How Old Is Deadpool?How Old Is Deadpool?

How Old Is Deadpool?

I’m a big fan of Deadpool. I’ve read several of his comics and written a good few articles. The Merc with a Mouth always amuses me. I love when characters are overboard and spontaneous, and that’s Deadpool in a nutshell. You’ll only be bored with one of his comics if it’s badly written, which happens

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How Tall is Spider-Man?

How Tall is Spider-Man?

So, how Tall is Spider-Man? Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is 5’10. While he may sometimes appear taller or shorter based on his age, his official comic height has been consistent where Peter Parker is concerned. Spider-Man’s height was officially provided in Marvel Legacy: The 1960s Handbook #1. It was produced in a series of handbooks

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Iron Man Repulsor Guide

Iron Man Repulsor Guide

There’s much talk about the arc reactor but not enough about repulsors.  Although the arc is what powers Iron Man’s armor – without it, the suit wouldn’t exist – the repulsors are just as vital. They are responsible for most of Iron Man’s functions, like flight and attack. But many misconceptions surround repulsors. So a

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Best Spiderman Pop Culture Crossovers

Best Spiderman Pop Culture Crossovers: 13 Team-Ups You Won’t Believe

The Multiverse is the new black. With Everything Everywhere All At Once’s smashing success and the MCU’s version of Secret Wars on the horizon, worlds colliding are the new normal. But this concept has been at the forefront of sci-fi stories for decades – and it’s a well-known staple of comic book lore. Since Crisis

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Norm Wanda Vision Guide

Norm Wanda Vision Guide

Marvel’s Phase 4 officially finished with The Guardian of the Galaxy Holiday Special and contained an impressive 17 properties, more than any other phase of the MCU. Despite that, my favorite to this day remains the very first Phase 4 property – WandaVision. I absolutely adore the character of Wanda Maximoff and was thrilled to get to watch

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