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“Angel Dust” is a mutant that appeared in Marvel comics (Earth-616) and the first Deadpool movie. It is worth mentioning that these two characters are probably not related even though they bear the same alias.

When talking about a person from the comics, Angel Dust was an irrelevant character that briefly appeared in Earth-616. She was a part of the Morlock faction but eventually lost her powers. After that, she returned to her parents’ house, never to be seen in Marvel comics again.

This alias more commonly refers to an antagonist from Deadpool portrayed by Gina Carano. She is a mean individual who would stop at nothing to kill Deadpool. Angel Dust is your basic, run-of-the-mill mutant with incredible strength and endurance. Aside from the fact that Gina Carano played the role, who I love with all my heart, there is nothing special about the character.

In this Angel Dust Deadpool Guide, I will focus on Angel Dust from the Deadpool movie but will also mention a few similarities between the two.

Key Info Up Front

Angel Dust is a minor character in the first Deadpool movie and Marvel comics. Although these two persons bear the same name, they are likely not related.

In the comics, we have just a glimpse of the character. She can use a burst of Adrenaline to increase her speed and strength. The movie’s iteration of Angel Dust has received much more run time. In Deadpool, we learn that this mutant has permanent super strength and durability and is excellent at torturing people.

General Information

Angel Dust and Ajax
Image from Wiki Fandom

Angel Dust is one of the villains from Deadpool, a superhero movie from 2016. This was the first Deadpool movie and the eighth movie from the X-Men universe.

Like several other X-Men characters, she has gone through the Weapon X program, enhancing her basic powers. Angel Dust works alongside Ajax, another Weapon X mutant, as they try to kill Deadpool.

Angel Dust has numerous abilities with a focus on superhuman strength. She is intelligent, durable, knows several martial arts, and has a keen knowledge of human anatomy. The female mutant is a torture expert, which we can see when she and Ajax process Deadpool at the Weapon X compound.

Like any evil henchwoman, she does her best to assist Ajax in achieving his goals. At one point, Angel Dust goes against Colossus, Negasonic, and Deadpool but is eventually defeated.


Image from Wiki Fandom

As you can presume based on the previous ability description, Angel Dust is a very sadistic person. She takes pleasure in watching other people suffer and has no problem taking extreme measures to meet her goals. The female mutant is very resilient, both mentally and physically.

Although being a Weapon X experiment herself, she has no problem using the same brutal methods to change other prisoners and patients. We learn a lot about her persona and her scrupulous ways during Deadpool’s adrenaline activation.

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Relationship with Superheroes

Angel Dust has a distaste for superheroes and their perception of justice. The villain can be very erratic and impulsive. On several occasions, Angel Dust was visibly agitated by Deadpool and his silly remarks. She also hates Weasel, who she openly threatened in front of the customers in his bar.

The character is very opportunistic. When battling Colossus, she made sure to exploit every opening and rely on dirty fighting. For example, at one point during the fight, she took a cheap shot aimed at his groin. Later on, when Colossus showed mercy, the antagonist didn’t hesitate and tried to strangle him while he wasn’t looking.

Angel Dust in Deadpool Movie

Angel Dust in the Movie
Image from Wiki Fandom

We first see Angel Dust in a scene with Deadpool. The main protagonist is diagnosed with severe cancer, affecting numerous organs. Wade Willson is forced to undergo an experimental procedure, which is his only chance for survival. The main protagonist goes to the Weapon X compound to perform the procedure, where he meets Angel Dust and Ajax.

The main villain explains that the serum requires a surge of adrenaline within the body so the mutation can occur. So, Ajax leaves Wade in the female mutant’s capable hands. She takes the opportunity to torture Wade for several days without end.

Finally, the torture bears fruit, and Deadpool starts mutating. After that, Ajax instructs his female henchmen to place Wade into a special chamber and suffocate him. As Angel Dust prepares to entrap and kill Wade, our hero headbutts her and escapes the compound.

Angel Dust wanted to chase after Wade, but Ajax stopped her. The evil mastermind is intrigued by Deadpool’s powers and wants to see him in action, even if that means setting him loose.

Angel Dust vs. Colossus

Angel Dust vs Colossus
Image from Wiki Fandom

After receiving his powers, Deadpool decided to become a masked superhero (as it usually goes in these movies). His first order of business is to exact revenge on the people who made him this way. But, before he can make his move, the villains take the initiative of capturing Vanessa, his ex-girlfriend, after which they take her to an old, dilapidated airport.

As the team of Deadpool, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Colossus arrives at the scene, they are greeted by Angel Dust and Ajax. The male antagonist orders his female henchwoman to attack the trio. She comes out from one of the nearby planes. Deadpool jokes that she is too much of a man for him to fight. This is the reason why he brought Colossus along, as he is much more suited to combat her.

Colossus goes after her, but she whacks him with her fist, which sends the X-Man flying. Seeing that Angel Dust is too powerful for Colossus, he retorts that he actually meant for Negasonic to fight the female villain. The young X-Man utilizes her mutant power and throws back Angel Dust into one of the nearby shipping containers.

Angel Dust continues her fight with Negasonic and Colossus. After some back and forth with the two of them, Angel brings steel X-Man to his knees and tries to choke him out with a rope. Afraid for her teammate’s safety, Negasonic utilizes the full brunt of her power, decimating the whole area. The massive firestorm blasts away everything in the vicinity, including Colossus and the female villain.

We don’t know what happened to Angel Dust after this fight. I presume that she is still alive, given her enormous durability.

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Angel Dust’s Powers and Abilities

Angel Dust Powers
Image from Wiki Fandom

As mentioned, Angel Dust is one of the numerous people who have gone through the Weapon X program. Each one of these procedures has a different impact on the person involved, so it is really hard to predict what kind of power they’ll receive. In the case of Angel Dust, she has become incredibly durable and strong.

Adrenaline Boost

There are a few indications that Angel Dust from the movie has similar powers as Angel Dust from comics. In other words, she relies on a surge of adrenaline to increase her strength and speed.

In one scene, Deadpool made a snarky remark, which made Angel Dust visibly irritated. It is my belief that the villain experienced a surge of adrenaline at this moment because right after that, her powers increased exponentially. This allowed her to fight Colossus on equal terms and survive Negasonic’s fireblast.

The increase in adrenaline occurs whenever she’s excited or angry. In that regard, her mental state is directly connected to her physical state. This would potentially make Angel Dust one of the most intimidating mutants on the planet (at least if we’re talking about physical strength).

Incredible Strength

Angel Dust is extremely strong even compared to other superheroes. However, unlike some other mutants, it is worth noting that her powers tend to fluctuate significantly. When in combat mode, she can tackle enemies such as Deadpool, Colossus, and Wolverine, but Angel Dust becomes very vulnerable if he is in a mellow state of mind.

Aside from tossing around massive objects (Colossus is a good example), she can also bend metal, break stones, and achieve other feats of strength. Her strength also works defensively. It strengthens her muscles against incoming onslaughts allowing her to withstand punches from other mutants without taking any damage.

To reiterate, you can notice the extent of her physical strength during her fight with Colossus. According to the lore, Angel Dust can lift at least 800 pounds of dead weight. Her powers increase with the adrenaline, and it seems there is no limit to how strong she can become.

Extreme Durability


Not only did Angel Dust survive Colossus’ attacks, but she also survived Negasonic’s fireblast. At least, I presume so, as we haven’t seen her afterward. The villain is so durable that she didn’t receive any cuts, breaks, or other types of wounds during her brawl with Colossus. This goes to show that her body becomes stronger than reinforced steel.

The fact she also survived Negasonic’s attack tells us that she is resilient to energy strikes. Angel Dust is similar to Hulk in many ways, as her powers become stronger with the change in her emotional state. However, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that she is as strong as Hulk.

Superhuman Speed

Although we haven’t seen her run in the movie, Angel Dust probably possesses superhuman speed. At least, if we presume that her abilities are similar to those of the comic book Angel Dust.

Martial Arts Expertise

Angel Dust Abilities

Given that movie makers took Gina Carano for this role, you could presume there will be some grappling in the movie. Indeed, Angel Dust is a masterful combatant knowing how to utilize every part of her body as a weapon. During her fight with the X-Man, she used several judo throws, a triangle leg lock, and a chokehold.

Medical Knowledge

Both Ajax and Angel Dust are acquainted with the human and superhuman anatomy. We’ve seen them perform a procedure on Wade, but it is safe to say they’ve done similar experiments in the past. Among others, Angel Dust utilizes this knowledge to torture patients, causing a surge of adrenaline within their bodies and activating their new Weapon X powers.

Angel Dust: Comic vs Movie

Angel Dust Comics
Image from Wiki Fandom

There are numerous differences between Angel Dust from the movie and Angel Dust from comics. First off, it is worth mentioning that the two of them don’t even have the same name. The movie Angel Dust is called Christina, while Angel Dust from comics is called Christine. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In the comics, she is a character who is highly reliable on adrenaline surges to generate speed and power. These surges are very inconsistent, providing enormous but short-lasting bursts of energy.

On the other hand, Angel Dust in movies doesn’t seem as reliable on adrenaline. Although there are a few moments where it seems that the villain becomes stronger with the adrenaline increase, there is no clear indication that she actually needs the substance to use her abilities. Furthermore, it seems that Angel Dust in the movie has a much higher potential power ceiling than her comic counterpart.

Loss of Power and Experiments

One of the reasons why I think this isn’t the same character is because the comic book version eventually lost her powers.

In comics, Angel Dust was just a teenager when she could no longer use her abilities. So, it is a bit suspicious that she can still use them in the movie. The only possible explanation is that her powers came back after the Weapon X procedure. In fact, Ajax even referenced how these procedures have a different impact on different people and how Angel Dust received enormous strength and durability afterward.

Another thing that is a bit suspicious is that the character was a hero in the comics and a villain in movies. You could argue that she changed over time, becoming more malicious. But we have no clue as to why this change of heart occurred.

Angel Dust Trivia

There are lots of interesting tidbits regarding this character, such as:

  • Gina Carano had a panic fear of spiders during the junkyard scene. She was so overwhelmed by this feeling that she didn’t even think about her safety during the stunts. Instead, she was more worried if some arachnoids would jump onto her leg during the shoot.
  • It seems that Deadpool’s assessment of Angel Dust’s strength was very accurate and that he didn’t joke when she said that he needed both Colossus and Negasonic to take her down. In fact, you could even argue that she is the most powerful character in the movie. Given that Colossus previously took down Deadpool and Angel Dust beat Colossus, she is the physically strongest individual in the movie.
  • Like in many similar movies and media, Angel Dust is depicted as someone who blindly follows Ajax and is romantically interested in him. Being such a malicious person, Ajax perceives his female henchman as nothing more than a tool meant to help him achieve his goals. This is best noticed during the fight scenes where he paid no attention to her physical wellbeing after Negasonic hurt her.
  • There is a rumor that the company used a different Angel Dust in the movie compared to Angel Dust in comics because of the artistic license. Whatever the case may be, it isn’t that important in the end because only the most avid comic book fans remember Angel Dust. This was just a passing character, so it is strange that they would even use her for Deadpool or any other Marvel movie.


Question: What happens to Angel Dust in Deadpool?

Answer: We are not really sure what happened to the female antagonist after her fight with Negasonic and Colossus. She was knocked back and seemingly out of commission. However, given her enormous durability, the mutant probably survived the onslaught.

Question: Does Angel Dust help Deadpool?

Answer: In a way, the female villain did help Deadpool. He was on the brink of death, and only with the assistance of Ajax and Angel Dust did he manage to survive the ordeal. The two antagonists meant to alter him by implementing the Weapon X procedure on his body.
However, their behavior was not benevolent. They meant to use Wade as a hired assassin. The plan failed, though, and they ultimately tried to kill him.

Question: Who plays Angel Dust in Deadpool?

Answer: Gina Carano, the former MMA fighter, plays the role of Angel Dust in the movie. The role was ideal for her because of her muscular, intimidating presence and her ability to use various martial arts.

Question: What is Angel Dust’s power?

Answer: Comic book Angel Dust could utilize her adrenaline to gain short bursts of speed and strength. It is not certain if the movie version has the same power. Although there are some indications that movie villain relies on adrenaline to become stronger, I can’t tell for sure if that is the case. Regardless, the movie version of the character seems much stronger, more durable, and able to fight for prolonged periods of time compared to the comic book iteration, which could gain massive strength for a short while.


Angel Dust is a side villain from the first Deadpool movie. She works alongside Ajax as they try to turn Wade Wilson into a ruthless assassin. Although they manage to add Weapon X powers to our hero and save his life, he doesn’t want to cooperate with them. Deadpool runs away from the duo and would later try to exact his revenge.

Angel Dust is a powerful mutant with enormous strength, durability, and solid medical knowledge. She is proficient at torturing patients, something that she also did to Deadpool. Eventually, she is beaten by Negasonic and Colossus, and we are left to guess what has happened to her.

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