns over his half of the country, parading around almost a schizophrenic mess.


Question: How old is Captain America?

Answer: In canon, he was 26 years old when he got frozen during WWII(1945) so add however many years from 1945 to the present time with, let’s say 26, and there you have it. (Born 1918).

Question: What are Captain America’s Powers?

Answer: Let’s talk about some of his feats real quick to give you a limit, though. He can take a punch from The Hulk, who can smash iron. He does not take it well, but he can handle it. He can pound through a steel door, it will make his hands bleed, but he can do it. He can flip a car over, and it doesn’t tire him out. He can leap up about two stories and down from as high as four with no injury. He can react fast enough to guard bullets with his shield and throw and catch the 40+mph flying, vibranium spinning disc he calls a shield. 

Question: Where can I get the best Posters?

Answers: The Marvel website does have posters, but their search engine sucks. Amazon is usually the easiest, Etsy is nice, and eBay will be where you find more authentic classics. -> Be careful on eBay, though. 

True Believers 

Steve Rogers was one of Stan Lee’s favorite creations. He and Jack Kirby struck magic more often than not when they worked well together, and much of what we’ve shown here is an example of that. Captain America is probably one of the best reminders that the ideas America is built on are sometimes better than the execution. Still, all that means is that we can work on ourselves more than we can work on others. 

That’s what Cap would say, anyways. Maybe that’s what “Be Better” means?

Farewell, true believers.  

Featured Image poster is available here.

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