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I recently binge-read the second half of Invincible, and boy, was I in for a ride! This comic always pushed the boundaries of its genre, and the further you get into the storyline, the more accurate this statement is. That is due to creator Robert Kirkman’s ability to shock us with unexpected events that hold a lot of weight to the characters, and of course, Ryan Ottley’s gory art makes everything come to life.

It’s impossible to read Invincible and not feel despair, sadness, outrage, and conflicting emotions. Though there are many events and characters that are examples of gruesome storytelling, today, I will focus on one person: Anissa. This Anissa Invincible Guide is your thorough analysis of why she is one of the most hated villains. And in a world as chaotic and violent as Invincible’s, that says a lot!

Trigger warning: This article will delve into the topic of sexual assault. If that is not something you’re comfortable with, there are plenty of other fantastic articles for you to check out on our site.

My Bottom line Upfront

Anissa is a powerful menace like all the other Viltrumites, the aliens that want to conquer Earth. But she managed to achieve new levels of cruelty in issue 110 when she sexually assaulted the series’s protagonist. Thus she became the most infamous Viltrumite of all.

  • Basic information on Anissa
  • All appearances in Invincible comic
  • Opinion- Is she awesome or lame?
  • And the award for best quote goes to…

What and who is Invincible?

Annisa Art

Most people are acquainted with Marvel and DC comics, but they are not the only publishers to create superheroes. Image comics have created their own superhero Universe, and one of their most famous titles is Invincible. This comic follows the journey of Mark Grayson, a pretty typical teenager, until he gets his superpowers and becomes a superhero named Invincible. A little bit cocky if you ask me, but still cool. Mark’s dad is a super-powerful alien who allegedly came to Earth to protect the planet. He is basically this Universe’s version of Superman with a twist and a flashy mustache.

The twist is that Nolan Grayson, AKA Omini Man, is not here to protect Earth but conquer it. His race, the Viltrumites, are intergalactic conquerors who subjugate other species to expand their Empire. When Mark discovers that, he opposes his dad and vows to protect Earth. That premise is intense, but do you know what makes it even more so? This all happens by issue 11 of the comic! And believe me, that is just the beginning. This comic is out of this world. You have to read it to understand it. Seriously.

General information

Anissa is a straight Viltrumite in each and every sense. This species is raised under the survival of the fittest regime. Young Viltrumites are forged to be strong, and they frequently engage in combats with one another to determine who’s superior. All these combats end with death. It is perfectly acceptable for a Viltrumite to kill another. If you can’t survive, you are not fit to be a part of the Empire. 

No wonder they are at the edge of extinction! If you don’t want your whole species to die, don’t make a habit out of killing your colleagues, no matter how annoying they are!

It is even implied it is common practice for the Viltrumites to assault each other in order to procreate. Viltrumite’s lifespans are extensive, and Anissa has lived for thousands of years. She is one of the most prominent Viltrumites antagonists in the comics, alongside Grand Regent Thragg, Conquest, and General Kregg.



By Earth standards, Viltrumites are monsters, and Anissa follows the Viltrumite’s way to a T. In her first appearance, she tried diplomacy with Mark, showing that she has some manipulative skills. But she soon loses her temper and goes back to threats and fighting. She is prone to bursts of anger and seems to have no empathy. She takes what she wants with no regard for other people’s feelings, as is shown when she sexually assaults Mark. She takes that even further by harassing him every time they see each other, clearly deriving pleasure from her cruelty. I got all kinds of bad chills while reading these scenes.

Even when the Viltrumites start living on Earth and forming families, she still doesn’t mingle with humans. She is arrogant and thinks humans are beneath her. However, with the passage of time, even she is reformed. She marries a man named Scott and raises their daughter alongside the son she had with Mark. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see how her evolution came to be. It is only stated that her relationship with Scott changed her from a cruel murderer and rapist to a family woman capable of self-sacrifice.


Anissa is a caucasian woman with short black hair and grey eyes. She is slim and tall. She appears throughout most of the comic run wearing the classic white and grey Viltrumite uniform. It is only in some of her last appearances that she is shown wearing human clothes and earrings.

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Key Relationships

Nolan Grayson: They are colleagues, and both have been assigned to conquer worlds. When Nolan’s betrayal of the Viltrum empire becomes known, Anissa despises him. Later on, when it is revealed Nolan is the heir of Argall and thus the rightful Grand Regent, Anissa supports him.

Mark Grayson: Anissa initially despises Mark and deems him inferior because he is half-human. However, he later becomes the object of her sexual advances. Their relationship is a sour one.

Scott Murphy: Anissa’s human husband. They seem to share a lot of affection. He is the man responsible for Anissa’s change of heart. In issue 137, they share one of the most heartfelt conversations in this comic. And that is also where my favorite and funniest Anissa quote comes from.

Markus Murphy: Anissa’s son was conceived during her sexual assault on Mark. They probably had a close relationship because when she dies, he runs away. The way he was conceived was a burden to Mark took years for him to deal with in a healthy way and get closure from his dad.

Molly Murphy: Anissas’s daughter with Scott. There’s not a lot of information on her, but she sure is a cute baby.



Out of This World: (Appears in #44-45). Anissa appears while Mark is having lunch with his mother and threatens to kill Debbie Grayson if he doesn’t go with her. She apologizes for the threat but says it was necessary for him to follow her. 

Anissa inquires about Mark’s progress in preparing Earth for the Viltrumites, and he says there was none. He prepares to fight, but Anissa argues that with Viltrumites’ help, Earth would become a paradise for centuries. Great technology, no war, no hunger, no disease. The only caveat is that after the Viltrum Empire finished extracting Earth’s resources, the planet would be destroyed.

Cecil interrupts with an emergency, and Anissa decides to help. They defeat the monster, and while Mark shows signs of exhaustion, Anissa is on top of her game. When Mark reaffirms he’s not going to help the Viltrumites, Anissa attacks and subdues him. She says another agent will take his place and kill him if he doesn’t obey. This could be in five months or five years, and she hopes he will come to his senses. I wouldn’t want a ticking time bomb like that above my head! But our superhero will have to deal with this anyway.

Anissa flies away and encounters Allen the Alien in Earth’s orbit and fights him. When he realizes this could be an opportunity to rescue Nolan, Allen lets himself be captured by Anissa. 

I like this issue because it’s a little bit before what I consider the turning point of the series. Issue 50. Of course, up until then, there had already been multiple shocking moments. But the levels of intensity and drama after issue 50 make a new standard. Anissa’s appearance in issues 44 and 45 is a taste of what would be coming with the bloody, great, and jaw-dropping Viltrumite war.

Happy Days: (Appears in #55) In this issue focused on Allen, Anissa appears in a flashback of when she “captured” the Alien.

Invincible Returns:(Single issue)Anissa stands guard with General Kregg when Conquest talks about his failures with Grand Regent Thragg. She also appears in a flashback when Mark is telling Eve about how the Viltrumite woman confronted him.

The Viltrumite War:(Appears in #74-77) Thaedus, the leader of the coalition of planets, reveals he has a way to defeat the Viltrumites. Anissa comes crashing into Talescria with the Viltrumite army and destroys the coalition headquarters. The Viltrumites fight the coalition forces, but they leave.

The coalition and its allies take the fight to Viltrum, the Viltrumite’s planet. While fighting Nolan, Anissa says even though he revealed their weakness, his strategy is not going to work. The fight continues, and Nolan defeats Anissa. To the dismay of everyone, Mark, Nolan, and Thaedus destroy Viltrum.

The Viltrumite War

Even after the destruction of their planet, the Viltrumites keep fighting. Anissa appears fighting Allen while Grand Regent Thragg beats Mark and Nolan. They leave them alive, and the Viltrumites go away. Mark and Nolan head to Earth only to find the Viltrumites there. Thragg says they have no interest in destroying the planet yet.

The Viltrumites want to procreate with the people on Earth and recuperate their numbers. If Mark doesn’t agree, they will destroy the planet. So Mark strikes a deal with the devil. While Thragg explains that their people interbreed, Anissa is shown making angry faces at two guys next to her, indicating she is not willing to do so.

This arc is everything the creator had been setting up since Anissa’s first appearance. And it has most of the things I love in Invincible. The stakes are high, the fighting is bloody and intense, and when you think you know what’s going to happen, things take a completely different turn.

The Death of Everyone:(Appears in #99; 101-102) In issue 99, Anissa only makes a cameo among all the Viltrumites while Thragg is saying they must not interfere in the battle that is occurring on Earth at the moment. Issue 101 begins with Thragg reprimanding officers for their behavior, including Anissa. 

She refuses to procreate with humans, and he finds this unacceptable. Anissa replies she is aware of her duties but that she never wanted to procreate. Besides, what he asks of her is very different than what he asks of the men, given that she will be the one to get pregnant. When her colleagues demonstrate affection for the humans, Thragg says they are only cattle, and Anissa agrees.

In issue 102, Thragg invades Nolan and Debbie’s new residence in space. The regent wants to kill Nolan because he is the heir of Argall, thus the rightful regent of the Viltrum Empire. While the two fight, the other Viltrumites arrive and learn the truth. They side with Nolan, and Anissa calls the rite of execution for Thragg, saying he will die for this betrayal. However, Nolan decides to take the Viltrumites in a less violent direction and exiles Thragg.

I must admit I am not a big fan of the lost prince trope. Does every protagonist have to be the chosen one or the ruler of a people? I don’t think so, but I understand how this plot point makes things more convenient storytelling-wise. Since the situation is still complicated and the characters don’t have it easy because of that, I was willing to let it slide.

The War at Home:(Appears in #106-107) Mark and his girlfriend Eve have dinner in his parent’s home in space. Mark and his dad arm wrestle to see who is stronger. Anissa flies by at this moment, observing them. It is implied Mark let this father win so he would be viewed as strong.

The heroes of Earth unite to defeat a new threat. A being crashes into the monster, defeating it. Mark flies high and discovers it was Anissa. He questions why she was spying on his father, and she says she was actually observing Mark. Then Anissa kisses him. Mark complains, and she replies she didn’t sense any resistance from him. Talk about foreshadowing!

Friends:(Appears in #109-110; 113-114) Mark is trapped in an alternate dimension where he is the emperor of the Viltrum empire on Earth. Anissa is seen with the other Vultrimites on a mission to rescue Mark and seems to be the leader of the endeavor. 

In issue 110, Mark escapes from an alternate reality and meets with Eve. But she broke up with him because he went missing for months again and didn’t listen to her. Mark is the lowest he’s been for a while. The love of his life broke up with him, and only he knows about Rex’s plan to dominate the world. Then he stumbles into Anissa.

Anissa tells Mark the Viltrumite males are performing their procreation duties but that she refuses to mate with humans. So he is her target. Mark flies away, but Anissa follows him and Mark says he doesn’t want to fight her. Anissa says she doesn’t want to fight but fulfill her duties by procreating with him, but he refuses. The female Viltrumite says the human way has failed, so now she is going to have to do it the Viltrumite way. They fight, but she subjugates and rapes Mark. 


This scene is so difficult to read, and I couldn’t believe it was really happening when I read it. The events are devastating, and Anissa’s cruelty is present all the way. Besides the physical abuse, she also abuses Mark psychologically by saying she doesn’t care what he wants, that the assault would happen again and that he should “man up.” 

It is not often that comics deal with the topic of rape, especially the ones about superheroes. The topic of male rape is even more invisible in society. Many times victims are not believed, and in some countries, men being raped by women is not even considered a crime according to the constitution. So even though these pages are some of the hardest I read in my life, I believe raising awareness about this topic was a bold and important choice.

During issue 113, Rex initiated his plans to conquer the world. He’s neutralizing all heroes that won’t comply, even his former girlfriend, Monster Girl. He throws her into space to die, but Anissa rescues her and takes her to the Viltrumite base. Mark encounters Anissa on the base, and he is suffering from stress symptoms from the assault. His hands start shaking when he sees Anissa, and she keeps harassing him. 

Rex goes to the Viltrumite base to strike a deal with them, and Nolan accepts. If the Viltrumites don’t interfere with his plans on Earth, they can keep their lives going with no violence. Mark arrives at the moment the deal is being made, and Anissa holds him, but he tells her not to touch him. Nolan tells Mark about the deal, but the young man doesn’t agree with it.

Modern Family:(Appears in #116) Mark talks to his father in the Viltrumite base about joining forces to take down Rex, but Nolan refuses. The regent says this course of action will bring a lot of deaths to both humans and Viltrumites. Anissa appears and greets Mark. He grabs her by the throat, pushes her against the wall, and tells her to back off. Nolan screams, but Mark tells him to stay out of it. Anissa says she is enjoying all this, and a shocked Mark lets go of her and walks away.

Full House:(Appears in #129) After the 5-year time jump, Mark, Eve, and their daughter visit Mark’s parents. When Eve sees Anissa, she immediately attacks the Viltrumite. Mark stops her saying he doesn’t want anyone being killed. Eve replies she can’t let Anissa go after what she did to Mark. Nolan grabs Anissa by the throat and asks what she did to his son. Mark says she didn’t do anything. Anissa tries to say something, but Nolan tells her to leave. A while later, Anissa arrives at home to meet her husband and their daughter. It is then revealed she had Mark’s son, Marky.

The End of All Things:(Appears in #137-139) At the beginning of issue 137, we see the Viltrumites among their human families. That’s when we see Anissa be vulnerable for the first time. She talks to her husband while she looks at her children about how lucky she is. Scott says that she can fly to the stars and walk to the moon, and he wonders if all that is enough for her.

Anissa says traveling through space is lonely and that before meeting him, she wasn’t herself. She doesn’t want to be that person anymore because it scares her. He taught her so many important things, and now she is happy with him on Earth. Right then, Nolan calls, and she has to leave for battle.

This moment is really beautiful. It is really palpable that Anissa has changed, and it is rewarding to see her acknowledge how horrible she was. This is one of the most heartfelt conversations in the comic, and I’m glad it exists. Still, it is a bummer we don’t see Anissa’s growth process, but I’ll talk more about that later. 

The Viltrumites under Nolan’s command fight against Thragg’s army of half-blooded Viltrumites. Thragg procreated with hundreds of Thraxan’s females. This species dies in about nine months, so the offspring of Viltrumites and Thraxans age at a fast pace. Hence, Thragg was able to create an army of teenage Viltrumites in 5 years. The bloodiest battle I’ve seen in comics ensues, and Anissa is rocking all the punches.

Thragg punches Nolan so strongly that he rips his opponent in half. Eve is watching the fight from the ship but sets out to rescue Nolan. When Eve is in danger, and her force field is broken, Anissa rescues her. She tells Eve that Mark needs her and she can’t die. Eve wants to help, but Anissa says she should get to safety. A Ragnar alien injures Anissa badly, and Eve uses her force field to rescue her too. Anissa says Eve should leave her and focus on Nolan, but Eve replies Anissa saved her life, and she is going to repay the favor.

Seeing she is about to die, Anissa asks Eve to tell Mark she is sorry and that she didn’t understand what she was doing. But she adds she doesn’t regret what she did, and he will understand when he sees him, referring to Marky. Eve says she will tell him herself and takes them to the Viltrumite base. This issue is the last with Anissa as we learn later on she died.

Awesome or lame?

Annisa Lame

I am going to say that she is in between awesome and lame. But why is that? I don’t think there are many characters from Invincible that are lame. Everyone has a purpose in the narrative and some type of character growth. Anissa is the same. She is fierce in every scene she appears, a force to be reckoned with. Her personality and her actions help establish the nature of the Viltrumites and create tension in the narrative. However, even though she changes and even sacrifices herself to atone for her atrocious acts, we don’t see her growth process.

It is not often people change so much, but it happens. Still, it is hard to empathize with her after the horrible thing she did to Mark. I understand the last arc of Invincible is totally jam-packed and the author couldn’t show the development of all characters in the number of issues he had. That’s perfectly fine, and I think Robert Kirkman chose to focus on the right things and brought a wonderful finale to an incredible series.

Even so, I can’t put Anissa up there with the awesome characters. She didn’t have the kind of arc Jaime Lannister or Zucco had that could make us empathize with her. In the end, she was someone who definitely wasn’t lame but didn’t make the cut to be awesome.

And the award for best quote goes to…

Anissa: Horse shit.

Scott: You’re obsessed with saying that.

Anissa: To call a thing the excrement from another creature is a delightful Earth custom, and you know it.

What to say about that? It made me laugh really hard and the fact that it comes in the middle of a beautiful declaration makes it even better. Anissa is telling her husband how happy she is with him and that him believing flying into space is better than their family is horse shit. Unexpected, funny, and a great observation about how idioms might be entertaining for foreigners. I love when an author can blend emotional weight and comedy like that!

FAQs About Anissa Invincible

Question: Who killed Anissa in Invincible?

Answer: She was killed by a Ragnar Alien, a species lethal to the Viltrumites.

Question: How old is Anissa Invincible?

Answer: Her exact age is not known. But it is implied that along with all the pureblood Viltrumites in Invincible, she is thousands of years old.

Question: How strong is Anissa in Invincible?

Answer: The Viltrumites are some of the strongest creatures in the Universe. A simple way to answer this is to say Anissa and the other Viltrumites are as strong as Superman.

Question: Who killed Anissa in Invincible?

Answer: She was killed by a Ragnar Alien, a species lethal to the Viltrumites.

Question: How old is Anissa Invincible?

Answer: Her exact age is not known. But it is implied that along with all the pureblood Viltrumites in Invincible, she is thousands of years old.

Question: How strong is Anissa in Invincible?

Answer: The Viltrumites are some of the strongest creatures in the Universe. A simple way to answer this is to say Anissa and the other Viltrumites are as strong as Superman.

A hard pill to swallow

Whether you liked her or hated her, Anissa made an impact on Invincible. As the only prominent female Viltrumite in the series, she stood her ground when she thought treatment towards her was unfair. Her remark about how asking male Viltrumites to produce offspring was different from asking the females to do the same is my favorite scene of the character (along with the horse shit moment).

Still, the fact she raped Mark makes her rightfully hated. I didn’t forgive her in the end. People change, but they can’t erase the evil they did. I think showing that was a genius move from Robert Kirkman. Having characters this flawed in a superhero comic book is a great way to mirror reality. In a world where alien invasions are a constant, dealing with real-life trauma is important to give the story depth and maybe offer some sort of catharsis to the reader.

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