Best Batman Fan Fiction

Some characters are so beloved that they get a life of their own outside the original publications. This is especially noticeable with famous comic book superheroes, which have existed for several decades. Following this logic, it makes sense that an enthralling character such as Batman would inspire so many writers. After X-Men, Batman is my …

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Black Spider DC Guide

Black Spider is a really intriguing character who is a part of the DC universe. The name is actually used to refer to several villains, but most fans will think of Eric Needham. For the longest time, this vigilante was a thorn in Batman’s backside. Although he was seemingly a good guy, preventing drug trafficking …

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Batman vs Spiderman Guide

There were a few situations where DC and Marvel did a mash-up. They would write joint issues where the heroes battled each other. Unfortunately, we never had the opportunity to see Spiderman and Batman going against each other. These two heavy-hitters would provide nice entertainment for all the comic book fans. As it usually goes, …

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