Marjorie Soares

Marjorie is a complete comic buff that not only knows Marvel and DC's line-ups inside out, but digs deep to find new and exciting properties on the horizon. Her favorites within the space are Invincible, Black Panther and Batman to name a few. However, she tries to split her time equally between comics and manga, and will often set down the reading material to watch some anime too.

Can Deadpool Die?

Can Deadpool Die?

Can Deadpool Die? Despite what he might want you to think, the merc with a mouth is not immortal. Deadpool can die.  You just have to be creative to kill him. Fortunately, I am creative, and I’ve read so many Deadpool comics I’ve become the perfect assassin. But just in comics … of course. Writers …

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Is Deadpool a Superhero

Is Deadpool a Superhero?

Deadpool is sometimes a superhero, other times a villain, but most often, he’s an anti-hero – like Taylor Swift. Why the range, you ask? Well… it’s all related to the character’s ever-expanding popularity. At the time of his creation, Deadpool was an unimportant villain, a typical mercenary. But the status quo changed in 1997 with …

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Best Deadpool Masks

I have never been to a geek event where I didn’t see dozens of Deadpools walking around the place. Funnily enough, three or four of them are usually hanging out together. It’s a weird scene, but I have seen it so often that Deadpool’s multiverse of madness doesn’t scare me anymore. But what I realized …

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