Melika Jeddi

In truth, Melika's love for collecting merch and Funko Pops probably just pips her love for collecting comic books, but these loves go hand-in-hand. Melika is a superhero nut and loves everything related to the MCU. Her most recent love has been Wandavision but as a whole, she can't get enough Marvel content. Outside of the world of comics, Melika is an avid gamer, a streamer and also runs her own pop culture site called Screenhype!

Is Invincible DC?

Is Invincible DC?

I’m not usually a fan of cartoons but Invincible was very much an exception for me. I was immediately enthralled by the compelling story and talented voice acting. In fact, it was just as captivating as any live-action show. In my head, I was expecting it to be somewhere along the lines of Marvel’s What If…? but it ended …

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