Batman and Wonder Woman Relationship

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Batman and Wonder Woman’s relationship is beautiful, intense and a bit complex at times. They are two of the most prominent heroes of DC comics and make up the most iconic trio of the publisher, alongside Superman.

Though the nature of their relationship may vary according to the story or even the universe they inhabit, mutual respect is always present.

So, in order to flesh out their relationship throughout comic history, I have assembled stories in which they interact.

For simplification purposes, I have left out stories or moments that focus on the DC trinity or Justice League in favor of those that give us one-on-one interactions between the caped crusader and the princess of Themyscira. 

My Bottom line Upfront

Most of the time Batman and Wonder Woman are friends and allies, sometimes they can be enemies and on other occasions, there are even hints of romance. And as controversial as it sounds, I am a big fan of the romance part.

Rundown Of The Article

  • Examples of the duo’s team-ups, conflicts, and romance
  • Alternate versions of the characters
  • My personal favorite moment from the list
  • Look for the (AWESOME) (OKAY) and (LAME) symbols to know which stories are worth your while

Batman And Wonder Woman Team-Ups

As surprising as it sounds, there haven’t been many team-ups between the Dark Knight and the Amazon Princess. Superman and Batman have the title World’s Finest to develop their relationship, but in Bruce and Diana’s case, there hasn’t been much outside of Justice League to depict their partnership.

Lucky for you, I have assembled the comics in which they partner up. While some are quite forgettable, others are downright awesome. But all of them have an important place in understanding Batman and Wonder Woman’s relationship throughout comic book history.

The Brave and the Bold #78

The Brave and the Bold #78

(LAME) This is Batman and Wonder Woman’s first proper team-up, and probably one of the most insane stories involving the two heroes. I’m dead serious!

Who came up with the idea of Batgirl and Wonder Woman in a fighting contest to show which one loves Batman the most? And with the eager participation of the press and population at large!

The two fight publicly and give the most outrageous gifts to Batman like a brand new pink batmobile and a giant gold statue of the Dark Knight.

Just when we think this madness has been going on for too long, we discover it was all trap for the villain Copperhead. But this crazy plan backfires when out of the blue the two heroines really start having feelings for the Bat.

The two act crazily until the prospect of Copperhead discovering their identities makes the duo come to their senses.

In the end, they all defeat Copperhead together, both heroines apologize for falling in love with Batman and they go away as if nothing weird ever happened. This issue is bonkers, but at least it gives us Batman and Wonder Woman’s first kiss in the comics.

Wonder Woman Vol 2 #164 – 167

Wonder Woman Vol 2 #164 - 167

(OKAY) In this arch, the gods Eris, Deimos, and Phobos possess the bodies of Poison Ivy, The Joker, and Scarecrow respectively in order to take revenge against Wonder Woman.

Initially, Batman is reluctant to accept the princess’ help, but they soon form an alliance. The two heroes fight the gods with the help of their allies, but things take a turn for the worst when Phobos is able to take over Batman’s body.

With a beautiful speech, Wonder Woman is able to reach our Batman’s conscience and free him from Phobos’ control.

After the gods are defeated, the Amazon and the Dark Knight share a beautiful heart to heart on a rooftop, which shows just how they make an incredible team.

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Batman Rebirth #39-40

Batman Rebirth #39-40

(AWESOME) Wonder Woman uses the bat signal to summon Batman. Pretty good start for a story, right?

Their mission is to take the place of an interdimensional warrior, The Gentleman, to fight a horde of infinite beasts that threaten the world, and let the man rest for a while. The thing is, time goes by differently in this dimension.

Hours in their world equal years in this dimension. As time passes in their reality, Batman and Wonder Woman spend 37 years in the other dimension fighting monsters incessantly.

They support each other through their darkest moments and make it until The Gentleman’s return. And to spoil a little bit another section down the article, The Amazon and the Caped Crusader almost kiss in year 10. Well, who could blame them?  But they both remember their respective significant others in due time and hold back.

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The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman

The Brave and the Bold Batman and Wonder Woman

(AWESOME)Batman and Wonder Woman in an adventure with Celtic gods? What else could I ask for? In this mini-series, The God Cernunnos asks Wonder Woman to solve a murder mystery in his dimension. Meanwhile, Batman is investigating events in which people in Gotham are suffering from illusions of a magical nature.

Turns out both mysteries are connected, and when Wonder Woman enlists Batman to help her, an adventure full of fantasy and wonder begins. Side note – the art of this comic is just beautiful. The sheer level of detail coupled with beautiful fantasy landscapes make this an amazing aesthetic experience.

Batman And Wonder Woman As Foes

It is rare, but Batman and Wonder Woman can be foes at times. On most occasions, this was due to different worldviews and objectives at a particular time, and not a result of hatred. But there is an exception when we talk about alternate realities because as we all know, anything can happen in other worlds!

Wonder Woman – The Hiketeia

Wonder Woman - The Hiketeia

(AWESOME) In this stand-alone graphic novel, we see a young woman named Danielle asking Wonder Woman to protect her through an ancient Greek ritual called the Hiketeia. This ritual could not be refused, and once accepted, the protector had to go to the last consequences to fulfill their mission.

But what Diana didn’t know when she accepted this challenge was that Batman was after the girl she had to protect.

When both heroes come to this realization, there comes a conflict bound to change their relationship forever. It is a face-off with all one can ask for – strategic interplay, epic physical fights, and a complex morality problem behind the punches. 

Moreover, the cover is a little spoilery, and we do in fact, get to see Wonder Woman stepping on Batman’s face. Truly iconic!

JLA-A League of One

JLA-A League of One

(AWESOME) People often remember Batman had a plan to successfully neutralize each member of the Justice League in JLA: Tower of Babel. But they often forget Wonder Woman did just the same in JLA: A League of One. And with much less time to prepare!

In this one-shot, Diana learns of a prophecy that states the whole Justice League will be killed by the mythical dragon Karfang. In order to avoid that, the Amazon neutralizes every one of her colleagues so the Justice Justice League will be now a League of one. See what they did there?

Most members of the group were really clueless about what was happening, but Batman, being a great detective and all, was able to discover Diana’s motives.

He tries to talk sense into her, defying her blind fate in a prophecy but Diana doesn’t listen and quickly subdues him. In the end, Wonder Woman makes it out alive of the conflict with Karfang, showing just how much of a badass she is.

Injustice Gods Among Us

Injustice Gods Among Us

(AWESOME) In this alternate reality created for the game, which then spans into different comic sagas, we see Superman go evil after the Joker makes him kill Lois Lane and his unborn son while under an illusion.

From then on, DC superheroes get split into different teams, the ones who support Superman’s new dictatorial ways and the ones who oppose it.

Batman stands against the blue scout, while Wonder Woman supports him. It is one of the rare instances where The Dark Knight and the Princess of Themyscira become enemies

Batman And Wonder Woman Romance

Batman and Wonder Woman never got to have a fully fleshed-out relationship like they have with Catwoman and Steve Trevor respectively, or even like the one Superman and the Princess of Themysicra had on the New 52.

However, they do have some moments that tease the possibility of a romance. It is controversial, not everyone likes it, but I’m a fan. And I really wish DC would have gone further with that.

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Legends of the DC Universe #32

Legends of the DC Universe #32

(OKAY) This issue brings just a tame hint of something more between Wonder Woman and Batman. After disagreeing about the way Diana defeated a villain, Batman confronts her. But what began as a discussion ends with a beautiful gesture: Batman giving Wonder Woman a rose. 

JLA #74

JLA #74

(AWESOME) The Obsidian Age is a classic from JLA. Its story follows the aftermath of the disappearances of Aquaman and the Kindom of Atlantis. It is a somewhat long arc, so an explanation of its events deserves a whole article.

However, the important moment for this list happens in issue 74 when Batman saves Wonder Woman in the middle of an intense fight and they both kiss passionately before going into battle again. A surprising twist that sure captured WonderBat fans.

JLA #90

JLA #90

(AWESOME) Wonder Woman never forgot Batman’s kiss in issue 74 of JLA, so she decides to enter Martian Manhunter’s Transconscience Articulator to understand her feelings for the Bat.

She has visions of different realities with Batman, one where she stays with Bruce until he dies of old age, another where the Joker kills him, and another where the couple is not able to have children but stays together anyway.

When she wakes up from these dreams, Bruce is standing by her side. The two talk and decide they don’t want to risk their friendship or getting into a tragic future to pursue a relationship.

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Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity

Batman Superman Wonder Woman - Trinity

(AWESOME) This is an awesome limited series that tells an alternate version of how Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman first met. In issue three, Superman and Batman go to Themyscira in search of Wonder Woman.

When the Caped Crusader finds Diana she is bathing in the sunlight. Overcome by Diana’s beauty and Paradise Island’s enchantment, Batman rushes to kiss the princess, whose response is to punch the man in retaliation. Ouch!

All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold #4

All-New Batman The Brave and the Bold #4

(OKAY) This is a silly little comic, but also a lot of fun! Eros is revolted because instead of spreading love into men’s world, Diana is fighting villains.

So he decides to shoot love arrows at Wonder Woman and Batman. They fall in love instantly and decide to marry. But on the day of the ceremony, lots of villains appear to ruin the party.

The foes fight until Aphrodite appears and reveals Eros was to blame for the couple’s passion. In another twist of events, Batman says he knew that already and used Diana’s lasso to free her from the spell. However, they decided to keep pretending to be in love to lure villains to their wedding and defeat them. A master plan!

Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2

Blackest Night Wonder Woman #2

(AWESOME) The Blackest Night is an epic DC comics event that revolves around the different lantern corps, including the terrible Black Lantern Corps who derive their power from death. In Blackest Night: Wonder Woman issue 2, the Amazon was under the influence of the Black Lantern ring.

She kept fighting her allies and was only able to resist control by thinking about Batman. More specifically, about them kissing. Then Aphrodite, the goddess of love, descends from the sky and gives Wonder Woman the Star Sapphire ring, which is powered by love. Isn’t that romantic?

Justice League Animated Series

Justice League Animated Series

(AWESOME) Sometimes the best things won’t come from the comics but from animated series, as I’m sure any Harley Quinn fan will agree. The Justice League animated series is one of those cartoons that’s been able to enchant a generation with complex characters and well-developed storylines.

And for some of us, this animation is also what made us WonderBat shippers. Flirtations between The Dark Knight and the Amazon Princess were frequent on this show and its follow-up, Justice League Unlimited, but perhaps the highlight of their interaction is the episode “This little piggy”.

During one scene Wonder Woman suggests a date with Batman but he states all the things that could go wrong in a relationship between them. But later he somewhat makes up for it by saving the Princess.

When Circe transforms Diana into a pig, the only way she’ll reverse the spell is if Batman offers something special from him. So Batman sings beautifully and Circe returns Wonder Woman to normal. The things a man will do for love…

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Honorable Mentions – The Alternate Versions

Justice League Beyond 2.0

Justice League Beyond 2 0

The Justice League 2.0 comics are a non-canon sequel to the Justice League and Batman Beyond animated series.

In issue 17, we discover the League went back to the Justice Lords’ Universe in order to end the war between the alternate versions of Batman and Superman.

In a turn of events, Wonder Woman and Justice Lord Batman fall in love, and she decides to stay in the alternate universe to fight for good alongside her love. 

Batman – The Merciless

Batman The Merciless

In this Dark Knight Metal tie-in we learn about The Merciless Batman’s history. In an alternate Universe, Bruce and Diana were together and fought alongside each other to defeat Ares.

After Diana was defeated and presumably dead, Bruce decided to wear the god of war’s helmet and ended up becoming insane.

Superwoman and Owl Man

In Earth 3, there is an evil version of the Justice League called the Crime Syndicate. While Batman’s counterpart is Thomas Wayne Jr AKA Owlman, Wonder Woman’s alternate version is Superwoman AKA Lois Lane.

Although the name refers to another famous character, Superwoman is an Amazon and has similar powers to Wonder Woman.

The Villainess is married to Ultraman, Superman’s counterpart, but has a torrid affair with Owlman. It’s complicated, and not really clear-cut, but I thought this couple deserved an honorable mention.

My Personal Favorite Moment

Before I reveal my favorite moment from this list, I want to give a shout-out to The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman for being the best team-up of the heroes. Unfortunately, Batman and Wonder Woman don’t have as many comics together as I would like, but this one brings all one could hope for.

An epic story, a different mythos, and great interaction between the two characters. I hope this serves as an incentive for future stories with the two. With that being said, my favorite moment between Batman and Wonder Woman is the end of JLA issue 90.

Bruce and Diana deciding not to pursue a relationship even after the beautiful possible futures Wonder Woman has seen is a powerful moment. The prospect of their relationship is a what-if scenario bound to haunt the two heroes forever. I know it is haunting me still.


Question: Did Batman and Wonder Woman date?

Answer: As I covered in this article, excluding parallel, realities they never really dated. But it was hinted at several times they had romantic feelings for each other. 

Question: Why Batman and Wonder Woman should be Together?

Answer: That is up to debate and no matter who you ask, the answer will always be personal. In my case, I believe they complement each other very well. Batman admires Wonder Woman and challenges her to be more fierce, while the Amazon helps to bring out the Bat’s softer side. She has the power to make him believe in a good outcome in the darkest of times.

Question: Can Batman Beat Wonder Woman?

Answer: In a straight-up physical fight, no way! Wonder Woman is one of the strongest characters in the DC Universe and has subdued Batman a few times, like in Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia and JLA: A League of One.

However, we all know how smart Batman can be, and with the use of strategy, he can neutralize more powerful foes, as he did with Wonder Woman in the tower of Babel arch. Batman’s contingency plan for Wonder Woman in this story was to trap her in a virtual reality battle with an enemy she couldn’t defeat.

Chemistry of the Gods

Batman and Wonder Woman are great together in battle and when they face off against one another it is always epic to see. Their chemistry makes it extremely compelling to see them together, whether as friends, enemies, or possible lovers.

I hope this article will make you want to see more of them together and maybe if this trend catches on, we’ll be able to see even more stories about the Amazon Princess and the Dark Knight in the future.

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