Hot Toys Batman Review and Guide

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Hot Toys produces some of the most remarkable action figures on the market. Everything about these hand-painted items screams class, and as soon as you purchase one, you will want to have a whole collection.

Hot Toys Batman action figures are among the company’s best creations featuring actors such as Christian Bale, Robert Pattinson, Michael Keaton, etc. They also released a set of funny figures, known as the Cosbaby series, that are much smaller than the traditional products.

In this Hot Toys Batman review and guide, I will go through some of the best Batman products made by the company while focusing on their pros and cons. My favorite product is “The Dark Knight,” as it pays homage to the greatest Batman ever, starred by Christian Bale. However, given their high quality and collectible value, you can’t go wrong with whichever figure you decide to buy.

Key Info Up Front

Hot Toys is one of the best action figure manufacturers in the world. The products’ size and price make them more collectibles than toys. Each one of the Batman figures is hand-painted, which is why the end products are so realistic.

Each one of the Batman figures replicates a specific iteration of the superhero from a movie. For example, you have The Dark Knight figure portraying Christian Bale from the 2008 movie “The Dark Knight.” Or, you have the 1966 “Batman” figure by Adam West.

Hot Toys features

Hot Toys are perhaps the best action figures in the global toy market. Like many other buyers, the thing that attracted me to these products was their realism. Each figure has numerous small details resembling the real actors. Their costumes and gadgets are authentic, meant to replicate the props from the movies.

The company has acquired licenses for some of the biggest movies, comics, and video game characters. They have many action figures inspired by Marvel, DC, and Star Wars protagonists and antagonists. However, they have no problem tinkering with some of these concepts, resulting in miniature and deformed action figures.

The first thing worth mentioning is that these products are enormous. They are usually 1:6 of the real scale, but you also have a few special items that have 1:4 dimensions (approximately 18 inches tall). A select few of them come in real size. Each product comes with numerous accessories, including interchangeable hands and faces, weapons, etc.

Hot Toys Pros and Cons


  • Amazing collectibles.
  • They come in several different sizes but are generally large for action figures.
  • Great attention to detail; a lot of parts are hand-painted.
  • Most products come with numerous accessories.
  • You can change toys’ hands and faces to keep things fresh.
  • They make for incredible gifts.


  • These products shouldn’t necessarily be regarded as toys.
  • Hot Toys are rather expensive.
  • Most of them are rather large, which can cause issues with space.

The Best Hot Toy Batman Figures

The Dark Knight (2008)


Arguably the best Batman movie, “The Dark Knight” has achieved unanimous critical acclaim and remains one of the best superhero movies ever to be made. Even with the mask, you can quickly tell it’s Christian Bale beneath it.

The character’s armor is simply superb, looking more like a futuristic combat suit than a superhero costume. I really like that you can easily distinguish between the reinforced parts of the armor and the other sections. There is also a difference between the more flexible porous parts of the suit and the hardened areas.

Another thing I really like is the superhero’s rifle and hook gun. You can disassemble the rifle and change the superhero’s default hands so he can carry the weapon.


  • Great armor that consists of different materials with noticeably different durability and flexibility.
  • Two great weapons coupled with a nice utility belt.
  • Christian Bale’s face seemingly fits Batman’s persona, and you can see that even on action figures.


  • No complaints.

Batman (1989)

Figure Batman 1989

Most fans consider Michael Keaton as the second-best movie Batman. His portrayal of the Caped Crusader was impeccable both in “Batman” and “Batman Returns,” which is why I’ve placed this product above modern Batman figures, even though their outfits are much more detailed.

Michael Keaton’s costume is completely different than that of Christian Bale. It looks as if the whole outfit is made from one piece, which some people might not like. Nevertheless, it is still as authentic as it gets, faithfully portraying the costume from the 1989 Batman movie.

The thing I like the most is the yellow Batman logo on his chest, which provides a great contrast compared to the rest of his outfit.


  • I always preferred this mask version, as it makes the actor look like a real bat.
  • The yellow Batman logo is iconic, and that by itself makes it worth the purchase.
  • Similarly, his wings remind me of a bat, which was lost with modern Batmen.


  • Less detailed than the modern product, although authentic to the source material.

The Batman (2022)

Figure The Batman 2022

Although the latest Batman movie is inferior to its predecessor, the action figure definitely isn’t. Robert Pattison’s suit, in many ways, reminds me of Christian Bale’s outfit. It consists of numerous parts making the superhero look like a futuristic soldier.

The product comes with numerous accessories, including staircases, the wingsuit, various utility tools, etc. Like most other Hot Toys products, you can change hands with this one so it can grab hold of various items and weapons.

I would purchase this figure just because of Pattinson’s face. He looks like a distraught man, befitting the superhero’s persona. Unshaved beard, scruffy hair, and dark makeup around the eyes add to this look.


  • Pattinson’s facial expression significantly enhances the model.
  • The number of gadgets is simply amazing, and I especially like the darts in his hands.
  • Unlike some other figures, this costume focuses on black without experimenting with vivid colors.


  • No complaints.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)


Ben Affleck’s costume is one of the best if you’re looking for comic book authenticity. Although Bale’s and Pattinson’s suits are simply amazing, transforming the superhero into a cybernetic warrior, they are not the most authentic pieces if you consider the comics’ suits.

The thing that most Batman movie costumes lack is the gray/black color combination that is characteristic of this superhero. The company somewhat fixed the issue with this product, which looks much more balanced in terms of its colors.

With this suit, there is much more emphasis on the cape, which is an integral part of his apparel. The creators also managed to create a utility belt which looks pretty awesome.


  • The costume reminds me of comic book outfits.
  • If you look closely, you will notice that the fiber used for the outfit “feels” resilient as if made from superior fibers.
  • While the utility belt doesn’t look flashy, it somewhat reminds me of the one used in comics.


  • Although authentic, the neck area looks funky.

Batman (1966)


The “Batman” series from 1966 remains one of the goofiest superhero shows ever. Even today, Adam West’s portrayal of the Caped Crusader lingers in the hearts of fans, and many of them would put the actor ahead of Robert Pattinson and Ben Affleck on the list of best Batmen.

As for this action figure, it looks pretty basic. The fabric used for the costume feels like regular cotton, and you can say something similar about the cape. The utility belt is incredibly goofy, with many small, intricate details. The same goes for the mask, which is the best part of the action figure.

The things I really like are the accessories. Batman comes with a microphone, shark-repellant gas, and a massive round bomb characteristic of the 60s and 70s cartoons.


  • Noticeably different from other Batman figures. In fact, if I were to make a collection, this is probably 3rd or 4th product I would buy just because it looks so different from other Batmen.
  • The accessories are so silly.
  • For me, the grumpy mask is the best part of the item.


  • Given that this is Batman’s parody, you can’t really complain about its features. Even though its parts are inferior compared to modern Batmen, the piece is still true to the source material.

Batman Forever (1995)


The 1995 “Batman Forever” outfit makes it look like Val Kilmer is wearing a reinforced exoskeleton. The superhero feels jacked, which makes the figure noticeably different from the other Batman pieces. Called Sonar Suit, the mask has unique, elongated ears that help the superhero hear better in the movie.

The product combines black and silver colors. The character has metallic batarangs, different blades, and gadgets. Although the costume has lots of interesting details, it is almost entirely made from one piece (if we exclude the boots, the gloves, and the pants).


  • This iteration of Batman looks very different compared to other products from the series. Not only is the superhero buffed, but the suit is very reflective. This increases its value as a collectible.
  • Accessories look very deadly due to their silver metallic color.
  • I like Batman’s elongated ears.


  • The belt looks like something from a different set.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) – Armored Batman

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) – Armored Batman

The Armored Batman suit is a very important outfit in comic book history. It helped Batman beat Superman, the strongest individual on the planet. This, and the fact that the action figure is so unique, makes it a worthy addition to the list.

The outfit is made from different metallic plates, each bigger than the previous one. The joints have round metallic bolts that tie everything together. Although Ben Affleck is basically wearing a large heap of metal, I like the addition of a cape, signifying that he’s, first and foremost, a superhero.

If you take a closer look, you will notice a lot of scratches on the metal, which is a really awesome touch.


  • After the 1966 “Batman” this is the most unique product on the list.
  • I love the fact he’s wearing a cape.
  • Scratches add to the complexity of the suit.


  • You can argue that this isn’t your usual Batman suit.

The Dark Knight (2008) – Batman Armory with Bruce Wayne & Alfred Pennyworth

The Dark Knight (2008) – Batman Armory with Bruce Wayne & Alfred Pennyworth

If you are a real fan of Batman Hot Toys, you should have this piece in your house. It is a massive product that features Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth in their regular clothes. Their suits are incredibly detailed, and the action figures also have hand-painted facial features.

However, it wouldn’t be a Batman product without the Batman suit. You also get a large armory where you can store the outfit. The set has a total of 32 weapons, numerous accessories, and different clothing pieces.

The most interesting thing is that you can switch heads on the outfit, and instead of an empty mask, you can put on a mask with Bruce Wayne’s face, basically getting another action figure. The product also features numerous hands you can switch at will, allowing Batman to hold different weapons and gadgets.


  • It comes with many different parts and three action figures, making it the most comprehensive item in the series.
  • The suit can remain “empty,” or you can make it look like Bruce Wayne is wearing it.
  • The only set that shows Bruce Wayne in a suit. Even better, you still get a Batman figure in the traditional outfit.


  • No complaints.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) – Knightmare Batman

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) – Knightmare Batman

The scenes in the “Dawn of Justice” featuring Knightmare Batman show a clash between the Capped Crusader and Superman. Bruce Wayne has a noticeably different outfit geared towards the desert climate. He wears a dust coat, scarf, and pants over his usual costume. I especially like the goggles as a necessary accessory during sandstorms.

Although some people might not like this portrayal, I really loved it. The costume demonstrates Bruce Wayne’s adaptability while reminding us that he’s just a human. He has to adapt to various weather conditions, unlike Superman, who doesn’t need all these accessories for dust storms.

This wouldn’t be my first choice for purchase, but I would definitely like to add it to my collection.


  • The suit refers to alternate reality “Knightmare” events, which makes this product stand out from the rest. Remember that the Knightmare timeline can only be seen in the “Dawn of Justice” movie but not in the comics.
  • I love goggles for several reasons. Among others, they remind us that Batman is human.
  • The scarf and bandages are worn out, indicating that the superhero has been on the field for a while.


  • The combination of regular clothes and the Batman suit seems a bit redundant.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) – The Bat with Batman, Selina Kyle & Fusion Reactor

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) – The Bat with Batman, Selina Kyle & Fusion Reactor

This is another large set tailor-made for avid collectors. It features a massive Bat aircraft that can host Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle. As shown in the movie, you also get a fusion reactor and remote control for the propeller and lights.

The set is simply amazing if you want to have one of the more memorable Batman vehicles. Unfortunately, unlike other Hot Toys Batman sets, you don’t get new masks, hands, weapons, and gadgets for the superhero. You are supposed to keep the action figures inside of the vehicle, which somewhat beats their purpose as they have numerous intricate details worth showcasing.


  • The Bat is simply amazing. Although not as memorable as some of the Batmobiles, it is still a great piece to have in your collection.
  • Having a remote control for lights and propellers is an additional perk.
  • Some of the details on the Bat are simply amazing.


  • You should keep the action figures inside the Bat, both good and bad.

Batman (1989) – Batmobile

Batman (1989) - Batmobile

Speaking of memorable movie vehicles, it doesn’t get much better than Batmobile from 1989 “Batman.” Although the vehicle is from an old movie, this is one of the first things people think of when discussing the superhero.

Unlike the previous entry on the list, you don’t get extra action figures when you purchase the vehicle. However, you can still put a standard Batman figure in the car. The product has a few cool features, including detachable parts and Batmobile shields. You can also put batteries in it to activate the lights.

If I were to make my own Batman Hot Toys collection, this is probably 4th or 5th product I would buy.


  • Homage to one of the most memorable cars in cinema.
  • It has numerous extraordinary features, including detachable parts. You can also turn on its lights.
  • The car’s interior is simply fantastic. Machine guns are also very cool.


  • You don’t get an extra action figure with this product.

Justice League (2017) – Tactical Suit Version

Justice League (2017) – Tactical Suit Version

The tactical suit uses the 2016 “Dawn of Justice” costume and improves it a bit. Unlike its predecessor, this outfit has numerous metallic plates for increased protection. The frontal area is exceptionally sturdy, but you can also notice reinforcements around the shins, shoulders, arms, and thighs.

The thing that makes it unique is the goggles. You also get a superhero stand and a Human Mother Box, as shown in the movie. The superhero has a grappling hook, batarangs, and the traditional utility belt. Overall, I’m not a big fan of the suit design because it feels like the plates are randomly sprinkled all over the basic outfit. Ben Affleck’s armor looks inferior compared to Christian Bale’s suit.


  • The added plates make the character look bulkier and sturdier than the other suit from the 2016 “Dawn of Justice” movie.
  • I like all the scratches on the outfit, which show us that the superhero has actually used the suit in battles.
  • As previously mentioned, this iteration of Batsuits features some of the best color combinations in Batman movies.


  • The plates are randomly placed on the suit leaving many openings.

Batman Begins (2005)

This is another variation of Christian Bale’s suits. Unlike the outfits from “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises,” this armor is made from one piece. It looks much more cohesive and according to the comic source material.

However, I have to say that the other two outfits are much more intimidating. They look as if they are made from sophisticated materials, which the “Batman Begins” suit lacks. As for the accessories, the product comes with a balaclava, climbing gear, and a few high-tech gadgets.

If I were to buy one Christian Bale Batman outfit, I would probably go with the one from “the Dark Knight.” Nevertheless, this piece is also very nice and deserves your attention.


  • It has a “comic book feel” compared to the outfits from “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises.”
  • The product comes with a few cool accessories you can’t find in other sets.
  • The torso section has a lot of great details.


  • I would still give advantage to “The Dark Knight” suit.

The Dark Knight (2008) – Batmobile

The Dark Knight (2008) – Batmobile

This is the modern version of the classic Batmobile. Although not as memorable as the old one, the model still looks fantastic. It very much reminds me of a street tank, which is basically how it was described in the movies.

The vehicle’s interior is exceptionally well-done, and it is big enough to place two action figures. Its outer layer is made from numerous plates making it look impregnable. Similar can be said for the tires; it looks like they can remain intact on any terrain.

My favorite part is the exhaust. It looks very intimidating as it should be for a vehicle of such power. You can even notice the burn marks on the metal.


  • The vehicle looks very powerful and durable.
  • The interior is nice and spacious, allowing you to place two action figures inside.
  • I especially like the wings, tires, and exhaust.


  • The bronze sections look a bit awkward when coupled with black parks. In fact, this is the biggest difference between the Batmobile in the movie and the Hot Toys product.

The Batman (2022) – Batcycle

The Batman (2022) – Batcycle

Batcycle combines the retro and futuristic elements of a bike. The windscreen reminds me of the vehicles from the start of the 20th century, while the seat, fuel tanks, and tires look like something that still hasn’t been invented.

Overall, this product is rather simplistic if we compare it to some other Hot Toys. The only accessories you’ll get are the two display bases. There aren’t any action figures in the set or other gadgets. It is an underwhelming item when considering all other Hot Toys products. Still, I understand that some motorcycle enthusiasts would give it an advantage over Batmobiles and the Bat.


  • Slick and small, but you can still place a figure on it.
  • There are two separate stands where you can showcase the vehicle.
  • It combines rustic and modern design, creating an interesting mish-mash of styles.


  • In my opinion, there are much better Hot Toys Batman vehicles available.

Batman Begins (2005) – Batman Demon & Scarecrow

Batman Begins (2005) – Batman Demon & Scarecrow

This particular product was a Hot Toys 10th Anniversary exclusive. It features Scarecrow and Batman Demon. Although the Scarecrow piece was simply astonishing, I am much more intrigued about the second action figure. Batman Demon is a Hot Toys trademark item that portrays Batman as a hallucination.

For the most part, the figure looks the same as its “Batman Begins” counterpart. However, there is one massive and very noticeable difference. Batman Demon has a face that looks like it was doused in some sort of liquid. As the name implies, the face resembles that of a demon, having a vicious smile and predator teeth.

The action figure is very different from other superhero items, whether talking about Hot Toys products or Batman collectibles made by other companies. The only drawback of the set is that you don’t get many accessories.


  • A unique portrayal of the superhero. One day, it might become a sought-after collectible.
  • The most malicious, dark action figure from the series.
  • The Scarecrow figure is also incredible in its own regard. It comes with several costumes allowing you to change things up occasionally.


  • No complaints.

Decision Making Tips

All Hot Toys products are regarded as collectibles. They are too expensive to be your regular kids’ toys, on top of the fact they’re too large. You would much rather showcase them somewhere in your home. When deciding which product to buy, we need to consider three things:

  • The exclusivity of a product
  • The popularity of a product
  • Your personal preference

Exclusive Products

There are currently four exclusive items in the store. These products are great if you’re looking to, one day, sell the collection. Exclusives will likely be worth more money in the future than other items in the store. Here is how I would classify them if I were to start a collection today:

  1. “Batman Begins” (2005) – Batman Demon & Scarecrow
  2. “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” (2016) – Armored Batman (Battle Damaged Version)
  3. “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” (2016) – Knightmare Batman
  4. “Suicide Squad” (2016) – Batman

Batman Vs Superman Dawn Of Justice 2016 Armored Batman Vs Superman

Popular Products

The company puts the tag “popular” on products based on high sales quantity. This tells you what other people are buying and which items should be regarded as more valuable. As for the purchasing order of the popular items, here is how I would prioritize the products:

  1. “Batman Returns” (1992) – Batman
  2. “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” (2016) – Armored Batman (Black Chrome Version)
  3. “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” (2016) – Armored Batman
  4. “Batman Begins” (2005) – Batman
  5. “Justice League” (2017) – Batman

My Personal Preference

Truth be told, most of us will start buying products based on our personal perception of aesthetics. If we disregard exclusives and action figures that the other people are buying, here is how I would make my purchasing decision if I were to start a collection today:

  1. “The Dark Knight” (2008) – Batman
  2. “Batman Begins” (2005) – Batman
  3. “The Batman” (2022) – Batman
  4. “Batman” (1989) – Batmobile

Hot Toys Alternatives

Spin Master

Spin Master has some of the best Batman action figures on the market. They are relatively small in size (4 inches), making them ideal for small kids. The company adds mystery accessories to each product, so you’re left to wonder what kind of cool weapons you’re getting with each Batman figure.

Of course, Spin Master products have much fewer details than Hot Toys, but they still look good. The company uses vivid colors for its products which, in my opinion, is great for small kids. I also have to mention that the Spin Master action figures are durable and should have a much longer life expectancy than other brands.


Mafex Batman Figure

The thing that separates Mafex action figures from other toys is that these products can move their torso. They have a joint just below the chest area allowing the figures to bend down their backs. Aside from that, the products also have joints on the arms, hands, elbows, shoulders, feet, knees, hips, and neck. In fact, these products are ideal if your kids like to experiment with different toy positions.

The thing I really like about these items is how the muscles are made. Batman and his allies look really vicious, which isn’t always the case with action figures. Each product comes with a stand, and all the capes are made from light textiles.

McFarlane Toys

McFarlane Toys are somewhat similar to Mafex products as their characters’ torsos can move. Aside from that, the figurines have numerous other joints. The company replicates Batman characters from movies, cartoons, and games, similar to Hot Toys. However, their products are much smaller by comparison.

McFarlane Toys are made from durable plastic making them ideal for toddlers. Some of their products also come with extra accessories. It is worth noting that McFarlane Toys are much more expensive than Hasbro action figures but are still cheaper than Hot Toys.


Question: What is the best Hot Toys Batman product?

Answer: So far, the company has launched numerous Batman action figures and several vehicles from the movies. My favorite is “The Dark Knight,” a Batman figure from 2008, played by Christian Bale.

Question: What is the rarest Hot Toys Batman product?

Answer: Right now, all Batman products are readily available within the Hot Toys store. However, if you’re looking for some exciting items, you could go with “Batman Begins”– Batman Demon & Scarecrow, or “The Dark Knight” – Batman Armory with Bruce Wayne & Alfred Pennyworth.

Question: How many Batman products are there in Hot Toys online shop?

Answer: More than 30 Hot Toys products feature Batman and his vehicles. However, the number exponentially increases if you also consider other characters from the comics and movies, such as the Joker, Harley Quinn, and Superman.


Hot Toys makes some of the best Batman figures in the world. Unlike other similar products on the market, these items are highly prized collectibles that cost several hundred dollars each. My personal favorite is “The Dark Knight” – Batman, as one of the most detailed figures in the shop. However, I wouldn’t mind having any of the Batman products as they look like small masterpieces.

Hot Toys are my favorite collectible toys, alongside Funko Pop! products. They are great gifts, and you can keep them in your house even as an adult. The toys could fit well in a cupboard, although they are a bit too large for a desk. The thing I especially like is all the accessories and vehicles. You can use them to change things up every once in a while, altering Batman’s facial expression and hand position.

My only criticism of Hot Toys is that they’re rather expensive. So, acquiring the whole Batman collection can be seen as a big investment.

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