Best Spiderman Kids Pajamas

Holy Spidey-Jamas! The Best Spiderman Kids Pajamas

We’ve all dreamed about being a superhero at one point or another. Maybe we haven’t dreamed of being any specific “named” superhero, but I think most people have dreamt of having super-strength or the ability to fly. Flying is one of the most common dreams in the world.

Why not combine both? Or at least get as close as we can.

Holy Spidey-Jamas! The Best Spider-Man Kids Pajamasspider man pajama

Spider-Man’s a hero with a long history, and he filled my dreams for the better part of a decade. When I had my children, my sons underwent a Spider-Man phase. The younger of the two was, by far, the bigger fan. When he was four years old, one of the only ways I could settle him down at night was by convincing him to get into his Spider-Man pajamas, so he could dream of having web-swinging adventures.

I’ve had to buy A METRIC-TON of Spider-Man Pajamas, and the webhead is as popular as ever, so I wanted to share my thoughts on some of my favorites. Unfortunately, these pajamas won’t give someone superpowers, but they will let your little wallcrawler feel like they’re swinging through soft, fluffy clouds as they drift off.

Bottom Line Up Front: Miles Morales Spider Suit PJ Pals is my choice for the Best Spiderman Kids Pajamas sets. It has the right amount of comfort, price, style, and other things I discuss in #1 below.

Criteria: What makes a good set of jammies for this list? I’m using the same qualities for this list when picking clothes out for my children (or what I remember from when I was their age). I don’t think any of the following are inadequate or poorly made. I just know which I’d be keener to buy or re-buy.

  • Style – We COULD all just wear single-colored coveralls for pajamas, but if we wanted to do that, we wouldn’t be categorizing spider-man pajamas.
  • Options – Is this the only pattern available? Does it come with more than one pair of pajamas? Are there different color schemes or palette swaps available?
  • Sizes – I don’t know about you, but I had my favorite pair of pajamas growing up. When I outgrew them, I had to pick a different style and was upset. If a certain kind of pajama is available for multiple sizes and age ranges, it will place higher on the list.
  • Price – I have three children of my own. I know how fast they go through clothing when they’re growing. We’re considering that you will have to replace these pretty quickly.
  • Comfort – This is the big one. It doesn’t matter how easy on the eyes or wallet something is if it doesn’t work. If a set of pajamas is uncomfortable, it’s getting placed lower on the list.

15. GeorgeHat Spider-Man Pajamas

Best Spiderman Kids Pajamas georgehat spider-man pajamas
  • Manufacturer: GeorgeHat
  • Rough Size Range: 18 Months – 7T
  • Material Type: Bamboo Viscose

My nephew has this outfit, and he loves it. The material is so incredibly soft that he says it “feels like sleep.” Unfortunately, it’s not very stylish. It’s just Spider-Man’s head repeated across the whole thing. It’s also a little pricier, but if you ask my nephew, it’s worth it!


  • These are unbelievably soft and comfy.
  • They’re available in a wide range of sizes.


  • They are comparatively expensive.
  • It will stain if you look at it wrong.
  • The graphic design is uninspired.

14. Boys 612 Marvel Spider-Man Tops & Shorts Pajama Set

Best Spiderman Kids Pajamas boys 6-12 marvel spider-man tops & shorts pajama set
  • Manufacturer: Marvel
  • Rough Size Range: Kids Sizes 6-10
  • Material Type: Polyester

A more contemporary style of jammies. This comes with two tops and one set of shorts. The shorts are a primary red with a Spider-Man logo, while the tops offer a choice between Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, and two layers of the MCU Spider-Man suit on display.

I’m very fond of the black and gold color scheme, but I’m never the biggest fan of Polyester. It doesn’t always breathe well and was always uncomfortable for me, so I’ve generally avoided buying it for my children.


  • They’ve got a lovely color scheme.
  • This set has multiple pajamas in it.


  • They’re not made of the most comfortable material.
  • This set isn’t available in many sizes.

13. Miles Morales Hooded Pajama Sleeper

Best Spiderman Kids Pajamas miles morales hooded pajama sleeper
  • Manufacturer: Grandys Candys
  • Rough Size Range: Kids Sizes 4-5
  • Material Type: Polyester

If your little webhead is a fan of Miles, too, then these are perfect! They look like Miles’ costume and come complete with a hood. Unfortunately, they’re Polyester, and they’re only available in some sizes as some others, so you’ll be looking for a replacement all too soon.


  • These look good!
  • It has a HOOD!
  • They’re easy to keep clean.
  • They’re patterned after Miles Morales.


  • They’ve got a minimal size selection.
  • These are made of Polyester, so they’re not as comfortable.

12. Spider-Man Toddler Pajamas

Best Spiderman Kids Pajamas spider-man toddler pajamas
  • Manufacturer: Marvel
  • Rough Size Range: 2T, 5T
  • Material Type: 100% Cotton

These cotton pajamas are perfect for a toddler. They’re long-sleeved and have a “chibi” version of Spider-Man featured on the front of a gray background. The pants match it with shades of gray, and the same design of Spidey repeated ad nauseam across them.

Although the artwork is bland, these pieces have bright red accents and are super comfy to ensure a quick and easy bedtime.


  • The cotton material in these is very comfortable.
  • These are a great first set of Spider-Man PJs for a toddler…


  • …EXCEPT for how easily they stain.
  • The two sizes mean that ONLY tiny children can wear these.
  • The artwork is also dull.

11. Boys’ Spider-Man Pajamas

Best Spiderman Kids Pajamas boys' spider-man pajamas
  • Manufacturer: Marvel
  • Rough Size Range: Kids Sizes 3-10
  • Material Type: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane

I’ve never been a big fan of plastering a Superhero’s face on their merchandise. This top comes right up against that line, focusing on Spidey’s face, though as part of a larger picture. The bottom is much better, featuring just a repeating web pattern in basic black against a stark red background, creating a pretty contrast in my favorite color scheme.

The cotton and silicone blend makes it very stretchy and warm but means it will hold stains, which can be a problem with children.


  • The material is very warm.
  • The elastic makes it breathable and stretchy.
  • It’s available in an excellent range of sizes


  • The artwork isn’t all that exciting.
  • It can hold stains.

10. Spider-Man 4-Piece Pajama Set

Best Spiderman Kids Pajamas spider-man 4-piece pajama set
  • Manufacturer: Marvel
  • Rough Size Range: 12 months to Kids Size 10
  • Material Type: 100% Cotton

How do you feel about getting two things for the price of one, because I love them! This set comes with two pairs of pajamas, one with shorts and the other with long pants. The designs are pretty straightforward on this one. One of the tops has an MCU Spider Suit, while Spider-Man is posed on the other.

The shorts are a basic black while Spider-Man’s face and logo repeat on the long pants. It’s an excellent price for a set of jammies in various sizes. It only improves after this because the options are more stylish.


  • It’s available in a HUGE range of sizes.
  • They’re made of a very comfortable material
  • This set includes two sets of PJs for the price of one!
  • The colors don’t show wear and dirt as easily.


  • There’s better artwork down the list.
  • It can be stained.

9. Spider-Man Hooded Pajamas Set

Best Spiderman Kids Pajamas spider-man hooded pajamas set
  • Manufacturer: Walmart
  • Rough Size Range: Kids Sizes 4-12
  • Material Type: Polyester

A pretty basic set of pajamas, where Peter Parker is emblazoned in multiple actions poses across a light blue background. It’s not super-complicated, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s reasonable for a nice, comfortable set of pajamas that comes with a hood for the colder months.

It’s also a wide range of sizes, so it’ll fit most kids in the middle of a “Spider-Man” phase or lifelong web heads.


  • They’re basically what you think of when you hear “Spider-Man Pajamas.”
  • They’re easy to keep clean.
  • The price is right.


  • The art is forgettable.
  • The material is so light that if it does stain, the stain will show up FOREVER.

8. Spider-Man Boys Long Sleeve 2-Piece Pajama Set

Best Spiderman Kids Pajamas spider-man boys long sleeve 2-piece pajama set
  • Manufacturer: Camo Barn
  • Rough Size Range: Kids Sizes 4-12
  • Material Type: Polyester

A comic-style panel of Spider-Man in action sits over a dark-blue background on the top, while different poses of the web-slinger are printed all over the red sleep pants. This is Polyester, but this blend doesn’t feel like it’s made of paper or pain like polyester blends when I was a child.

With the reasonable price and the wide range of sizes, you will only have to switch pajama styles once your little wallcrawler decides they want something different.


  • The artwork is fantastic!
  • This is one of the more comfortable blends of Polyester.
  • It’s got a friendly price.
  • They’re available in a decent range of sizes.


  • Even if it is a more comfortable blend, it’s still Polyester.

7. Spider-Man 2 Piece, Graphic Pajama Set

Best Spiderman Kids Pajamas spider-man 2 piece graphic pajama set
  • Manufacturer: Walmart
  • Rough Size Range: 4-12
  • Material Type: Polyester

Have I mentioned that I love black and red as a color scheme? Because I do! This is another comparatively simple design for pajamas. The shirt is a bright-red background with Spider-Man front and center, swinging toward the viewer and bringing that dynamic energy. The pants are a pair of dark shorts to match the color scheme.

They’ve got a range of sizes from 4-12, so if you’ve got a child still in child sizes, you can find a set that fits your child.


  • It’s got very dynamic artwork in my favorite colors.
  • It’s difficult to stain, to begin with, and doesn’t show dirt as easily.


  • It’s comfortable, but there are more comfy options ahead.

6. 4-Piece Spider-Man Pajamas from JCPenny’s

4-piece spider-man pajamas from JCPenny's
  • Manufacturer: Disney
  • Rough Size Range: Kids Sizes 4-10
  • Material Type: 100% Cotton

Another twofer! This set includes two tops, and two bottoms, leaving your little webhead some choice in what they wear to bed. My favorite of the tops is the one with Spider-Man standing alone against the sinister six against a light blue background. The other top is a traditional repeating pattern of Spider-Man and his logo against the light blue background.

The fabric is super comfortable, and this set has a unique design.


  • Another set with multiple sets in one.
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • The art is inspiring!
  • The material is comfortable.


  • The range of sizes is limited.

5. Spider-Man 4-Piece Snug-Fit Cotton Pajamas Set

Best Spiderman Kids Pajamas spider-man 4-piece snug-fit cotton pajamas set
  • Manufacturer: Marvel
  • Rough Size Range: 2T – Kids Size 10
  • Material Type: 100% Cotton

These pajamas were some of my son’s favorites last year (and I had some very similar patterns when I was younger). Spider-Man’s face and body are imprinted across solid color backgrounds for a fun, dynamic outfit. One of them does have lighter shades, and that means it’s going to show dirt.

This particular set is another one that comes with two complete outfits, so you can swap them out with one another, wash them half as often, and they’ll last twice as long. It’s hard to argue with value!


  • Another twofer!
  • A HUGE Range of sizes.
  • These are MAD Comfy.


  • The lighter PJ WILL stain, and it WILL show dirt.

4. Disney Deluxe Spider-Man Pajamas

Best Spiderman Kids Pajamas disney deluxe spider-man pajamas
  • Manufacturer: Disney
  • Rough Size Range: 2T – Kids Size 10
  • Material Type: 100% Cotton

I fully admit that this set places higher than others because I had a set exactly like this when I was younger. However, this is a very comfy set of pajamas that keep you warm in the winter and doesn’t burn you up in the summer. It resembles Spider-Man’s outfit and lets you drift off to sleep pretending you’re Peter Parker.

This has a wide range of sizes that almost any toddler or child can get their sleepy spider suit. They’re a little pricier if these can be said to have a flaw.


  • This looks like Spider-Man’s outfit, so it’s instantly a thousand times better.
  • It’s comfortable!
  • Available in a wide range of sizes


  • These are comparatively pretty expensive.

3. Disney Spider-Man Sleeved Pajamas

Best Spiderman Kids Pajamas disney spider-man sleeved pajamas
  • Manufacturer: Disney
  • Rough Size Range: Kids Size 5-6
  • Material Type: 100% Cotton

These are beautiful. The top features the wallcrawler swinging into the frame in full color against a very detailed white and black background. The Bottoms feature a similar color scheme and multiple comic-book panels, with Spider-Man giving some of his trademark witticisms. This is a hero who has depended heavily on his mouth and his banter. It is a memorable part of the character, one of the only pajamas on this list that pays homage to that.

It might have made number one if it were available in more sizes.


  • The artwork is some of the best that I’ve ever seen.
  • It includes Spider-Man’s patent motor mouth.
  • As comfortable as it is pretty.


  • In minimal sizes.

2. Spider-Man PJ Pals

Best Spiderman Kids Pajamas spider-man pj pals
  • Manufacturer: Disney
  • Rough Size Range: Kids Sizes 2 – 10
  • Material Type: 100% Cotton

We’re getting to the end now, folks! This is where it gets exciting!

I’ve danced around it, but I’ll state this here. I don’t know about you, but when I think “Superhero Pajamas,” I don’t think of a hero’s face plastered across a shirt that’s otherwise pretty normal. I think of their outfit. I think of their superhero costume because that’s integral to their identity. If we imagine ourselves as these heroes, it’s an integral part of the fantasy.

So, to me, the best set of Spider-Man Pajamas can not have Spider-Man’s face on it. It has to let a kid pretend that they’re the hero. It has to be their super suit.

These Pajamas? They’re Peter Parker’s Superhero outfit at a reasonable price, in various sizes, and in breathable, warm, and comfortable material. They’re as Amazing as one of Spider-Man’s many ongoing titles.

In fact: There’s only one set of Pajamas that I would say is better.


  • These PJs let kids dress up like Spider-Man as they get comfy in bed.
  • These are SUPER comfortable.
  • Reasonably Priced.


  • Not many Cons. This only doesn’t take number one because I like number one better.

1. Miles Morales Spider Suit PJ Pals

Best Spiderman Kids Pajamas miles morales spider suit pj pals
  • Manufacturer: Disney
  • Rough Size Range: Kids Sizes 2 – 10
  • Material Type: 100% Cotton

Okay, so this is a bit of a cop-out. Everything that can be said about #2 can be said about #1.

It’s a superhero outfit. It is made of a warm, comfortable, and breathable material. It’s available in enough sizes that almost any child can find one that fits. It’s at a relatively reasonable price, and it lets your Spider-Fan drift into sleep, pretending that they are the ones slinging webs between buildings.

This one comes in my favorite color scheme and, crucially, lets a kid pretend to be Miles Morales rather than Peter Parker.

There isn’t anything wrong with Peter. However, Peter Parker was created to relate to a student who was almost graduating high school. He’s a kid on the cusp of becoming a man and trying to figure out his way. Unfortunately, he’s been that way for sixty years, and his characterization has been forced back to zero so many times that he’s become a man-child.

He dodges responsibility as deftly as he dodges punches, and he gives up the Spider-Man identity so often that it’s become a running gag. Miles Morales, however? He’s a kid who has never stepped down, even when it’s gotten complicated. He takes responsibility, even though he doesn’t have to. He literally can give up being Spider-Man at any time, but he doesn’t because, and this one’s important: He’s so much younger.

Peter is a Teenager (or grown man, depending on the space on Marvel’s Sliding time scale) who acts like a child. Miles is a child who has to act like a grown-up. It’s a little tragic, honestly. The only good part is that he has a more extensive support system than Peter, so he gets to be a Kid more often than he has to be Spider-Man.

Give Miles another forty years, and his character may suffer the same degradation as Peter. It’s the nature of comic books.

But for now, Miles is the better role model and, thus, the better option for pajamas.


  • Everything that can be said about number two can be said about this one. It’s comfy, friendly-priced, and available in many sizes.
  • It’s just better because it’s Miles Morales.


  • None.


Holy Spidey-Jamas! The Best Spider-Man Kids Pajamas spider man costumes

Spider-Man has been swinging through our dreams for sixty years and is more popular now than ever. It might seem like any pair of pajamas is as good as any other. However, the “little” things matter much when you’re a kid, and kids have no issue letting you know it. Just like it can be essential to know WHICH Spider-Man they prefer, it can make all the difference in the world knowing which set of Pajamas they want to wear to feel like a hero that night.

Knowing all the options, you’ve got lets you pick just the right set of jammies for your own little Spider-Fan. The right pajamas can make bedtime more manageable, which every parent knows is priceless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Have you bought or used the pajamas on this list?

Answer: Yes and No! I’ve had three children, two of whom underwent a Spider-Man phase. I’ve bought more of them than I haven’t; a few are the newer versions of pajamas I had as a kid.

Question: Did you ever have a Spider-Man phase?

Answer: Of course, I did! I’m still in it. (My name is Logan, so I was always gonna be a Marvel fan.) I prefer Miguel O’Hara over all the others, but I’d take Miles Morales before Peter Parker. Parker’s great, but he’s been the same character for decades, and I’m somewhat bored with him.

Question: These are children’s pajamas. Any tips to keep them clean?

Answer: I kept a parent’s peace of mind as I wrote this list. You might think that children wouldn’t be able to get pajamas dirty when the whole point is to put them on and go to sleep, but parents know that’s not how it works. Generally speaking, if you can run cold water over it and scrub the clothes clean quickly, you can throw them in the wash after and avoid most stains. Polyester is easier to clean than cotton, but in my experience, cotton is more comfortable.

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