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Spiderman is one of our favorite superheroes, but is it because of his strength? How strong is Spiderman, anyway?

When we see him swinging through the city in the comics, his strength might not be the first thing we think of. I know, for me, the first thing I think is—there is no way I could keep my lunch down after that swing. No, thank you.

The thing I got to thinking about, though, is—How strongly do you have to be to do some of these feats? Let’s look into it some more because there are multiple Spidermen with multiple strength levels due to the whole Multiverse things. And yes, the Multiverse is definitely real, Spidey friends.

The Main Spiderman – Peter Parker from Earth 616

Earth 616

Earth 616 is the main Marvel universe. If we compare anything, it’s always going to compare against Earth 616.

This is the Peter Parker that got a bite from a radioactive spider on the hand while at a General Techtronics exhibit when he was only 15 years old.

He learned pretty quickly that he had some interesting changes going on in his body.

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Spiderman from Earth 616 Physical Strength

Peter is able to lift around ten tons in his original body. There was a point when the Queen mutated him, and he could lift fifteen tons, and another point during The Other event when he could lift twenty tons.

Both of those events no longer affect Spiderman because of Mephisto’s alteration of reality, and there isn’t a specification on his strength again, but it seems like it’s back to the ten tons since those things were undone.

Physically Amazing Things Spiderman 616 Has Done


Hearing that Spiderman can lift ten tons is one thing. It really doesn’t make a lot of sense or give you a true feel for what he’s able to do.

However, when you see him lift a car—or even a tank—now that gives you a real idea of what he’s able to do.

  • Holding up the weight of the Daily Bugle Building
  • Supporting part of a stadium that almost collapsed
  • Busting through Iron Man’s armor
  • Landing a private jet
  • Breaking Doc Oc’s tentacles
  • Lifting a massive pile of iron debris

While he had the Spider-Armor MK IV, he had even higher levels of strength. However, that suit is now gone, so he doesn’t have that level of power available to him anymore.

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Other Spidermen and Their Strength Levels

Okay, so keep in mind that I am not going to list all the versions of Spiderman. Did you know there is a Spiderman that is called Golden Spongecake Spiderman? Yeah. I am not going to talk about the lame ones. That might be good for a comical Spiderman list, but I can’t even look at the Hostess Snack Cake throwing Spiderman without shaking my head and thinking—no. Just no.

So, let’s just look at the top Spidermen and Spidermen variants to see their strength levels and if there are any differences.

Spiderman Miles Morales from Earth 616 (Kind Of)


So, this Spiderman, Miles Morales came to Earth 616 but he was originally from Earth 1610 before he was transported to Earth 616. This Spiderman is from the Ultimates comic series.

This Miles Morales got to Earth 616 because of Earth 61112’s Wolverine’s actions when he abused the time-space continuum and broke the fabric of reality.

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Spiderman from Earth 61112 Physical Strength

Miles Morales’s strength level is around ten tons, from what we can figure out. However, he has some other pretty cool abilities that Earth 616 (for real) Spiderman doesn’t have, like the ability to control his natural electricity in his body, so that’s pretty neat.

Miles Morales is able to jump several stories with one try.

Spiderman 2099 Miguel O’Hara from Earth 616 (Kind of—Again)

Miguel O’Hara is the Spiderman from Earth 928, but he went to Earth 616 multiple times. He had become Spiderman when he drank a drink that was laced with a very addictive drug. Miguel used an experimental process on himself to get out of this mess and spliced his DNA with a spider.

Spiderman 2099 Miguel O’Hara Physical Strength


At Miguel’s peak, he has the ability to lift up to ten tons. His legs also have this same strength, and he’s been known to leap as high as thirty feet in a single go of it.

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Spiderman Noir

Spiderman Noir is the Peter Parker from Earth 90214. The way he became Spiderman is through a spider bite. But the unique thing about his story is that a Spider Idol broke and released a bunch of spiders.

When Peter passed out, he dreamed about a Spider-God, and when he awoke, he had spider-like superpowers.

Spiderman Noir Physical Strength

Spiderman Noir has almost the same powers as Peter Parker from Earth 616 but a little bit less. On the plus side, for him, he does have a bit more healing power.



Spider-Ham is a pig Spiderman, Peter Porker, from Earth 8311. He was born a spider named Peter, but after an irradiated May Porker bit Peter, he turned into a pig that was almost the same as May Porker but with spider abilities.

Peter Porker Physical Strength

He’s got the same strength as Peter Parker from 616, and that’s pretty impressive when you think about him being a pig.

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Spider UK

Spider UK

Spider UK is William Braddock from Earth 833. He was a recruit of the Captain Britain Corps and scanned universes during the Spider-Verse storyline. He found out the Inheritors were the reason this was happening and had to help.

Spider UK Physical Strength

Spider UK’s physical strength is the same as Peter Parker’s from Earth 616.

Scarlet Spider

Scarlet Spider

Scarlet Spider is Benjamin Reilly from Earth 616. He is the genetic clone of Peter Parker. He decided to give himself an identity and chose to be the Scarlet Spider.

Ben came into being because of Miles Warren, the supervillain known as Jackal. Jackal wanted to torment Peter Parker, but that didn’t work out.

Scarlet Spider Physical Strength

The Scarlet Spider can lift ten tons or even more if he’s under extreme stress.



Spider-Gwen is Gwendolyn Stacy from Earth 65. She was bit by a genetically-engineered spider. When this happened, she got spider-like superpowers. The media gave her the man Spider-Woman.

Spider-Gwen Physical Strength

Spider-Gwen can lift about ten tons.



Silk is Cindy Moon from Earth 616, and she was bit by a spider that got irradiated by a particle accelerator. This was at the same time that Peter Parker got bit on the hand.

Silk Physical Strength

Silk can lift around eight tons.



Spider-Wolf is Peter Parker from Earth 13989. Everyone on this planet is a Werewolf.

Spider-Wolf Physical Strength

Spider-Wolf is stronger than Peter Parker from Earth 616. The reason he is stronger is that he also has his Werewolf powers.



Spinnerette is Mary Jane Watson from Earth 18119. She is wife to Spiderman and mother to Spiderling.

Spinnerette Physical Strength

Spinnerette has the same powers as her husband Peter Parker from Earth 18119. His powers seem to be the same as Peter Parker from Earth 616.

Six Arm Spiderman is Peter Parker from Earth 92100

Six Arm Spiderman came about when Earth 92100 Spiderman tried to rid himself of his powers. His attempt to stop his powers didn’t work, and he ended up getting four more arms.

Six Arm Spiderman Physical Strength

Since Six Arm Spiderman has four extra arms, it makes sense that he is stronger than Spiderman from Earth 616. Without those extra four arms, he would be at the same level of strength.

Cosmic Spiderman

Cosmic Spiderman

Saving the best for last, we have Cosmic Spiderman. He’s Peter Parker from Earth 13. He got the power of the Engima Force, which is why he’s such a boss of a Spiderman. This dude even warded off the Inheritors, which is pretty dope.

Cosmic Spiderman Physical Strength

He has the power of the Enigma Force, and his base strength is the ability to lift one HUNDRED tons. In fact, he knocked the Hulk over the moon at one point.

Most Amazing Shows of Spiderman’s Strength Overall

Okay, we’ve talked about some of the awesome shows of strength from our friendly neighborhood Spiderman, but if you’re like me, then you need more. Here are some of the best events that showcase Spiderman’s power—EVER.

  • Lifting a train car over his head during a fight
  • Breaking through Doc Oc’s tentacles
  • Spiderman catching a car
  • Punching hulk to the moon (Keep in mind that this was Cosmic Spiderman with the help of the Unipower)
  • Surviving a missile explosion


Question: How many Spidermen are there?

Answer: On Earth 616, there are three people calling themselves Spiderman. Those people are Peter Parker, Miguel O’Hara, and Miles Morales. However, when it comes to the Multiverse, there are an insane number of Spidermen, and they will probably end up adding more.

Question: Is Spiderman ever a bad guy?

Answer: There are times that certain versions of Spiderman have questionable behavior, and there are even evil versions of Spiderman like Patton Parnel and Wolf Spider. I know it is hard to think of this superhero as anything but, but it does happen.

Question: Does Spiderman have a weakness like Superman?

Answer: No kryptonite for Spiderman. Spiderman doesn’t have any weakness that makes him vulnerable like this.


If Spiderman wasn’t your favorite Marvel character before, please tell me that I’ve got you to put him at least in the top three ratings now. He’s a funny and loveable character with plenty of his own demons, and he’s super strong, so what’s not to love?

Did I miss a strong moment of one of the Spidermen that you loved? Feel free to drop it in the comments.

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