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Black Panther is a character that was often overshadowed by other, more popular Marvel superheroes. But with the release of Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther The Movie, the superhero was suddenly thrown into the limelight. Even though there were some negative criticisms of the movie, I think it’s really awesome. We got a layered, complex story depicting Wakanda and Black Panther. The great thing about T’Challa is his connection to the tribal roots and all of his ancestors that wore the same costume. All that being said, it makes sense that I love Black Panther action figures. I bought a few of them for my nephew, who is a big fan of the superhero.

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these cool toys, I recommend that you check Amazon, but also other big toy and comic book suppliers. The cool thing about these products is that they’re really different from the rest. Black Panther is very wild and savage, like the animal itself. I also like the addition of tooth necklaces and claws. Some of the items also feature shield and spear, which is an homage to the African tribes. These weapons remind me a lot of Shaka Zulu and his relentless warriors. In this Black Panther action figures guide, I will talk about some of the best products on the market and what makes them so great.

Key Info Up Front

Black Panther figures are among the most popular Marvel toys and collectibles. He is one of my favorite superheroes, at least in terms of the design. In a way, Black Panther is like Batman but on steroids. The costume is gloomy and menacing, although T’Challa doesn’t have the same dark story as his DC counterpart.

If I had to choose one particular item, I would have to go with Black Panther Action Figure by Sentinel. This toy portrays the hero as a mechanical entity with lots of intricate parts. He looks more like something from a Japanese anime than a Marvel comic, which is why I like it so much.

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What were the selection criteria?

When deciding which products to add to the list, I followed a few basic rules:

  • The item has to be listed in one of the biggest online stores.
  • I gave advantage to larger toy companies, but if I deemed an item worthy enough, I added it regardless of the manufacturer.
  • I tried to add as many unique items as possible. Whether they have one interesting feature or a few of them, they had to look apart from the rest.
  • Finally, I prioritized products that follow the source material.

Sometimes, it is hard to find the best items when there are so many to choose from. However, I think I did a pretty good job with this particular one.

Best Black Panther Action Figures

Without further ado, here is the full list featuring the best Black Panther action figures. Keep in mind that the items were placed in no particular order, although I’ve put my favorite toy first:

1. Black Panther Action Figure by Sentinel

Black Panter

If you’re looking for large, realistic action figures, it doesn’t get much better than the products made by Sentinel. This company specializes in Marvel superheroes, and besides Black Panther, you can also buy their iteration of Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, and such. The collectible is rather large at 6 inches in height. That being said, it might not be the ideal item for your desk. However, you can easily place it in a cupboard or some other place where you keep comic book collectibles.

As previously mentioned, this is a mech variation of Black Panther, which gave the creators so much room to experiment. T’Challa holds the ceremonial spear that looks rather incredible. If I had to point to something cool, I would focus on the mask and claws. Like the rest of the body, the claws are cybernetic, and you can see white robotic bones leading to them.

Mask has a very intricate design and looks amazing. There are several white vertical stripes on it. Lastly, I also have to give a shoutout to the incredibly intimidating eyes. All in all, you can’t go wrong with this piece. Although this isn’t your usual toy, and it is rather expensive compared to similar items, it is a great piece for avid collectors and especially those who like Sentinel products.


  • Incredible, unique design.
  • Black Panther looks very menacing and dangerous, even more so than its comic book iteration.
  • Claws and masks are my favorite parts, but the suit has many other details that will make you pull out your wallet.


  • The only thing I don’t like about this product is the boots. Although the superhero also has them, these look rather clunky and out of place.

2. Marvel Legends Series Black Panther Action Figure


If you’re looking to buy something a bit more straightforward, you can go with Hasbro’s Black Panther from the Legends series. Unlike the previous item, this product is much more suitable for playing. Aside from T’Challa in Black Panther costume, you also get two swappable hands and a mask. So, you can try different styles with this one. Aside from T’Challa, the series also features Killmonger, Nakia, and Shuri.

This product is relatively similar to the previous entry, at least in terms of dimensions. What makes it really cool is the large number of joints. You have knee, feet, hip, leg, torso, and several arm joints that allow you to contort the product and swap its position. This is especially cool if you use it as a collectible as you can showcase Black Panther to visitors in an awesome posture.

The toy has claws on both feet and hands. Like in the comic book, it has numerous teeth on the legs, arms, and around the collar. As for the suit, it has numerous purple stripes going up and down. As you can presume, the company used Chadwick Bosman as the model. In my opinion, this is a great present for kids from 8 to 13. The toy is so durable that you might even give it to younger children. I’ve had the opportunity to hold this one, and I can tell you that it doesn’t break so easily.


  • One of the things I really like is the Bosman’s stoic face. For whatever reason, it always gets to me. I was always a big fan of his work, so it feels heartwarming to have him immortalized in such a manner, even if it’s for a toy.
  • The doll is incredible for exhibitions and playing alike. The print doesn’t peel that easily, and it doesn’t wear down as easily as some other low-tier pieces.
  • I also like the fact that you can swap hands and the mask. It is a very underrated feature.


  • I know that I’m nitpicking with this one, but his collar necklace looks very unnatural and out of place.

3. Marvel Legends Kennen Retro Version Black Panther


Those who are long-standing Marvel fans and have read all the early editions (such as myself) will remember the first iterations of Black Panther. Like most other Marvel superheroes, this character has gone through numerous changes over time, and, as you can presume, it looked much more different back in the day. Luckily, with dolls such as this, we can go down memory lane and remember how basic the old characters were. In my opinion, this gave them much more soul as some of them looked rather goofy.

Unlike the modern tolls and collectibles, such as the previous two I mentioned in this article, Kennen’s Black Panther has barely any joints to speak of. He can move his arms, legs, and head, and that’s about that. The jumpsuit is also similar when it comes to simplicity. The collectible utilizes a dark blue color pallet, which was used in the past to signify dark, shadowy characters. Although the comic book creators also used black in conjunction with the blue, the doll only relies on blue nuances. Black Panther’s hands and feet are light blue with dark blue stripes but without any claws.

If you check the torso and the mask, there are very few details to speak of. The way I see it, this is the thing that makes them so charming. As someone who grew up playing with Ninja Turtles and such, which had limited movement and details, this product is a real blast from the past.


  • This is a great purchase for all of us with nostalgia.
  • I like the colors despite them being rather simplistic.


  • Young kids probably won’t like the simplicity of this doll. To be honest, we pamper our children too much, and they are used to a higher standard of toys and collectibles.
  • The thing I don’t like about the doll is the lack of characteristic claws.

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4. Hasbro Marvel Avengers – Black Panther Bend And Flex

Hasbro Marvel Avengers - Black Panther Bend And Flex (Action Figure Flessibile 15cm)

In one of my previous pieces, I reviewed Captain America action figures and, among others, Captain America Bend and Flex items. This is a product from the same series that also features Spider-Man, Mysterio, Venom, Hulk, and some other pieces. I would recommend this doll to all the parents who want to buy their kids something more engaging. Although it is a bit more expensive than the standard action figures, and it doesn’t look as authentic, Bend and Flex Black Panther will give your child hours and hours of fun. This is especially true if you have several products from the series.

The superhero toy has flexible knees, hips, elbows, shoulders, and thighs. As per usual, Black Panther is completely dark, with numerous small details on the skin. These dots remind me of ritual scaring common for certain Amazon tribes. His mask is also cool, with too many details and emphasized eyes. In a way, it reminds me a bit of Transformers. The only non-black pieces of the costume, aside from the eyes, are the tooth necklace and arm rings. They go really well with this model and help provide contrast. The superhero also has a purple energy shield.


  • Great plaything. It is made by Hasbro, ensuring its quality. Even if your kid is negligent (let’s be honest, most of them are), you won’t have to worry about damage to the toy.
  • This might be the best toy from the series.
  • I especially like the mask.


  • If you’re looking for something more authentic or looking for a collectible, this probably isn’t the best choice.

5. Bandai Black Panther Action Figure with Rocks

Bandai - Figura Black Panther Movie e e Set Effetti Roca, Nero, 15 cm

Bandai’s Black Panther doll is as cool as it is strange. It is a part of a set that also features other Marvel stars. It is relatively similar in size to the first two entries on the list. What sets this product apart is not the Black Panther but the rocks that were added to the package. The basic idea is to change Black Panther’s hands (he has 3 additional sets of them) so that he can grab onto the rocks and toss them. There are also 3 larger rocks that the superhero is meant to climb. Lastly, you can also change his mask.

All in all, the addition of rocks is a bit confusing, but I get what the manufacturer wanted to do with it. The toy is very interactive due to all of these pieces and, in theory, should provide numerous play hours to your kid. As for Black Panther’s model, it is a small masterpiece. It has numerous silver ornaments, similar to the costume from the movie. Of course, there is also the tooth necklace around T’Challa’s neck. The whole outfit has numerous engraved lines and patterns on it. The character’s default mask is quite menacing, which isn’t always the case. I also have to mention that the toy can rotate its knees, feet, toes, hands, hips, shoulders, torso, and head. Anyway, not a bad product, but it isn’t one of my favorites.


  • The mask looks vicious.
  • Lots of great intricate patterns and details on the costume.
  • I like the fact there are several handsets you can play with.


  • I just can’t get over the rocks. I have a feeling that if I were to buy this for my child, he would lose the rocks immediately.
  • Too expensive for me and probably most other people who are not collectors.

6. Marvel Legends Series Black Panther Exclusive Action Figure

Marvel Legends 6-Inch Series Black Panther Exclusive Action Figure

One of the things that I considered when making this list was exclusivity. How hard is it to get a particular item? How much would you have to pay for it? If we consider these things as important criteria, Wal-Mart Exclusive Black Panther would be at the top of the list. Right now, the item costs $143 on Amazon, putting it in the higher tier of Black Panther products. The price reflects the number of items available; as you can presume, getting ahold of this piece is rather hard, and it will cost you an arm and a leg. For once, I’m not going to pay this price even though I’m an avid Marvel collector.

Anyway, let’s get back to the piece. The model reminds me a lot of another hero: Spawn. Black Panther wears a pitch-black costume with a large black cape. Unlike the other pieces on the list, he doesn’t have any shiny objects on his, such as the tooth necklace or other jewelry. To me, he looks like a guy ready to go on a secret night mission.

If you check the doll a bit more closely, you will notice that the costume is stretched over the superhero’s skin. It is very tight wear, and you can clearly see T’Challa’s abs and pecs. The great thing about the item is that you can rotate its limbs. It also comes with a wooden tribal spear, which is quite awesome, and two swappable hands. If you’re looking for something better, something more detailed, I would recommend the first or second product on the list. Although this piece is not bad, the price tag reflects the collector’s value, not necessarily the toy’s value.


  • I’m very excited about the spear. It is really good, and it makes for a stark contrast with the superhero’s modern costume.
  • Once again, Hasbro did a good job with the mask.


  • Not worth the money.
  • If you’re looking to buy just one Black Panther product for your kid, you probably shouldn’t go with this one.

7. Marvels Blast Gear Black Panther

Avengers - Black Panther (Action Figure Deluxe 30cm, Blaster Titan Hero Blast Gear Serie)

This particular product is a part of the Blast Gear set that features other avengers such as Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and others. The thing that separates this item from others is the presence of numerous accessories. That being said, it makes it really cool to play but also makes it easier to lose some of the pieces. T’Challa looks dope in this iteration. The costume is out of this world, and I wouldn’t mind putting it on my desk with other collectibles, even though I think this piece is more suited for children. There is an emphasis on Black Panther’s muscles, and the creators used numerous lines to make this obvious.

However, this isn’t the only reason why you should consider buying the product. I also dig his mask; it is silver around the eyes with several cool details. As always, he has a tooth necklace and tooth bracelets. Anyway, the accessories are the real reason why you should buy this product. T’Challa was given a large gray shield with golden ornamental lines. What’s even better, it can shoot projectiles out of it. He also has a sturdy vibranium spear with a light silver tip. Last but not least, the superhero was gifted a massive claw that can be attached to his hand. Overall, a neat piece that stimulates creativity and playing with friends.


  • One of the better playthings on the list.
  • You get a plethora of weapons, each with a different purpose and appearance.


  • It feels to me that the creators overdid it with all the details on the costume. Although I welcome these alterations, they make the outfit look at odds.

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8. Marvel Superhero Adventures Black Panther

Marvel Super Hero Adventures - Black Panther (Playskool Heroes , action figure da collezione da 12,5 cm con accessorio lancia)

Like many other action figures on this list, this one was made by Hasbro. Although I don’t particularly like this item, there were several reasons why I added it to the list. Aside from the fact it is sold on Amazon and that it’s a Hasbro product, it is very different from anything else on the list. The product is a bit smaller compared to its counterparts, but it isn’t tiny. In many ways, this particular item reminds me of LEGO people; his hands were made to carry a weapon that comes in the package. It is also worth mentioning that Black Panther is not that flexible. He can move his legs, arms, hands, and head, but that’s about that. In that sense, it is rather inferior to other products on the list.

Not to be too harsh, the item’s body is actually quite nice. There are numerous engraved details on it, and the superhero also has a silver belt, silver bracelets, and a silver tooth necklace. The manufacturer did a nice job with the mask as well. One thing that stands out to me is the superhero’s broad shoulders. Going back to LEGO models, this is more common for these particular pieces than superhero figures. Then again, if the product didn’t look the way it did, I probably wouldn’t have added it to the list.


  • Something really different.
  • I’m not sure what to think about T’Challa’s body. Let’s say I like it just because it is so unique.


  • Although the product has numerous details, it looks like they’re not that well painted.
  • The weapon is probably the weakest part of the item. Hasbro could’ve simply used a spear instead of whatever this is.

9. Marvel Legends Black Panther: Build a Figure Collection

Marvel Legends Black Panther

This is another throwback piece on the list. The manufacturer used a combination of metallic blue and black to convey the feeling of the old comic books. The model doesn’t have that many details on it, but luckily, it has a lot of joints that would allow kids to play with it. Overall, not a bad piece, although I’m not sure if younger generations would appreciate it the way I do. The doll has light blue hands and feet with black stripes. As for the rest of the body, it combines shaded blue and black, whereas black was mostly used for joints and the torso. The mask is very different from the one we have today; Black Panther looks somewhat grumpy, and you can’t tell if he’s smiling or if he’s angry due to the mask design.

There are also two switchable arms with red gloves. However, I think it’s much better if you simply keep the default design, as these two are rather hideous. I do like the fact that the superhero’s muscles are pronounced, as they should be for such characters. The creators used old source material, so the costume is legit. It might seem a bit funky to you if you haven’t read the old comic books, but I can assure you that it’s well done.


  • Another piece that is much more suitable for the fans of old Black Panther comic books.
  • I like the color shading. While it isn’t perfect, it provides a different experience compared to the regular Black Panther items.


  • Don’t try putting the spare arms. Just throw them into the garbage.
  • I don’t like the mask. Although it is authentic, it simply doesn’t work for me.

10. Black Panther Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys

Marvel Legends Black Panther

Calling this an action figure would do a disservice to the Hot Toys. It is quite simply a masterpiece that should find its way to the section of your house where you keep action heroes. First off, I have to mention that the figure has full mobility. You can twist and turn Black Panther’s joints in any way you see fit. This allows you to put the figure in just about any position and proudly showcase it to your guests. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m one of those guys who can brag on and on about his superhero collection. Anyway, the costume represents the outfit from Captain America: Civil War. It is fully black, with numerous small details on it. In fact, it is safe to say that this is the most detailed Black Panther action figure on the market today.

It is a perfect replica of T’Challa’s movie outfit, and you really cannot ask for more. Just about every part fits. For example, many toy companies made a mistake with the tooth necklace. It often feels unnatural, as if it’s not a part of the costume. For the first time, it seamlessly fits on the outfit to a point where you might not even notice it. The same can be said for silver leg and arm ornaments. The figure has a perfectly replicated face of the late Chadwick Bosman. You also get the Black Panther mask, so you can showcase the unmasked or masked superhero. Another cool thing about it is that certain parts are luminescent and will turn blue when the night falls, adding mystery and intrigue to this incredible collectible.


  • Simply incredible in every sense of the word.
  • Numerous small details; it fully replicates the movie costume.
  • The luminescent feature is quite unique, and you won’t find it on other figures.


  • I have nothing bad to say about this product.

11. Infinity War Black Panther by Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company Avengers: Infinity War - Black Panther: Infinity Edition DX Ver. Nendoroid Figure

The last piece I’d like to mention for today is Infinity War Black Panther by Good Smile Company. The reason why I added this one is purely for its uniqueness. Some people might not like the model, but I think it is rather intriguing, different, and thus, worth your time. This is a chibi+type of a doll. It has an oversized head, with large eyes and a small nose. The company did its best to make T’Challa as cute as possible. Then again, he has a rather serious facial expression. Although the face is very different than that of Chadwick Bosman, I still find it cool.

The superhero wears the standard Black Panther outfit with lots of small details and silver ornaments. You can also see the claws on the superhero’s feet, something that most action figures do not have. Keep in mind that this item comes with numerous accessories. It has two different heads, a mask, and a terrain with soldiers. There are also several small enemy units and a tiny Black Panther model. You can use all these pieces to simulate the Infinity War battle. Although I like the doll, I don’t get the small soldier pieces. It feels as if there are two different sets of toys in the box, which is a bit confusing.


  • As someone who likes manga and anime, I like the chibi version of Black Panther.
  • The model and the mask are very details, and, in that regard, they are very similar to some pricier Black Panther collectibles.


  • As mentioned, it feels like you’re getting two sets of products. If I’m buying a Black Panther toy, why would I need all these small pieces to play the Infinity War?


Question: What is the most expensive Black Panther action figure?

Answer: Although you might think that Black Panther Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys or Black Panther Action Figure by Sentinel is the most expensive Black Panther figure, you would be wrong. This moniker belongs to Wal-Mart’s Black Panther exclusive.
The toy was made in limited quantity, which drives its price up. At the moment of publishing this piece, it goes for 143 euros on Amazon. There might be some other, even pricier items online, but this is the most expensive one I managed to spot.

Question: What is the best Black Panther action figure?

Answer: There are various amazing Black Panther products on the market today. If I had to choose a specific piece, I would have to go with Black Panther Action Figure by Sentinel. It is a mech variation of the superhero, with numerous intricate details. Although it isn’t a perfect plaything, it is a really cool gift and collectible.

Question: What is the best site for buying Black Panther action figures?

Answer: There are several great websites where you can buy these items. I would recommend going with Amazon as they have the largest offer and probably the best prices. Of course, you can also check the comic book stores and other toy sites.


Black Panther action figures are among the most popular Marvel toys and collectibles. Although this superhero wasn’t that popular in the past, he has taken the world by storm with the release of Black Panther, the movie.

My favorite item from this category is Black Panther Action Figure by Sentinel. It is one of the coolest mech iterations of Marvel superheroes. The piece has numerous details, and it is very different from the traditional costume.

For more inspiration, check out our full guide on the best Black Panther merch here!

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