Deadpool’s Daughter Guide: All About Eleanor Camacho

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Deadpool’s daughter, Eleanor Camacho, has slowly built her way into being the most crucial character in Wade Wilson’s long-term character arc. While it is true Deadpool has sired multiple kids. I want to focus solely on Ellie. Ellie, short for Eleanor, is the daughter that brings the Merc with the Mouth down to Earth every time she is inserted into his character arc. I first encountered this character myself during her conception, which was barely a large part of the comic it was placed in. I would have written it off myself as just a one-off story. The superhero falls in love with a random woman and move on. Only in this case, that woman gets pregnant.

As I worked and studied more about Deadpool for articles on this site, like the VS articles I did on him, I found myself reading extensively through the years of his tales. There were two constants. One was Death, who became a physical embodiment and love interest, perfectly in line with the wild character. The other? The other showed the best colors of Deadpool, which made him tangible and relatable. The other made him completely vulnerable. That was Ellie, that is Ellie. Amiss all the humor that Deadpool brings to the Universe he exists in, he couldn’t even process that he was a father. When he finally accepted it, there was no humor involved. When it comes to his kid, Wade Wilson will do anything to give her a good life and make sure she experiences a better world than the one he knows.  You can’t be the daughter of Deadpool and expect that to work out, though. Sure enough, Ellie has her powers, a little bit of her dad, and a lot of hero. This is our comprehensive guide on the most fantastic character you might have never known. This…is Deadpool’s daughter.

I have a habit to make a collage of my favorite story arcs. This one made my list. -Bryan Hughes

Key Info

  • Unlike most characters, Deadpool’s daughter is conceived and grows up throughout the pages of comic book lore. I mean literally the act of her conception, Deadpool #13 (2013).
  • Her full name is Eleanor Camacho, but I often refer to her as Ellie for short. 
  • Links to the most influential versions of these comics will be to Marvel, but there are other places to get them if you’re looking. Like me, most bookstores can order them locally if you prefer a physical copy.
  • Although many sites list her first appearance during the Good the Bad and the Ugly arc(issues #14-19 of Deadpool in 2013), she doesn’t appear in a vision until issue #29. She doesn’t appear in person until issue #30.


Carmelita Camacho and Deadpool
Image From Bryan Hughes

Carmelita Camacho and Deadpool met in a psychedelic flashback issue of Deadpool volume five. They were both prisoners of The White Man, you read that right, and she decided to have some special last moments. In the issue, Deadpool’ teams’ with Luke Cage and Iron Fist, who come in and make the save. Did it take place in 1977, as the comic suggests? No, that is debunked in almost the next issue immediately and when Ellie is born. Deadpool suffers from legit insanity, and he likely just imagined the world in that time because that’s how he saw the Heroes for Hire. 

What seemed like a “too good to be true” fateful encounter between Ellie’s mom(Carmelita Camacho) and Deadpool turns out to be more than a fabricated memory for The Merc with a Mouth. While I suggest reading the comic book linked because it is hilarious fun, it is not exactly PG, so do be warned if you pick it up. It is also the first appearance of Ellie’s mother, and the ominous thing she says in this issue sends chills down my spine as I recount the life of the Daughter of Deadpool. The screenshot of the exact words I’m speaking of is above. This one below lets you know it wasn’t Wade’s plan to make contact and run. Quite frankly, it’s too often what happens when people see him without the mask. Poor guy.

Image From Bryan Hughes

A few issues later, and we have one of the best arcs in Deadpool history. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Deadpool discovers a Korean super villain is using him to try and produce their mutant team. While attempting to escape captivity while being experimented on, he learns that his one-time romp several years before had consequences. Carmelita became pregnant. He is a father. It’s not something he can even fathom and is even addressed in a later issue in detail about how he tried to distance them from himself. It didn’t work. His fear came true almost immediately. Hence, the Korean situation.

There have only been a few times when reading a comic will break me and bring some dormant emotions to the surface, especially in public. When Deadpool realizes he did have a daughter, he laughed it away not because of a memory issue but out of disbelief. Disbelief that someone like Carmelita could have ever actually been with him, and looking back on how she left him, man. It wrecks me when he reflects on the memory of being asked for child support. Here it is below.

Deadpool Comic
Image From Bryan Hughes

Emotional damage turns into strength eventually, and Deadpool teams with Captain America and Wolverine to fight tooth and nail against his captors. When he finally arrives to save the mother of his child and his daughter Eleanor, he is left mourning over the body of Carmelita. Moreover, there is nothing but overwhelming proof his daughter is dead. She is his daughter, though, and not only does she make it out alive, but into relatively everyday life. When you’re the daughter of an international mercenary known worldwide, everyday life isn’t last long. 

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Surviving Childhood

Deadpool Comic
Image From Bryan Hughes

The actual first image of Eleanor Camacho is in a photograph as a baby in issue #24 of Deadpool(2012/2014). Because guilt was still dancing around Wade’s heart, he bought the best amenities he could afford for his daughter’s grandmother. Both assumed his child had died, but the grandma hated him for the loss.  Soon, the comic book reader would learn the truth. The first words she speaks in the panel are in a vision of the future from Agent Preston, the one person who was with Deadpool through all of his family drama. This vision wasn’t until issue #29 of the 2013 run either. During this time, Deadpool is married to the Vampire Queen Shiklah. More on that soon.  We see that Butler, the villain who first worked on Deadpool and had stolen his family in Korea, gave his daughter to Joshua. Joshua was Butler’s brother. It seems, however, that the family isn’t utterly horrible because Joshua raised Ellie as his own. In a surprise twist, Joshua turned out to be a good dad.

Image From Bryan Hughes

When Emily Preston tracks down the kid, it is the Flag-Smasher and his crazy mindless followers that attack all of them. With Deadpool nowhere near, Ellie’s life becomes immediately different. She has to flee with Joshua, who had always planned to run. He didn’t know Ellie was Deadpool’s daughter, but he knew his brother was into nasty stuff. He was ready to get Ellie away from it, as I said, a pretty decent dude. Sadly, tragedy strikes as Agent Preston fights off the Flag-Smasher, and Deadpool finally comes to aid his daughter. Joshua, the man Ellie called dad her whole life, suffers a heart attack. He suffers this right in front of Ellie. She flees with Deadpool, and with the help of some friends, everything is settled.

Ellie and Deadpool
Image From Bryan Hughes

Deadpool gets the help of some friends and uses a mental trick to make the cops report Ellie as deceased and then sets her up with Agent Preston’s family. Ellie is raised by Emily Preston and her husband and becomes like a sister to their son. Deadpool moves in next door, however, and remains a regular part of her life positively for the most part. He always puts her before his other problems or issues, even his marriage to Shiklah. Of course, in comics, good things can only last so long.

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Ellie’s Sister

Image Of Warda From Bryan Hughes

It is important to talk about Deadpool’s other daughter. As mentioned earlier, before finding his daughter, he married Shiklah. A vampire queen of the monster underworld in Marvel’s version of New York City. That was a mouthful, but it is her title. This daughter is less popular for a few reasons, mainly because her history and arc exist in a non-canon world. That can get confusing, and while Marvel is currently doing the multi-verse idea on film, they are blending a lot. When it comes to their comics, it is pretty easy to differentiate. They put a name behind or in front of each Earth’s unique timeline. Such as “Uncanny” or “Ultimate” X-Men.  One of those titles they used for a short time was “2099”. Spider-Man 2099 and Deadpool 2099 were part of that Universe. Sometimes they would throw an issue in the regular continuity. Such is the case with Deadpool 2099. 

In Warda’s first issue in Deadpool#6(2016), the inside cover informs you that I will be a Deadpool 2099 arc. You can then read that arc, knowing it is a self-contained tale that only affects other stories of the 2099 world. If I haven’t lost you, Warda Wilson only currently exists in 2099, where she now shares consciousness with Emily Preston. The version of Ellie in that existence who saved her father from Warda. In that Universe, Emily Preston, their Ellie, Regenerates from death into her teenage form and is sort of immortal. Somehow, they concluded that Warda and her sharing a body would make both of them happier. It worked. That was the end of that. That’s not to say Warda Wilson isn’t cool or doesn’t have potential. There is less to write about currently. Maybe Warda will have more time to shine with future writers one day, but Ellie remains the penultimate daughter of the Merc with a Mouth.

Family Troubles

He is a pretty good dad.
Image From Bryan Hughes

During Deadpool’s last 2015/2016 run, the Merc with a Mouth made a few huge errors. Though he did his best to be a responsible dad to Ellie, he was manipulated by a fake Captain America. This manipulation had him kill many good people under the guise of doing it for the right cause. One of those people ended up being Emily Preston. The very same Emily Preston to who he owes so much. The very same who adopted and had been raising his daughter for him with her own husband and son. Hence, Eleanor Preston is one of Ellie’s names. Deadpool moved in next door and set up a plethora of defenses to protect them and his daughter. Slowly, he became convinced that the one thing he could never protect her from was himself. 

Sadly, that arc seemed to confirm it. When Wade came through to ‘right his wrong’ and did his best to get Emily Preston’s body back. (She is a soul inside a Life Model Decoy). It still drove a strong, if temporary wedge, between father and daughter. Emily isn’t grown, and her powers haven’t actually manifested, but there is some light. A few clear things are that she has her dad’s sense of humor and a giant heart. She’s seen a lot of stuff, too. I mean a lot. That poor kid has been through the wringer but keeps her spirits up. It’s also turned her into a non-killing type of person. Should Ellie become a hero in the future, there is a good chance she may be more Spider-Man than Deadpool. We also see that, for whatever reason, she is capable of great forgiveness. Her ability to be understanding means for certain that whether Deadpool thinks cutting her out of his life is for the best or not won’t matter. She will always be his kid, and she’ll still love him. In fact, she understands and loves her father so much that when the time comes, future Ellie is there to give him the one thing he thought he’d never have.

Deadpool: The End

Image From Bryan Hughes

Marvel put out many stories entitled “The End.” These comics showed some of their greatest heroes’ supposed ‘last days’. Deadpool was one of the many to get his very own version of this. The writers put together much of his past into one beautiful ball of cataclysm. Going nearly a hundred years into the future, Deadpool has decided to do everything in his power to literally rewrite the cosmos.  What does this have to do with his daughter? Well, hang on to your sweet, easily moved by a beautiful purpose head if you’ve got one. He was doing this because of his daughter. Appearing to stop him was another Deadpool in a robot suit who was ready for every one of his attacks. Just as sarcastic, just as witty, and getting the better of him. This future robot Deadpool turns out to be a suit, and inside that suit, his ninety-seven-year-old daughter Ellie. 

You want to see the Merc with the Mouth shed actual tears over a serious subject. Above and below are two pictures from that moment that get me every time.  That’s right, Deadpool isn’t going to war with reality for any other purpose than stopping his daughter from growing old and dying. He literally can’t take it. He can’t imagine having to live on without his little girl. He can lose everything, but this one thing, it’s too damn far. Ellie knows her dad, and she knows exactly why he’s doing it. She talks him down and hugs him. She didn’t come just to let him know she was fine and ready to accept her end but even more. Ellie will blow both herself and her father into shattered atoms, ensuring they will finally pass into the next life. No more regeneration.

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Image From Bryan Hughes

She will give her dad peace, and they will leave the world together. It’s probably the happiest ending of all the Marvel “The End” storylines written. I’ve had the pleasure of reading the comic three times, and again for the sake of this article. While everything after the moment is fun and very Deadpool-like, something about that ending is so good. I realized then that his daughter was a great character and can’t wait to see her explored more by Marvel and the writers. I’ve been more than happy to go over in complete detail her history to ensure you get it as wonderfully as I’ve experienced it. The daughter of Deadpool is possibly one of the best daughters in all of comicdom. Eleanor Camacho, Ellie Preston, the Daughter of Deadpool.


Question: Does Deadpool have a daughter?

Answer: This surprisingly popular question is a big yes. Wade’s daughter is canon. Her name is Ellie Camacho, and all the article above is dedicated to her.

Question: What powers does Deadpool’s Daughter have?

Answer: In 2099, her powers are revealed to be being reborn into a teenager once dealt fatal damage. This is not canon for the casual Ellie, however. As her powers aren’t displayed in The End storyline either, their full extent is not yet known. Regeneration seems to be one for sure, but it is possible only instant regeneration upon damage and not life-extending according to some sites. The comics themselves have not yet revealed anything more than her ability to handle all her dad’s tricks, which makes sense, as he likely would have ensured she had some training. Not to mention her stepmom being a superhero S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent.

Question: How many kids does Deadpool have?

Answer: You want to get weird? Three would be the easiest answer. His one natural daughter in canon, Eleanor Camacho. Then his daughter with Shiklah in the 2099 Universe, Warda. Yet he ALSO has a third daughter due to cloning in canon. You want to know with who? Spider-Man. That’s right; someone merged Spider-Man and Deadpool’s DNA to create an evil daughter of the two. They’ve got a kid. She is technically dead, but a writer could bring her blue, spider-body back anytime.

Farewell Faithful Readers

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article about one of the side characters who has become so important to Marvel’s most popular mercenary. While writing this article, I had to reread the ENTIRE 2012/2013 Deadpool comic series to re-fact check other sites on Eleanor Camacho, and I highly suggest it. 

Ellie is an incredible character, and I think the writers who’ve taken over Deadpool since her creation have all done wonders with her. Hopefully, she gets more panel time and even branched into her own stories in the future. Until then, keep an eye out and stay reading. 

Take care, true believers.

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