Stefan Stevanovic

Stefan has built a career writing about his passions, pop-culture, gaming, manga and comic books. The latter has been a huge part of his life from a very young age and he often dreads to think where he would be today without influences like Superman, Captain America and more. Stefan also loves MOBA games, Esports and watching anime.

Spiderman Noir Guide

Spiderman is one of the most popular Marvel characters, which is why the company made several spinoffs and iterations of the superhuman. Perhaps the coolest version of this hero is Spiderman Noir. The story is set in 1933, during the Great Depression, and he prefers using a gun instead of his usual web. As the …

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Chibi Deadpool Guide

As it usually goes with successful superhero characters, companies raced to buy the Deadpool license. Although not the most popular comic book character, the DP became an instant success after the movie premiere due to its lighthearted approach to a genre. Some of the most popular Deadpool products are from the toy category. Companies used …

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Black Spider DC Guide

Black Spider is a really intriguing character who is a part of the DC universe. The name is actually used to refer to several villains, but most fans will think of Eric Needham. For the longest time, this vigilante was a thorn in Batman’s backside. Although he was seemingly a good guy, preventing drug trafficking …

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