Marjorie Soares

Marjorie is a complete comic buff that not only knows Marvel and DC's line-ups inside out, but digs deep to find new and exciting properties on the horizon. Her favorites within the space are Invincible, Black Panther and Batman to name a few. However, she tries to split her time equally between comics and manga, and will often set down the reading material to watch some anime too.

Azrael Batman Guide

If you are a fan of edgy anti-heroes like myself, this Azrael Batman guide is for you! During the 90s, a surge of increasingly darker themes and characters arrived on the comic book pages. And they skyrocketed in popularity! The Punisher, Wolverine, Spawn, and many others were the new cool. All the while, more established

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Batman Endgame Explained

Scott Snyder’s Batman run was one of the most acclaimed books in the new 52. When many of the titles of the reboot couldn’t deliver great sustained storylines, Snyder kept creating emotional and epic stories about the Caped Crusader. The result was great arcs such as “The court of owls”,  “The night of owls”, “Death

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